Terrain refers to structures or plant life of sorts, that are typically (with a few exceptions) randomly generated and are part of the standard map. Terrain usually provides some sort of purpose that affects the gameplay in some way shape or form, but in some cases are just purely cosmetic decoration.


Props/Hiding Places are terrain that can be hidden in by animals for protection. Not all animals can hide in all props though. Animals are vulnerable to the charged boost of Lionfish even when they are hiding in these terrains.

Name Summary Image
Anemone Generates on the ocean floor. Tier 1 to tier 3 animals can hide here. Anemone.png
Beaver Dam Generates on the surface of all biomes except for deeeep. Inverted generated on arctic, swamp, and estuary. Beavers and Ducks can hide here. Orange food pieces grow on its roots. Slowly landing on the top allows you to walk across it. (As an animal that can walk). Crocodiles can disguise themselves as them. Occasionally mapmakers will flip them over and use them as dead bushes on islands and icebergs. Beaverdam.png
Swamp Tree Generates atop swamp islands. Snakes and Anacondas can climb and hide in Swamp Trees. Swamp Tree.png
Bush Generates atop islands and reef islands. Crabs and Seagulls can hide here. Berries spawn here. Arbusto.png
Tree Generates atop islands. Reaching the top of a tree requires that you boost, fly, climb, or be pushed to the top. Seagulls can hide here. Snakes can climb and hide here. Apples grow on its leaves. Tree.png
Igloo Appear upon icebergs. Penguins and Seals can hide here]. When you hide there, you get slowed down. Igloo.png
Volcano Generates on the arctic and deeeep floors and cold ocean islands. There is one near the Deeeep in the Cave. Produces volcano food, (or volcanic algae) which can be eaten. Tier 1 to tier 3 animals can hide here. Volcano.png
Shipwreck One shipwreck always appears on one of the dirt islands that border the ocean and deeeep. Tier 1 to tier 8 animals (and hammerhead) can hide here. Produces bubbles that can be eaten, eating one restores a bit of oxygen for animals who lose oxygen underwater (Seagull, Beaver, Pelican, and Sea Turtle for example.). Shipwreck.png
Broken tree Generates on the swamp floor. Tier 1 to tier 3 animals and Electric Eel, Snake and Anaconda can hide here. Broken Tree.png
Pineapple Home Spawns sometimes in the deep. Every animal Tier 9 and below can hide here. Pineapple.png
Barrel Sponge Generates in the reef or deeeep. Tier 1 to tier 6 can hide here. Barrel Sponge.png
Tube Worms Generates in the deep. Tier 1 to tier 3 can hide here. Tube Worms.png
Sea Sponge Generates in the ocean and reef. Tier 1 to tier 3 can hide here. Sea Sponge.png
Tube Sponges Generates in the ocean, deep, and sometimes reef and arctic. Tier 1 to tier 3 can hide here. Tube Sponges.png
Anemone Generates in the ocean, deep reef, arctic,and reef. Tier 1 to tier 3 can hide here. Anemone2.png
Palm Tree Generates in the ocean and reef. Climbing animals like crabs, coconut crabs, snakes and anacondas can climb here. Coconut spawning place. Palm Tree.png
Bald Cypress Generates atop swamp islands. Snakes and Anacondas can climb and hide in Bald Cypress. Bald Cypress.png
Giant Shipwreck Generates in any biome, but have been found in the deep, swamp, and twilight kelp forest. All animals can hide here. Hiding places are ship windows and the crack. Big Boat.png
Small Tube Sponge Generates in the ocean and reef. Frogfish can disguise as these. Tier one can hide in these.(tested with clownfish and worm) Small Sponge.png

Platforms and obstacles[]

Platforms and obstacles are terrain that cannot be hidden in but can still be interacted with (i.e. walking on it, burrowing through it slowly or being unable to pass through it).

Name Summary Image
Island Generates between the ocean and its surface. Platform for walking. Bushes and trees appear on here. New Island.png
Glacier Generates between the arctic and its surface. Platform for walking. Igloos can appear here. New Glacier.png
Swamp island Generates between the swamp and its surface, or the estuary. Platform for walking. Logs can appear at the bottom

of the island.

New Swamp Island.png
Currents Pushes any animals and food that enter it downward and left.

Only animals tier six (Ray Tier) and above can swim up currents.

Lily pad Generates on the swamp surface, but also in the estuary surface, or the lake surface when the lake used to exist. Platform for walking. Lily Pad.png
Coral Fan Generates in the reef. Slows down non-reef animals by 30%. Coral Fan.png
Table Coral Generates in the reef. Slows down non-reef animals by 30%. Table Coral.png

Cosmetic terrain[]

Cosmetic terrain are terrain that cannot be interacted with.

Name Summary Image
Cloud Generates in sky. Animals entered the cloud cannot be seen where they are. Cloud.png
Roots Generates underneath swamp islands. Food sometimes generate on these, but it depends on the map. Roots.png
Jagged logs Generates on the swamp floor, when logs got stuck under water. Jagged Logs.png
Small Anemone Generates in the ocean/arctic/deep, but some animals can hide in it. Small Anemone.png
Seaweed Large patches generate in the ocean. You can go behind them to hide. Excellent to set up an ambush with as Tiger Shark. Seaweed.png
Anchor Generates near shipwrecks, but can be found anywhere. Anchor.png
Kelp Strand Generates in the kelp forest and sometimes in the ocean, estuary, swamp, and arctic. Kelp strand.png
Icicle Generates in the arctic/kelp forest. Usually hangs off of caves or mountains. Icicle.png
Pine Tree Generates in the arctic. Sometimes generates fruit on it, depending on the map. Pine.png
Pine Silhouette Generates in the arctic in the background. Pine Silhouette.png
Scots Pine Generates in the arctic. Sometimes generates with fruits if it is chosen by the mapmaker. Scots Pine.png
Scots Pine Silhouette Generates in the arctic behind scots pines. Scots Pine Silhouette.png
Cold Pine Generates in the arctic as a background tree. Coldvar.png
Cypress Knob Generates in the estuary/swamp. It's a stump of a cypress tree that was submerged in the water. Cypress Knob.png
Nearby Cloud Generates in the sky. Nearby Cloud.png
Far Cloud Generates in the sky, but as a background cloud. Far Cloud.png
Cirrus Cloud Generates in the sky, typically over the arctic/kelp forest. Cirrus Cloud.png
Big Cloud Generates in the sky, or is used under a waterfall. Big Cloud.png


This section highlights all the changes made to terrain in documented updates so far. A full changelog can be found here.

Update Changes
Pre-November 4th, 2016 (Release) Added 1 form of terrain: anemone.
November 4th, 2016 New animal (beaver) and a new hiding place: beaver dams.
November 5th, 2016 (Night) Added a new food source below beaver dams.
November 24th, 2016 Added islands, bushes (which crabs can hide in) and trees!
January 21st, 2017 Glaciers now have igloos, which penguins can hide in.
February 13th, 2017 Island sizes are now random (between 1x and 3x previous standard size of islands).
March 13th, 2017 (Beta) Added a new shipwreck hiding spot (designed by Pathos too!)
March 14th, 2017 Added air bubbles leaking from shipwreck (h1637727's idea[1]).

Jellyfish and below can now hide in volcanoes.

March 17th, 2017 An Abandoned House appeared in the deep sea. It's said its owner left long ago, after it was attacked by a giant squid and its pet was kiddnapped.

(FROM BETA) Added one new hiding place (shipwreck designed by Pathos too!)