Wobbegong Shark
Wobbegong Shark.png
7.0 (700)
6.5 (130)
Armor penetration
Bleeding reduction
Damage reflection
Size scale
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
20 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds

The Wobbegong Shark (mostly referred as Wobbegong, even in real life) is a tier 9 animal in It is one of the animals a Barracuda can evolve into, the others being the Lionfish and the Hammerhead.


The wobbegong is the common name given to the 12 species of carpet sharks in the family Orectolobidae. Wobbegongs are bottom-dwelling sharks, spending much of their time resting on the sea floor. Wobbegongs are well camouflaged with a symmetrical pattern of bold markings which resembles a carpet. Because of this striking pattern, wobbegongs and their close relatives are often referred to as carpet sharks.

The wobbegong shark in game keeps many of the features of its real life counterpart. It has a camouflage ability, which will make it look almost invisible when it is stationary. What's more, the shark can emit a powerful suction and swallow its prey whole!


  • Barracudas evolve into wobbegong sharks.
    • 42,000 XP is required for a barracuda to evolve into a wobbegong shark.
  • Wobbegong sharks can evolve into Whale Sharks, Tiger Sharks or Basking Sharks.
    • 48,000 XP is required for a wobbegong shark to evolve into any of those animals.
  • Wobbegong sharks drop meat upon death.
  • As a wobbegong shark, friendly fire is turned off for other wobbegong sharks: meaning you cannot damage them nor be damaged by them.


Passive Abilities[]

Name Image Description
Bottom Dweller Wobbegong Shark Camoflauge 2.png The Bottom Dweller Ability is a combination of three passive abilities. Wobbegong sharks gain a 20% speed boost when swimming near the terrain, and will turn translucent when it stays still while facing the seabed.

If a wobbegong shark swims near the terrain while holding a charge boost, it will turn almost invisible and generate a fake clownfish as a bait.

Active Abilities[]

  • Like most animals in the game, the Wobbegong Shark has a dash boost. Clicking underwater will cause you to dash forward for a short distance.

Charge Boost[]

Name Image Charge Time Description
Suction Wobbegong Shark Suction.png 0.4 seconds Charge boost to emit a suction. The suction will suck in nearby food and is capable of swallowing tier 8 animals and below. The swallowed animals will take damage and be spit out after a while.

You can't swallow tier 9 animals, but you can still pull them and deal +25% damage to them.

Animals in Tier 10 completely ignore your suction. However if they hit you while you are facing them with your suction, you knock them back too. Your suction will cancel after you hit a Tier 9 or Tier 10 with it. You can move while using a charged boost.

Suitable Biomes[]

  • The suitable biome for the Wobbegong Shark are the ocean.
    • If a wobbegong shark enters the ocean surface, it will lose oxygen.
    • If a wobbegong shark enters the arctic, it will lose temperature.
    • If a wobbegong shark enters the arctic surface, it will lose oxygen and temperature.
    • If a wobbegong shark enters the deeeep, it will lose pressure.
    • If a wobbegong shark enters the swamp, it will lose salinity.
    • If a wobbegong shark enters the swamp surface, it will lose oxygen and not regenerate salinity.


This is a complete list of food that wobbegong sharks can eat.

Name Can be eaten by Image XP Description
Barb All except for the stonefish who spawned it Barb.png 0 Spawns behind a stonefish using their active ability. Deals damage upon eating it (7% of max life). Poisons anyone who eats it with a base DPS of 10% that lasts 5 seconds (except poison-immune animals). Despawns after 4 seconds.
Bird Poop All except for lamprey and seagull Bird Poop.png 10 Affected by gravity. Automatically spawns below any seagull every 10 seconds.
Plankton All Food.png 25 Spawns in the ocean.
Ice All Ice.png 50 Spawns in the arctic and deeeep.
Volcano Food All except lamprey Lavabubble.png 125 Affected by gravity, floats upwards. Spawns out of volcanoes, which can be hidden in and are located in the arctic and the deeeep. When eaten as an animal that is not suited to the arctic, it will replenish some of your temperature.
Meat All Meat.png 1000 Spawns where an animal dies (tier 2 to tier 10 animals only). The amount of meat that spawns depends on what animal it was.

Hiding Places[]

This is a complete list of terrain that Wobbegong Sharks can hide in.

Name Summary Image
Shipwreck One shipwreck always appears on one of the dirt islands that border the ocean and deeeep. Tier 1 to tier 9 animals can hide here. Produces bubbles that can be eaten. Shipwreck.png
Abandoned House Does not generate randomly, one abandoned house always appears in a specific location to the left of the deeeep floor. Tier 1 to tier 9 animals can hide here.
Giant Shipwreck Generates in any biome, but have been found in the deep, swamp, and twilight kelp forest. All animals can hide here. Hiding places are ship windows and the crack.
Big Boat.png

Tips and Tricks[]

The Wobbegong Shark is really fun for a Tier 9, and here's some ways to use it right.

  • You are able to suck food with your suction like a whale, use that to heal yourself.
  • You are slow and is unable to outrun enemies without a dash boost. Always dash when you're in trouble.
  • To hunt, suck Tier 1 to 8 animals once they are close enough, then, face the ground or an airpocket to limit escape. This is an effective strategy to kill prey as a wobbegong shark.
  • You are able to suck Tier 9 animals. You can't swallow them however, but you can pull them in and deal 163 damage to them. Use your suction to finish them off, or knock them back if things are not going good for you.
    • Same for Tier 10 animals, but keep in mind that you can't suck them.
  • With your suction, you are able to swing a "home run" at other animals and send them to the algae in Toxic Algae game modes.
  • Facing the ground will make you translucent, but you will still be hit at this state. Use this passive ability to ambush prey.
  • Don't activate the clownfish lure unless you want to keep a charged boost ready. It is fairly useless and obvious disguise, since there are no AI clownfish in the maps anymore.


Skins are cosmetics that can be used to change an animal's appearance in the game. Here are the list of skins that can be used for the wobbegong shark. Seasonal skins are not included. (needs a page that explains about skins and shows the list of skins available.)

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Description Image
Japanese Wobbegong Shark Mangozine 512 100 coins 26th January, 2021 It's one of my old arts, but it was so good
Ornate Wobbegong Lythic 734 125 coins 16th December, 2021 N/A
Tasselled Wobbegong Grand Guardian 1561 125 coins 11th December, 2021 N/A

Update Proposals[]

As a balancing rework, the Wobbegong Shark will have 100% base speed instead of 90% after the snow and below update, as confirmed in the Crabinet's Final Presentation. [1]


  • Ever wondered what "Wobbegong" means? It is a phrase in the Australian Aboriginal language, meaning "shaggy beard", referring to the growths around the mouth of the shark. [2]
  • The "Tasselled" in the name of the Tasselled Wobbegong is not a grammar error. [3]
  • This animal is created by user Hexapodo from Reddit.