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Tier One Animals[ | ]

Very good starter for the reef, because there are no easy hiding places anywhere in the open ocean, and a stray otter or hammerhead shark will eat you just because you were in their way there. If there are other Clownfish nearby, stick with them for the speed boost, but be wary if they evolve to crab and try to kill you. Also just farm on floor food next to a anemone until you can evolve to crab, then go on an island and find yourself a coconut crab. They will most times be a good protection while you eat berries.

Worst stats of any tier one, but lives probably in the easiest location to level up in, the deeeep. There are volcanoes to hide in everywhere, and they generate the second highest xp granting food. (the highest being meat) You probably have the highest chance of survival as Blobfish, just because the deeeep is so spread out.

Good for the same volcano reason as Blobfish, but as an advantage you heal faster standing still, so when you are in a volcano nearly dying, you will recover faster.

Literally completely useless. Why would you even choose it? It is blind. That's its only ability. Subpar to piranha in every way. Move on to the next animal.

The best swamp tier one, but has some occasional issues with the boost bar displaying properly. Its boost is very helpful, because it is one controlled dash, not just a single burst like most animals. You can also choose to get more Piranhas as you level up. Beware though, if you don't choose Piranha every time, the evolution path is lost.

Similar to Bobbit Worm, as it can easily dig, but floor food doesn't collect to you as well from inside the ground, so you must go outside to farm well. Also, never turn into lamprey in the ground as it will just get you stuck in the dirt. Wait for you to emerge to the surface to do that.

Tier Two Animals[ | ]

Is best at farming berries, as it sinks in water and can not swim well. Just hop onto an island and eat as many purple berries as you want. Don't be scared of Coconut Crabs; they can't hurt you. But seagulls can seriously mess up your day, but there is an easy fix to that. If you stand still in a bush, you will be invulnerable and be invisible.

Just like crab, but you live in the arctic and have a very rare stat: damage reflection. This repels the percentage of damage given to you (as indicated on your stats list) back to your attacker. This means you can hunt jellyfish, but you have to facetank them, if you let them get away, they will heal, while you take damage.

Unlike its previous evolution, this cavefish can see, and if you charge your boost, you will dash out of the water, and if you hit a ceiling, you will stick to it and be able to walk. This is very helpful for escaping predators.

Probably the most useful ability out of all the tier twos, if you boost into the ground you start digging really fast. You can even cross through from the lower swamp caves to the upper part, completely bamboozling your pursuer.

Stick to animals that you know don't breathe air, because you will suffocate out of water. Examples of optimal choices include: Gar, Sunfish, Moray, Whale shark, Shark, Sleeper Shark, Goblin Shark, Colossal Squid, and Giant Squid.

Tier Three Animals[ | ]

The first hit and run animal you will find on this list, its whole point is to hit a low tier, and wait for them to succumb to poison. Best to stick next to an anemone, because you are actually quite fragile. If you want to troll a whale, purposely get yourself sucked inside them, they will keep taking poison damage until they breathe, so you could kill some like that.

You can bob out of the surface to fly away from your problems. you can gain speed by boosting upwards, then swooping down. You are also already naturally fast, and can run from most animals.

Probably the best tier three for one reason; there is a glitch where if you have any boosts, and you hold down boost, you keep going with +50% speed until something slows you down. I have tried to test the limits of this, and it appears there isn't if you start with a full boost bar. You can kill squids and other tier threes just by repeatedly slamming into them at high speeds. As for peaceful ways of getting XP, you can look at the Crab entry, but watch out for coconut crabs, as they can hurt you now.

Also blind like the Blind Cavefish, but has a boost similar to Horseshoe Crab, and regens boosts when standing still. Your best bet would to find a empty log to hide in, regen boosts, speed across the floor for XP, and repeat that until you reach the other end of the swamp.

You jump high. That's about the only ability you have. Just eat dragonflies until you can evolve, watch out for snakes.

Tier Four Animals[ | ]

Probably the most used tier four, and a helpful ability; you can disappear by standing still. Not just invisible, but invincible too. The only drawback is that you can't do it after being hurt for three seconds. Certain places (like the pineapple) can automatically let you enter the invisible state. Make sure you avoid animals with suction attacks, like Frogfish and Whale, because they can disable your ability, even if you are using it.

First tier that can truly "fly" (flying fish is gliding), but has not amazing stats. The advantage is you swim normally, as opposed to Pelican, Bald Eagle, Seagull, Bat, and Duck, who float in water.

Probably the best tier four, because it has armor, so you can easily hunt Barreleyes in the deeeep. You can also use a boost to be completely invincible, but you sink, and can be affected by bleeding, and Colossal Squids' slaps. You are best just sweeping the floor from left to right until you can evolve. And, while sweeping the floor, you get a 30% speed buff

Similar strategy to Icefish, but you don't live near volcanoes, and cant hide in logs. Essentially just hunt tier threes and heal after battles. You can walk to escape predators though.

Very good tier four for swamp, as you can use a suction attack for free by charging for 2 seconds to suck in food and prey. you can increase the xp gain by spinning in a circle to get all the plankton around you.

Tier Five Animals[ | ]

Not a very good tier, because it is murdered by Bald Eagles. Most people skip this tier, and if you want to know how, you just need a minimum of 55k xp to evolve past it. If you really want to play it though, farm off berries and apples, you can hide by standing still in trees, and Pelicans can't hurt you. If you go hunting in water, make sure to keep predators below you, and prey above, because you are buoyant and go fast upwards, but slow downwards in water.

You are already very fast, but if you go to the ground, you get even faster, and you can eat floor food as an added bonus. You can hide in igloos, and turn invisible (but not invulnerable) while standing on land in the arctic or ocean-arctic. Your speed makes you very good at hunting, and running away. your best bet would be to hunt squids, starting with a boost to disable their invisibility, then finishing them off with speed.

You can see animals before they can see you, but only as a radar effect in a ring around you. the animals get darker as they get closer, and when they disappear, they are either in your screen, or away from your radar range. You almost never get killed because you know who's coming before they see you. But, even thought they are lower tier than you, you can not facetank an Isopod. Their armor halves your damage, but you have no special stats, so they end up killing you. If you really want to kill them, hit each other, run away and get some xp to heal, hit them again, and repeat. if they keep following you, you should be able to beat them. If they leave, so what? They cant kill you now.

Amazing for killing walking animals. This is because you walk naturally on the ceiling,so when you are near the floor,you can get pretty close before you actually start walking. Now if you see a snapping turtle or something walking in an island, get right next to the floor and push into them the opposite direction they are walking, and use your charge boost to slow them down if they run. They will take rapid damage, roughly amounting to 200 DPS, and usually be killed. Just watch higher damage animals like Hippo, as they can slap you to death if you attack for too long. Because you don't have temperature damage, you can go to the arctic, because a lot of animals there walk and you can kill them. And there is only one animal in the arctic with armor, the lobster, but they don't come out of the water much, so they cant really hurt you. Just watch for Orcas, as they will throw you into the water and try to drown you or waste your salinity.

You are essentially a seagull with better stats, and can hide in beaver dams. Not much to be said about the Duck, just watch for Crocodiles trying to grab you. Guess what, you can survive in the Artic. If you want to troll new players and even some old ones, grab the goose skin in the shop and upgrade to Duck in the Artic.

Tier Six Animals[ | ]

Easily one of the best tier sixes, it can grab, inflict bleed, has armor and armor piercing, and can walk with decent oxygen time. Just hunt seals and squids, just absolutely end them, they can't do a thing if you pin them. If a big animal like Orca or Whale comes, you can charge boost into them to cling to them and deal DPS. Also, if you are out of boosts, you can hop on an iceberg and walk around until they leave.

You can scoop up small, tier four and below animals into your beak, where they will stay there for a while or you click again. This is good for catching animals until you can put them in an abovewater pool, where you can then pick them off. You can't eat berries anymore, but you can eat coconuts.

Like squid, it turns invisible and invincible, but instead of standing still, it has to put its head to the floor. You can easily get on the leaderboard by floor food farming until a predator comes, then you put your head on the floor and hide until they leave. Not very good at hunting though as it has no special stats.

By yourself, not a very good animal, but you are immune to poison, but when you boost, you dash a small distance, but you puff up, and you get: 50% armor, 70% damage reflection, and badly poison anyone who touches you. When you are puffed up, you can kill many tier tens if they facetank you.

Arguably the best tier six, It can dig, digs fast, can eat floor food underground like it was in water, and can grab tier 6 and below with its boost. A super helpful tip I discovered to maximize hunting gain is to, when they are at half HP, quickly let go, and grab them again and finish them off. Just beware of Orcas and whales, as they will grab/suck you out of the ground and take pressure damage and you will most likely die.

Even though at first glance its ability seems pointless, if you hit a flying animal with the drop, they will get stun and sink for 2 seconds, and you will get +40% speed for those 2 seconds. If you manage to hit a Duck over water, it's as good as dead if you are a good player.

It is like Frog, It jumps high, but if you charge boost and swallow an animal tier 4 and below you can spit it out as a projectile, and whoever gets hit by it takes damage, and the animal you just spat out gets stunned when it his something. Best to hunt animals like axolotls and catfish, where you can swallow them, then shoot them at a surface to pin and kill them.

Tier Seven Animals[ | ]

You are a great ocean hunter, and you sink. This gives you an advantage over animals below you. While swimming, you charge you boost to suck animals in, and if you are out of boosts, you can tap for a little mini boost forwards. When you touch down on the ground, you can turn into a coral tube by not moving, and your charge boost sucks in stronger than when you are just swimming around. as an added bonus, it is omnidirectional, so you can suck sideways on the ground. You should always be wary of Tiger Sharks though, because they sweep the ground like you do, and they can hit you many times before you can react. Fish inside you will take dps until they get let out.

The second fastest animal (tied with Leopard Seal) it could beat Marlin in a race, if it didn't get its speed boosts on the surface. It can run away from pretty much any animal and hunt down any animal. You can hide in igloos and eat floor food. You also get a defense buff increasing by 5% then 10% then 20% for one two and three baby penguins near you, respectively. Your best bet would just to passively farm, and hunt the occasional squid or lobster.

Really nothing special, you can hide in beaver dams and walk. The only interesting thing about it is it gets a weird speed buff when leaving water into air via beaver dam. For some reason you shoot into the air fast.

An okay tier seven it can walk on islands, eat berries, and if it charges its boost with its head to the seafloor, it collects a rock. You may charge your boost again to waste a boost and throw the rock. If it hits an animal, they take 100 damage and get stunned for a moment. not super helpful, but if you click on land with a rock, you throw it in the direction you clicked, helpful for getting away from Coconut Crabs.

Very tanky for a tier seven, and it does a respectable amount of damage. Where it really shines though is you can stand still to put your summon a lure in front of you and if some fish eats it, they get slowness, and you deal double damage next hit to them. A great hunting stratagem is if you find a dent in the seafloor, you can hang your lure near the floor food and any animal sweeping the floor for XP will accidentally eat it, and if they are in said dent, you can pin them and finish them off instead of chasing them around. Keep in mind your lure is the last food you ate, so if you just ate meat, it will show meat. (Also, goblin shark projectiles count as food, so it's pretty funny if you just got hit by one and you can wave it around)

Probably the best low tier hunter, its charge boost swallows small animals and does DPS to them. When they get released, they come out your mouth, so you can easily pin them and get some free hits in if you put your head against a wall. No good hiding method though, so you should just stay near the pineapple.

Honestly not really that good at hunting, but it can climb trees and mess up some ducks' day, because its charge boost makes it stick to them and do poison and DPS, but underwater you drown really fast, but above water there is no drawback. Really good for killing Piranhas, because each hit does poison, which is really good against Piranhas. But usually you are better off farming apples in the ocean-swamp. You can, however, kill frogs, bats, and other swamp surface animals easily, so that is a possibility.

Tier Eight Animals[ | ]

This is where your choices start to really matter.

Not the best tier eight, but essential to evolving into some great tier tens. Not great at hunting, unless it's with other sea lions, in which it gets an attack buff up to 25%, but it has horrible oxygen. Stay low-key and hunt occasional tier 1-5 animals, but keep in mind a good lobster or penguin can kill you.

A good, reliable tier eight, though kind of fragile. You can breach to gain speed buffs by 33% up to 66%, and you charge your boost to lock on to a target and get a attack boost of 25%. A good leveling up strategy is to brush up against LM jellies tentacles, because some of them are not poisonous for some reason. Once you find one that doesn't hurt you, lock on to it and kill it. Gain the meat and repeat. Another strategy is to get speed and then lock on someone, and they will usually be killed every time. You can disable a lock by charging your boost again.

Not a very good hunter, but its camouflage ability can come in handy. the best animal to choose for camouflage is probably squid, because it has practically the same stats as octopus.(50% AP vs 40% AP)This will let you get a sneak attack on even people who know to look at animals stats to check for an octopus. Although sneak attacks are nice, the octopus is best at running away. I know, this may not seem like a good ability, but when you are practically impossible to catch, you start to appreciate it more. The best way to run away is to boost forwards, coating them in ink, then make a diagonal up/backwards boost, so they get inked again because they can see where they are going, and you completely avoid them in the opposite direction.

A very good hunter in the reef. The best way to catch food is to find a Moray Eel hole, and turn invisible by charging and hide there. Then when a small animal goes by, you can grab it, face it towards the hole, then spit it into the hole trapping it. then you can kill and eat it. Also, the very best spot to hide is sideways in an anemone, or inside a large fan coral, because both ways you are even more invisible. (in the anemone, make sure your stripes are lined up with the stripes of the anemone, its more convincing.)

Just not a good animal. It's ability, with the new nerf to slowdown, is quite weak, and so Dragonfish canb e easily escaped from. Out of all the T8s, this is probably the one you should skip the most. Anglerfish beats it in a fight, if you're not careful.

Definitely the T8 with the worst ability, with the only one being near useless. However, it is MORE than made up for the fact that it has 40% armor along with 500 health(this goes up to around an effective 830 health, by far the tankiest T8), and 120 damage, allowing it to battle against some T9s. It is weak against armor peirce, though.

Tier Nine Animals[ | ]

Extremely fast, and could easily kill some tier tens, if all the arctic tier tens weren't complete hard counters for it. Mostly for killing lower tiers, just keep running at them. You'll eventually catch up to them. And same thing for running away, but in reverse. They'll never catch up to you. You can run fast, walk on land, terrorize everything except narwhal and the tier tens. Just avoid tier tens, especially whales.

Could be a tier ten if it wanted to. It has 100% AP, better stats then marlin, inflicts bleed on boost, and the only drawback is that you are slower than most animals. Pretty low-skill, just stab the heck out of your opponent and eat them. If any coconut crab chases you, as long as you keep using bleed and running away, it can't kill you. It is amazing for killing Lion's Mane Jellyfish with its bleed ability, this lets you earn XP very fast. I think Narwhal is the best LMJ killer (even better than sunfish or marlin).

Probably the worst tier 9, they don't do much damage, and have armor, but it only works from the sides and behind, so you don't reduce damage head on. You also swim slowly and it is hard to hunt. Even thought you are immune to poison LM jellies can still hurt you, and you still have recoil, so you keep hurting yourself on its tentacles, so you can die just by trying to eat it. Most things won't try to kill you, and if they do, just go to the surface and fly to another area.

Very good at hunting, because an interesting thing about it is that every time it hits someone at any speed from breaching, its speed goes to 33%, so it keeps at 33%. This means you have an extreme advantage over animals you are hunting, because you keep slamming into them. Try not to get yourself beached on island while breaching though, because a Coconut Crab will most likely end your game. Just watch out for marlins, as they are even faster then you, and will chase you down.

Probably the best ambush predator in the entire game, because its attacks are just so powerful. You don't dash forwards when you charge boost, you just create forelegs in front of you. If it his someone, they are knocked back and take 200 damage with stun. You can pin them like this against a wall like this, hitting them twice immediately after the stun, doing a total of 400 damage, then use your other boost to do it again, then hit them one more time at the end, doing 900 damage, which is enough to kill anything with 800 or less HP. (including natural HP regeneration) You can also hunt near the ground, so when you see a walking Coconut Crab, you can stun it and do the combo, but since it is walking, it can't naturally attack, and because it was stunned, it cant charge up its large claw to stun you back. A player could easily get on the leaderboard just murdering tier nines and tens in a good wall pinning spot.

You can eat to spawn copies of yourself, up to a maximum of three total squids including you. Every time you attack you get a small attack bonus (7%) and it stacks up to 21% more damage. You hunt best if you get your main Humboldt and a clone to their side, and another clone in front face tanking them. They will try and kill it first, and you keep racking up damage. The best place to put yourself is on the inside of the two clones, that way if they turn to attack you, you join the one that was originally attacking the face that is now attacking the side. The reason you want the head to stay safe is if it dies, everyone dies. It is not like Piranha where each one can be the main one.

It is another tier ten worthy animal. It can hide on the ground like Tiger Shark and get a speed buff, but not both at the same time. You have to stand still for invisibility, or move for speed. You can use a charge boost to suck in animals tier eight and below, and they take damage when inside you. Charge your boost near the floor to go slow, but be invisible and turn your tail into a fake Clownfish. A good strategy is to hide invisibly inside an anemone, and have your Clownfish move in and out. (you move it my slowly moving your tail.) This will attract a low tier like squid or ray, and you can suck them up and eat them. Your suck sucks in tier nines as well, and they take more damage from you, but do not get swallowed.

Definitely the best tier nine in terms of damage. It does a natural 150 damage which is more then most tier tens, and has no bad stats other than a below average HP. It also can hide in the shipwreck, so you can surprise low tiers and hide from high tiers. You should always stay somewhat close to the shipwreck. (If you can't see its location on the map, you are too far away )

One of the greatest tier nines, because it hunts anything it wants, and nothing wants to hunt it. Its charge boost does an AoE of poison damage and normal damage, so if someone is chasing it, it can poison them, which also inflicts slowness, and you will take quite a bit of damage. Also, there is no way to avoid the poison, even if you are hiding in an anemone, or invisible like Ray. It can hunt some of the lower HP tier tens, and quite a few tier nines. Never try to hunt a Stonefish, because even though you are poisonous, you can still be poisoned. Stonefish are also immune to poison, so they are on the "don't even try to hunt these animals" list along with Leatherback Sea Turtle, Sea Turtle, and Sunfish. They are all immune to poison, so they won't think twice about eating you. A good spot is to go to a place you can hide, then whenever a low HP animal goes by, finish it off with a poison blast. As an added bonus, any animals trying to hide with you will also be poisoned.

Not very good for hunting, but you are very hard to kill, and can eat floor food. You are okay health wise, and don't have any bad stats, just you can't hunt low tier animals, because instead of damage, they get healed near you. You can only hunt tier six and above, and jellyfish. You have a decent pressure time, and are immune to poison, and you could easily farm off LM jellies if you wanted to. (If you see a group of Isopods and Oarfish, you could join them in taking over the deeeep)

You are a very good hunter and can kill nearly anything. At first glance, It seems not so great, it has low hp, low damage, and lower then normal speed. But its boost quickly increases its speed up to 300%, and its attack goes to 100%. In game this translates to 280 damage, and catching up to nearly anything. You can hunt low hp tier tens like Goblin Shark. The best way to do this is to speed backwards to build up your speed and attack buff, then turn around and hit them from the side. Repeat this until they are dead or low HP. Then just finish them off and/or eat them. You can also stand still as you build up your speed, so you could surprise someone like that by suddenly moving really fast.

Also could be a tier ten. You don't have great stats, but your boost makes you a little faster, and anything you touch gets paralyzed. You could kill many tier tens just by pinning them somewhere and zapping them. You also reveal animals in hiding spots so you can eat them, and you can hide in dead logs on the seafloor. You do breathe oxygen though, so you can't hide down in a log forever. A good strategy would be to hide in a log near a good pinning spot, then the nest low HP tier ten to come through, pin them to the wall and finish them off. Great for killing piranhas.

You are probably the sneakiest animal. You turn invisible and gain an attack buff by standing still, and I recommend doing this on an island, with your body in front of a tree. This stops you from accidentally getting hit while going invisible. (This will reset the attack and invisibility) Then once you are as invisible as you get, hop into the water and avoid floating plankton. Yes, I know its tempting to eat that massive clump of XP, but that will just give you away. You should avoid them like a maze, but if you accidentally brush up and eat one, don't worry, plankton de-spawns all the time. Then creep around until you find a low HP tier nine or ten, then boost into it and get the kill. You can do this as much as you want, usually until the albino crocodile boost chains you into dying.

A very high HP animal, with 50% armor, and its charge boost heals half its HP, so it is nigh impossible to kill. You could kill a crocodile if they had no boosts. The only problem is you are slow. Your normal boost gives you 30% more speed, but that is still not fast enough to hunt food. Fortunately, you can eat floor food like Oarfish, so be like an Oarfish; don't bother people and they won't bother you. Just eat floor food and keep healing when needed, and you will eventually be able to evolve.

Tier Ten Animals[ | ]

This will be more complicated strategies, as you will now be the apex predator, and you don't need to hide anymore, but you do need to know how to fight other apexes. From now on, animals in bold will be definitely do what category they are in. Like seriously run away now you will be killed, or definitely attack; free fish food. I will call some of them "hunters", and "pinners", and here's what that means. A hunter is the basic, go and get food tier ten, decent HP, decent speed, great attack. They are the ones that will go and kill animals, whether tier ten or tier eight. A facetanker is a hunter that scrapped speed (and sometimes damage) for HP. They do best if you come to them, and try to kill them by repeatedly slamming your face into theirs. They are usually weak to hit and runners, and they don't need to facetank to kill someone. A pinner is a hunter that sacrificed a little of all their stats to get control points. They are best at herding you to a wall, then using their ability to do great damage and keep you there. A hit and runner is a hunter who lost HP and damage to get maneuverability and status conditions. Their playstyle revolves around attacking an animal and running away, while your status condition whittles them down to low, then move in for the kill.

You are a pinner tier ten. You are barely slower then most animals, so you can't hunt well. You can dig through icebergs, so you can surprise animals in narrow tunnels. The reason you would want to do this is because your boost makes you faster, and you get two sharp fangs in front of you. These fangs don't do recoil, so you can keep pressing into someone so they cant escape. They only do 40 damage, but because no recoil, you can do about 160 DPS. They also do bleed, which is like poison, but prevents healing while they have it, so the total DPS comes closer to 180 with your fangs. Your best hunting tactic would be to try and surprise someone, and press them against a wall. You could also just slam your face into their face. Both work. You will encounter a few animals in the arctic, here is what to do. (From now on, animals in bold will be definitely do what category they are in. Like seriously run away now you will be killed, or definitely attack free fish food.)

  • Attack: Cachalots, TIGER SHARK, Moray, Thresher, Bull Shark, Shark, Whale, SUNFISH.
  • Run Away: ELEPHANT SEALS, Humpback, MARLIN, Orca, Atlantic Torpedo, Whale Shark, Coconut Crab, Giant Squid.
  • Special: Polar Bear(Use your fangs like a shield to block their snowballs), Stonefish(You won't be able to kill them, they can't kill you. Just ignore each other), Other Walruses(Just facetank them and cross your fingers you win.).

1v1 Tips: In general, it's not a great 1v1 animal, but if you are desperate to play it, try to pin them in one of the map's corners.

You are a face tanker tier ten. You gain damage at low HP, you have decent AP, you have bleed resistance, AND you reflect bleed and poison back at them if you have the condition while battling. Your best bet would be to slam them in the face so many times until they die. You can't dig in ice like Polar Bear or Walrus, but you can walk on land. You can live in the deeeep too. The best way to hunt is to face tank and do nothing, until the last few hits, then boost into them as fast as you can to take advantage of your attack buff. Here is how to deal with animals you may encounter.

  • Attack: WALRUS, Other Elephant Seals, Polar Bears, Cachalots, Whales, Basking Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Stonefish, Marlin, Moray Eel, Orca, Thresher, Shark, SUNFISH, COLOSSAL SQUID, Giant Squid.
  • Special: Humpback(Judge their skill and make decisions quickly, if they use too much stun, run, but kill them if they use war or ruin.)

1v1 Tips: Face tank. That's about it. You can hit and run a little, after half HP you get a speed boost. You could boost away and get food and more boosts, then come back for more. Try to use your boosts during the last few hits of the fight. (Boosting at the end is also helpful for defeating Elephant Seals)

You are a hunter tier ten. You can throw snowballs that do slow and varying amounts of stun, depending on the distance it traveled.(.5 seconds to 2 seconds) You don't have a normal boost, but your prey gets bleed if they are stunned and get hit by you. You can dig in ice like Walrus, but you can't use your ability, so its more for healing then it is for hunting Walruses. You are really good at hunting slower animals like lobsters or narwhals. Your best bet would to hit them with the snowball point blank in the face, they will get bleed, stun and slow. You only live in the arctic, and here is what you should do when you meet someone.

  • Attack: Cachalot, WHALE, Humpback, Marlin, Coconut Crab, TIGER SHARK, Thresher, Bull Shark, Torpedo Ray, Moray.
  • Special: Leatherback(When you see the shield, hit them with a snowball to disable it), Shark(When they start reeling back to attack, throw a snowball at them, they don't have the maneuverability to dodge it.), Basking Shark(Hit them point blank with a snowball in the face, give them bleed and slow, run away and get food to regen, come back and repeat until they are dead), Sunfish(See Basking Shark)

1v1 Tips: Just get boosts, hit them with snowballs, repeat. Really nothing to it.

The most versatile animal so far. It can play different songs by charging and clicking, like Morse code, and different combinations give different effects. (click humpbacks name for official page and list of songs) Some good strategies are: stun-war-speed, which stops them from moving, and then you do 180 damage, and have 50% AP; stun-speed-slow, you stun them, give yourself speed, then U-turn around them and use slow, very useful for escaping; stun-speed-heal , you run away while healing 4x faster, and ruin-war-heal, the best fighting combo in my opinion, you do 20% if their HP, do extra damage, and heal while hurting. You'll have to fight animals too, not just memorize combos, so here are the best songs for each enemy you will fight.

  • Walrus: stun-war-stun
  • Polar Bear: speed-stun-war
  • Elephant Seal: speed-war-heal
  • Whale: Ruin-ruin-war/heal
  • Other Humpbacks: anything you want, stun doesn't work on them though.
  • Cachalot: Ruin-war-heal
  • Leatherback Turtle: Stun-stun-stun (yes it is stun spamming, but that is the only way to kill them.)
  • Marlin: Stun-slow-speed
  • Orca: Stun-speed-war
  • Coconut Crab: Slow-war-speed
  • Whale Shark: Stun-war-heal
  • Basking Shark: War-speed-stun
  • Tiger Shark: Stun-speed-war
  • Shark: Stun-war-speed
  • Thresher Shark: Speed-heal-war
  • Bull shark: War-speed-war
  • Moray Eel: Stun-war-speed
  • Stonefish: Stun-heal-war
  • Atlantic Torpedo: Stun-speed-war
  • Manta Ray: Trust your judgement.
  • Sunfish: War-war-war
  • Alligator Gar: Stun-war-stun
  • Sawfish: War-speed-war
  • Anaconda: Stun-war-stun
  • Alligator Snapping Turtle: Stun-war-stun
  • Giant Softshell Turtle: War-war-war
  • Crocodile: Stun-speed-war
  • Hippo: Don't-even-try

1v1 Tips: Use the list.

A face tanker tier ten. The Whale is interesting because instead of waiting for someone to come towards you, you can force them to attack you by pulling them in with a powerful suction. When someone gets hit by your mouth while sucking, they bounce off you, giving you time to heal. If you get low HP, you can spin while sucking like Catfish, and you will get a lot of HP from the food around you. A great strategy to kill people is to suck them in front of a whirlpool, which slows them down and they get sucked in faster. You can also do this with a Cachalot in TFFA, they slow people down too with their boost. For beating animals, there is not much strategy, just suck them in. You do have to avoid some animals though; Hippos, Cachalots, Humpbacks, and other Whales all are immune to your suction.

  • Attack: Orca, Tiger Shark, Manta Ray, Giant Squid(if they come up), Thresher, any tier 9 or below but Narwhal.
  • Run/Don't Engage: Moray, Leatherback, Atlantic Torpedo, Coco Crab, Colossal Squid(unless it is out of pressure), Humpback, Cachalot, Walrus
  • Special: Marlin, Stonefish, Bull Shark: Good players of these animals can easily kill you. If they are noobs or you can pin them so they can't hit-and-run, you can kill them.

1v1 Tips: Literally just do what is listed above.

A facetanker tier ten. Very high HP, very high damage, low speed. You can't boost, but instead you can slow down other people. Not really meant to hunt ocean and arctic animals, because it is too slow. It can go to the deeeep though like Elep Seal, but it also gets +10% speed, which makes its speed 100%. It is much better in the deeeep because you can chase people down effectively with your slowness. Also, if you are being chased, try to spam-boost and get away with your built-up speed. When you attack someone, just keep hitting them until you or they die. Some strategies for dealing with animals are:

  • Attack: Whale, Humpback, Orca, Tiger Shark, GIANT SQUID, SLEEPER SHARK, Colossal Squid, Sawfish, Crocodile, Goblin Shark, Bull Shark, Megamouth Shark, Beaked Whale.
  • Don't Attack: Marlin, Stonefish, Moray, Coconut Crab, Atlantic Torpedo, Whale Shark, Thresher, AST, HIPPO, ANACONDA, GIANT SOFTSHELL TURTLE, ALLIGATOR GAR, SHARK, SUNFISH (particularly dangerous because you don't have penetration and they are not affected by deep pressure).
  • Special: Leatherback(Hit, Slow, and Run), Basking Shark(Hit, Slow, and Run),

1v1 Tips: If you spawn before them, eat as much food as you can. Even though it gives no xp until they spawn in, you don't need them to win, your boost just slows, while their boost might do something that would give them an advantage. No food, no boosts, no advantage. Then they will have to facetank you, and you will usually win.

You are a pinning tier ten. By yourself, you aren't very good, you have less hp and damage then most animals, and you have armor, but only on your sides. You are slower then most animals, but move in short bursts that do extra damage. But when you charge your boost, it pulls up a shield that speeds you up by 20%, and is essentially an animal around you with the following stats: 200 HP, 130 attack, 115% speed, 100% AP, and is instantly killed by paralysis. Bleed, toxic algae, and paralysis all bypass the shield, but you are immune to poison. You have a hard time catching up to people to finish them off, so its best if you hide near a good rock crevice to pin animals into. You also have great pressure time, and can actually survive hunting n the deeeep if you come up for air and pressure every now and then. If you are being grabbed, and you cast your shield, the animal grabbing you will get stunned or a short time and have to let go. This wastes a boost, but can be worth it is they get knocked into a wall and you can pin them there. What to do when you see animals:

  • Attack: Elephant Seal, Polar Bear, Cachalot, Orca, Giant Squid, Sleeper Shark, Goblin Shark(If you are really good), TIGER SHARK, STONEFISH, Shark, Thresher Shark, SUNFISH, MANTA RAY, Alligator Gar, SOFTSHELL, Crocodile.
  • Special: Coconut crab(Honestly, if they don't attack you, just say you are a vibe turtle, and hop on the island with them and talk. If they do attack you, pull up your shield for the first hit, then retreat to the deeeep.)
  • Marlin

A hit and run tier ten. you have dismal HP and damage, but you are faster than any animal besides penguin and leopard seal, and you can breach the surface like mahi-mahi and dolphin, to gain 33% speed each jump, stackable thrice. When you are going fast, you give bleed to them, and your speed resets to 33% (if you had speed in the first place). You also do bleed of you boost into them, but don't get the speed reset. Because your HP and damage is so low, you're best off hitting them with bleed, running away, but keep them in sight, they will take damage from the bleed (Fun fact, bleed cancels out natural regeneration), but some animals have bleed defense, which lowers the time they bleed by that percentage. Try to avoid animals with this stat, and prey on animals with high armor, because you completely bypass it, and usually high armor animals have low HP. For example sunfish, they will absolutely die every time, even if you facetank them. Hunt as may as you want. Now for battle stratagems.

  • Attack: Cachalot, Leatherbacks, Coconut Crabs, Basking sharks, Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Manta Rays, SUNFISH, GIANT SOFTSHELL TURTLES,
  • Run: Walrus, Elephant Seal, Polar Bear, Humpback, Whale, Orca, Whale Shark, Tiger Shark, Moray, Stonefish, Bull Shark, Alligator Gar, SAWFISH, Alligator Snapper, Anaconda, CROC, Hippo.

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