Team Free For All (TFFA) is one of the many gamemodes of

In the new update, a new map was released, inspired by the creations of u/FlllllSH:


Goal(s)[ | ]

TFFA's main goal is to ascend an in-game leaderboard. To do this you must eat food, evolve, and gain XP. The leaderboard is based on who has the most XP, so killing people is a good way to ascend.

Rule(s)[ | ]

There really aren't any rules in TFFA. Teaming is approved and recommended in this gamemode (Go to FFA if you don't like this). The game has a built in team system just for this (access by pressing T). This means you may be up against big teams of players, but often people aren't as hungry as FFA.


Other Information[ | ]

Tips[ | ]

  • It is recommended that your team uses animals that will work well when used together. For example, don't have a polar bear, eagle, and Colossal squid on the same team.
  • It is recommended to plan out what each member on your team will become.
  • Protect your lower-tiered members so they can level up faster.
  • The right side of the swamp often has few people in it, while the left side of the swamp, and other biomes often are filled with players. If you want to play it safe it's recommended to stay in the right half of swamp, while if you want kills it is recommended to leave this biome.
  • Keep your team together, if your team is separated it is far easier for an enemy to kill individual teammates.
  • It can be very beneficial to try and befriend random players who appear good at the game. Even if they're not in your team, an ally can be very useful and may get you out of a sticky situation.
  • It is often pointless to chase a single person around the map as it is very easy to escape players in this game. At some point, give up.
  • Let lower tiered members eat if you kill someone. This helps them level-up.
  • If you see a large team coming towards you, its a good idea to run away.

Good Animals[ | ]

There are no "best" animals in TFFA. Being a tier 10 is obviously a good idea, but whatever animal suites your taste. Any animal can shine!

Map[ | ]

A beautiful map full of life!

Deep kelp florest

deep kelp florest