Thresher Shark
Thresher Shark
Walking speedSpeed
8.0 (800)
7.0 (140)
Size scale
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
20 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds
Sprite Designer
Concept Creator

The Thresher Shark (in-game ID: threshershark, abreviation: Thresh) is one of the forty Tier 10 Animals in the game of They appear to be bluish, with lighter underbelly, three pairs of gill slits and a long, zig-zagging tail. In real-life, the Thresher Shark (Alopias sp.) depends a lot on its long tail to hunt, just like they do in the game!

Mechanics[ | ]

Here are the mechanics that apply to the Thresher Shark in the Free for All game mode. ( v4 [Snow and Below] Beta, 2022)

  • Hammerheads evolve into Thresher Sharks, Sharks and Bull Sharks. 48,000XP is required for the former to evolve into these animals.
  • Thresher Sharks are Tier 10 Animals which is at the top of the Evolutionary Tree. Tier 10 is the final level of evolution, meaning that Thresher Sharks are unable to evolve further.
  • Like other Tier 10 Animals, friendly fire is turned off (friendly fire refers to the ability to attack another animal. If it is turned on, the said animals are able to hurt each other) against Tier 1 Animals (excluding Worms and Tier 1 Piranhas) as a Thresher Shark.
  • Thresher Sharks drop a skeleton and meat upon death [the quantity of meat drop by every tier has to be calculated one day].

Abilities[ | ]

Every animal has its own unique abilities. The Thresher Shark's Ability is to shoot out whirl-shaped projectiles from its tail that damages and slows down enemies. The bullet's damage increases as it travels further.

Active Abilities[ | ]

  • Like most animals in the game, the Thresher Shark is able to dash boost. Normal boosting as a Thresher Shark will cause you to impulse yourself forward. Targets hit by a dashing animal will receive +25% damage (in this case, ) .
  • The Thresher Shark also has a charged boost.
Name Image Charge Time Description
Thresher Shark's Whirls Thresher Whirls 750 MS Fully charging and releasing your boost as a Thresher Shark will consume a boost bar and cause you to shoot out 5 whirl-shaped projectiles from your tail, one by one. Each projectile has 50% armour penetration, travels at ?% speed for ? seconds and deal between 70 to 120 damage upon impact with an animal, depending on how far they travelled. An additional -15% slow which only stacks with other types of slows will also be inflicted.

While firing, the Thresher Shark moves in the same direction, speed and momentum they have right before the use of the ability throughout the ability duration. The momentum is also witnessed to be increased while firing. A -100% speed debuff is inflicted to the Thresher Shark while it is firing to slow it down, but this doesn’t stop the crazy stuff it can do. Try using your ability right as you airboost and hit the water, touch a shell, or get hit by another player!

Passive Abilities[ | ]

  • The Thresher Shark is also immune to slowing corals.

Suitable Biomes[ | ]

Each animal will at least have three types of habitat that is suitable for them to live in. The biome they are in must have at least one similar trait out of each habitat class for it to be suitable for the animal to live in. Suitable habitats for a Thresher Shark are Warm, Salt and Shallow Waters.

  • If a Thresher Shark leaves a Warm habitat, it will lose temperature.
  • If a Thresher Shark leaves a Salt habitat, it will lose salinity.
  • If a Thresher Shark leaves a Shallow habitat, it will lose pressure.
  • If a Thresher Shark gets out of the water, it will lose oxygen.

Foods and Diet[ | ]

Foods are entities that are essential for an animal to gain experience, evolve, heal and regenerate boosts. The table below shows the Diet of a Thresher Shark. [unfinished]

Name Image Can be eaten by XP Common Spawn Locations Other information
Every animal in the game 250 Everywhere Designed to spawn in bodies of water
Arctic, Deeeep
Reef Food
Reef Food
Volcano Food
All animals except lamprey ? Shot out of volcanoes automatically Aside from granting XP, it also replenishes your temperature bar by 1 second upon being eaten, only for animals that cannot live in the cold
Tier 9 to Tier 10 Animals ? Spawns in the surface of the water Rarer and less used by mapmakers due to them being farmable and gives a lot of xp compared to other foods
Flappy Ducks
Tier 6 to Tier 10 Animals ? Spawns in the sky in huge numbers, at a horizontal line
Bird Poop
Bird Poop
All animals except for lampreys and pelicans ? Spawns underneath seagulls every ten seconds. Can't be spawned manually with a mapmaker
Stonefish Barbs
All animals except for the Stonefish who spawned it 0 Spawns in numbers of three whenever a Stonefish dash boosts. Upon being eaten, the barbs deal 75 damage each, and poisons the animal who ate them for 4 seconds (unstackable). They despawn upon being eaten or after four seconds.


Every animal in the game 1000 Spawns wherever a Tier 2 to Tier 10 Animal die, along with bones Major food and XP source for all animals.
Anglerfish Bait Anglerfish All Animals except for the Anglerfish who spawned it 0 Spawns infront of an Anglerfish when it is stationary (as its passive ability). No fixed look, resembles the last food the Anglerfish eats. It does nothing too, but the Anglerfish will deal twice as much damage (100x2, therefore 200) to the animal that ate it

Hiding Places[ | ]

Hiding Places are props that allow animals to hide. Each animal has different hiding places that are suitable for them. At most cases, the bigger the animal, the fewer the Hiding Places they can interact with. Below are the Hiding Places that can be used for the Thresher Shark.

Name Summary Image
Giant Shipwreck The biggest prop of all. Animals can hide in its windows or cracks, no matter what Tier it is. Placed by mapmakers in small amounts (1 to 3) due to how useful it is. Big Boat

Skins[ | ]

Skins are cosmetics used to change an animal's looks, or sometimes, an animal’s biome or size statistics slightly. The table below shows the list of approved skins that can be used for the Bull Shark.

Non-seasonal Skins[ | ]

Non-seasonal skins can be used in every time of the year. They are mostly based on real-life species, or adjectives such as 'Battle-Scarred' or 'Dark'.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Stats Changing Description Image
Common Thresher Shark Nicc 832 175 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 21st April, 2021 False *basically the creator of the skin boasting*
Pelagic Thresher Shark KrabzAga 1691 170 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 21st March, 2021 Smallest of the 3 species of thresher sharks.
Big Eyed Thresher Narwhak 84 170 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 14th November, 2020 N/A
Fox Shark TheDancingCow 3902 100 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 25th January, 2021 A skin with colors based on underwater photographs of thresher sharks.

Seasonal Skins[ | ]

Seasonal skins can only be used in certain seasons, such as Christmas, Lunar New Year etc. They will disappear from the Store once the Season is over, but will be back next year, and remain in the player's inventory if they bought them.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Season Description Image
Mouse King Rexdio 9367 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 12th December, 2021 Christmas Rats, we're rats. We're the rats.
Caroling Thresher jhmm82 1500 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 22nd April, 2021 Christmas N/A
Cupid thresh luilui98 10358 10 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 5th Febuary, 2022 Valentines Lovely Cupido
Firecracker Thresher SirReadsALot 9622 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 28th December, 2022 Lunar New Year N/A
Ogi Thresher Shark LeasTears 9712 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 3rd January, 2022 Lunar New Year Ogi is a traditional Japanese paper fan. The fan itself is a symbol of prosperity, as it expands when we open it, like a blossoming flower or an increase in wealth.

History[ | ]

OUTDATED!!! Add it back after we have a full changelog k?

Trivia[ | ]

  • If you are hit from behind while firing your charged boost, the momentum from the hit will propel you forward at a high speed. You can use this to flee by timing it right.
  • By airboosting up and charging your boost while falling, you can maintain the speed from the fall and rapidly shoot down into the water, dealing heavy damage to nearby animals.
  • If you hit a shell while using your ability, you will be propelled backwards very quickly.
  • If you use your ability at a base current on certain pd maps, this will also propel you forward.

References[ | ]