This page lists tips & tricks for all specific animals to hopefully improve your chances at survival in For more general tips, see here.[ | ]

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Leveling up Tips

Survival Tips

Deeeep survival

Piranha[ | ]

  • Avoid boosting out of the water to avoid danger, as you all move individually. This causes piranhas to be scattered around the place, making you vulnerable.
  • Try to wall pin your opponents, this stops them from escaping and helps you surround them (so you do more damage because you can attack from all directions).
  • After your have evolved to tier 4, you can no longer hide in the anemones, even if you have only 1 piranha left. However, you will be able to create a new piranha much faster.
  • Not suggested to play 10 piranhas in 1v1, as it loses to almost everything.
  • Piranhas can gain XP very fast! So use piranhas if you want to evolve quickly.
  • If you see a leatherback or whale while you’re in barrack waters run to freshwater.
  • If you are trying to attack a small animal, try to surround it, then you can not only kill it faster, but also prevent it escaping.
  • Third-partying when others are fighting makes you dangerous, you can quickly swoop through and steal the meat. You can also take part in a fight, and steal some of the kill. It is a great way to earn XP, but don't do this if you don't have enough piranhas.

Frog[ | ]

  • You die easily, so avoid using this tier 3 unless you can use the jumping in a good way.
  • Stick to the swamp to prevent losing salinity.
  • Frogs Jump High
  • Eat berries, apples and dragonflies until you can evolve into a different animal.
  • If you want to level up quickly you can go to the islands in the ocean, the salinity will not affect you on land and you will be able to reach all the berries. If there are seagulls, just simply jump over them or go to another island.

Clownfish[ | ]

  • Stick to the warm tip of the coldest island.
  • In the beginning of Pearl Defence, choose Clownfish and swim with other Clownfish, than boost to get food. You will not be attacked while in Clownfish, because you level up quickly and everyone else is doing so the same.
  • Stay near Anenomes
  • Now time for some incredibly dumb clownfish matchups
  • Other clownfish are difficult to kill, however, if you get the first hit and the fish decides to face tank you like an idiot, you will pull off a win easily. In much other circumstances, eat any food the opposing fish attempts to eat, flank it, and then boost into its side. Repeat this 1 more time while dodging its hits and then facetank or rinse and repeat, both are effective and will get the job done.
  • Worms can be difficult, but are normally pretty simple to kill. It will most likely try to eat, then dive (not boost, worms dont have boosts) at you from in the ground. When it does this, try to get behind it and tank its butt. It will try to turn around, but as long as you facetank it and keep it from the ground, you should get a pretty easy win. If it lands it's first hit, run. It probably won't pursue you.
  • Anything tier 3 or above, run from
  • why am i even typing this?
  • Crabs are impossible to beat unless at extremely low health, because their shield will block most of your bite's damage and heal the rest instantly. Luckily, they will normally not try to attack you, seeing as they cannot swim well. If they do, swim upwards and airboost.
  • Other low tiers will normally try not to fight you, seeing as you and the others are weak, so this is mostly useless advice. But just in case you need it. . .
  • Blind Cavefish, the same as Clownfish, but easier bcz its blind
  • Run from King Crab and Icefish, the crab's crazy defense and the icefish's healing will quickly overwhelm you
  • I promise you, you will not have to fight lampreys, they will be too busy sucking food out of tier 10s to go slay a clownfish
  • Crawfish are like Worms, but it has o2 and be WAY MORE cautious. Also, they will try to boost at you, dodge it, and do not facetank, hit and run instead as not to get hurt.
  • Do not try to engage Climbing Cavefish, but if it engages you, act as if a clownfish, but be more cautious and run if it tries to climb any roofs
  • Run from Pirahnas, they are very strong attackers
  • Dont worry about Blobfish, but if you have to fight them, they are the same as Clownfish
  • Stay away from goblin sharks, as their bites can hit, and even one-shot you, and especially toxic gobs have developed the habit of spawnkilling tier 1s. They don't even give meat OR coins :/
  • Thats about it, and now I hate myself

Horseshoe crab[ | ]

  • You can easily kill Jellyfish, so attack them when you can.
  • You reflect damage by 30%. Remember that when you are combating.
  • You can repeatedly lightly boost while eating plankton to constantly have a speed boost
  • If you see a seal, do not run away, you are stronger.

Lamprey[ | ]

  • Do not attach to any flying animal, or ones that breathe air, they will fly or swim up, causing you to suffocate.
  • A recommended animal to attach to is any animal that can only live in the deep i.e. Giant Squid, Barreleye, Angler Fish, Dragon Fish, etc. This means that if they try to swim up to suffocate you in the air, they'll quickly be losing pressure, almost ensuring your safety (Note: This tip is no longer valid as there are several air pockets within the deeeep added in the latest update, but you should still keep it in mind just in case).
  • Do not try to attach to an animal while they are looking at you; in most cases, you will die.
  • Be wary of your host's health. If they die, you will be vulnerable.
  • You cannot attach to oarfish, they cannot attack you. But you can attach to a dragonfish and when it levels up, you will be on an oarfish(assuming they choose to become one). Don't detach for a while though, you'll be off him forever!
  • You will obviously give it away if you attach onto any animal who can hide and make a lure, disguise as terrain, or just plain hide. Plus, they might get pretty angry at you for blowing their cover!
  • Try choosing someone on your team if in TFFA.
  • In PD, when you attach to an animal and that animal rests at the pearl, you can cause damage to the pearl and destroy it given enough time without the remoras attacking you. However, this rarely happens.
  • NEVER attach to Lionfish, their poison will kill you even if you immediately take off.


  • you can hide in trees if you stand in them
  • if you see a seagull of pelican don't hide because your stronger
  • if a eagle or hawk grabs you spam the space bar and when you get out if you have a full bar attack back but if you don't run in the water and go somewhere else

Flying fish[ | ]

  • You can glide in the air and "fly". Beware of your oxygen bar.
  • You can land on islands and eat the berries and apples on it.
  • You can glide on islands to kill a careless seagull or pelican.Be careful!
  • Your speed is increased greatly when "flying". In PD, you can also fly over the islands and eat berries.
  • Stay away from jellyfish. They can easily kill you.
  • If you are good with timing, you can kill the jellyfish but you will die after.
  • You can use your flying ability to easily escape predators, as long as your near the surface.
  • Boost while in the air, it is quick and will allow you to escape people easily.

Japanese Spider Crab[ | ]

  • Charging your boost sends out a grappling hook. You can grapple to animals and walls, and if you hit an animal grappled on to, they take bleed.
  • Anything that inflicts bleed can kill you VERY EASILY, do NOT engage
  • The meta strat for JSC is to grapple on to a tier 10, facetank it, then regrapple if it stops bleeding
  • Beaked whales are easy to kill, and you counter halis. If you use the strat, you can kill any non-grabbing animal quickly and easily.
  • JSC is kinda cracked if ur good at it
  • Cach is too tanky for u, do not try to kill it unless it's at low health.

Squid[ | ]

  • You can still hide on land, but you still can suffocate.
  • If you see a predator that is simply nearby, swim away or hide so that they cannot hurt you, or boost into the sky.
  • Try to stay in the deep so that you can eat the yellow plankton on the ground.
  • Attempt to avoid attacking jellyfish as their poison can kill you if you do not eat food quickly afterwards or leave you with low HP. You will also be unable to hide for up to 8 seconds.
  • Your faint outline is still there if you hide, but you can try and hide by anemone and other spaces you can hide in at lower levels, so your outline is harder to see.
  • You may not be able to go into anemones or behind volcanoes, but you can go into the window of the shipwreck.
  • Frogfish and Wobbegong Shark can suck you, causing you to move even you are staying still and allowing them to kill you. Also, lion fish can poison you using their charged boost, causing your hiding wear off. Therefore, you are not 100% safe when hiding.

Seagull[ | ]

  • Stick to apples. If there is too many seagulls at one island, try moving to another one.
  • If you're irritated by how slowly seagulls build XP, try skipping this stage by using the Parrotfish or Barreleye.
  • While much more dangerous, it is much quicker to evolve as a seagull by eating the bottom algae; be careful of your oxygen as it runs out fast!
  • Orcas will grab you, so eat berries most of the time. If an eagle comes though, hide in a tree
  • When you are a seagull, don't attack other creatures, just eat the fruits.
  • If a snake bites you drown it because it has lower air time while biting, watch your oxygen meter too.
  • If a large animal is attempting to attack another seagull and there are multiple others nearby, try attacking it! Overall the dps from multiple seagulls generally scares off or kills the animal, and most seagulls will band together and go for the kill if one is (This tip may not be effective anymore as fewer players use seagull nowadays).

Duck[ | ]

  • You can enter the swamp. You can use this to run away from ocean predators by hiding in the beaver dams in the swamp .
  • You have only one boost, not two.
  • It is suggested to apples and berries for XP in the ocean and dam food in the swamp. It is not suggested getting XP by eating bottom algae, as you will float and you can be grabbed by crocodiles.
  • You cannot hide in trees to escape from snakes or coconut crabs, so be careful.
  • You can go in every biome, as long as you stay in the air.

Bat[ | ]

  • Glide on the ground and deal extremely high DPS to walking animals in your tier.
  • Use your charge boost to prevent little auks, seagulls, pelicans and ducks escaping through boosting.
  • If you meet a snake climbing a tree, don't fly away: you are stronger, and the snake's meat will regenerate your HP after battle.
  • Always be careful while attacking other animals, even though you have a powerful dps, noob bat usually die from their blindness, be aware of your surroundings.

Skate[ | ]

  • Run away from lionfish if you are being hunted by those instead of hiding. They can kill you using their charged boosts even while your hiding.
  • You are stronger than most tier 6 animals (100 damage on impact), use this to your advantage while hunting.
  • Can survive in all habitats, including swamp. However, it will suffocate in air.
  • Due to This animal's recent redesign, you can simply use this animal to trick less experienced players into believing that you are a miniature Atlantic Torpedo, even though you actually are not.

Bobbit worm[ | ]

  • If you grab an animal, you should drag them in the opposite position. If you want to grab it to the seabed, you should put your mouse upwards.
  • You can grab animals even in tier 6. However, your damage is the least in tier 6. Don't forget that.
  • If you encounter a whole pile of meat or some meat in the ground, EAT THE MEAT! This will give you high XP to become a tier 7 animal and you will probably have some XP left to evolve to your next animal. This happens to some players.
  • If you are a bobbit worm stay in the ground feeding on algae or meat until your XP bar is 150k. Then, evolve quickly in the specified habitat.
  • Trolling: Try "spanking" a player when they are near the ground. To do this, boost into the player and get back in ground very quickly. The player won't notice if they are slow enough to spot you hitting them in the rear.
  • Bobbit worms have pressure bar shortening every second for 10 seconds, then take damage every second for 9 seconds until they die if they do not eat.
  • Remember you need to STAY UNDERGROUND to keep your pressure high, going into the water will cause your pressure to decrease quickly.
  • You can grab other bobbit worms underground in PD and TFFA.
  • Squids should be your main prey. Hunting them is simple: grab them and bash them against the wall until they're half health. Then, release and quickly re-grab the squid, killing it.
  • Be wary of stonefish while underground. However, you dig faster than them, a couple of boosts and you will be safe.
  • If you find an Atlantic Torpedo underground while hunting, you can troll them by spanking them while they are still underground, they have a really slow digging speed. Be mindful of their powerful stun ability though!

Beaver[ | ]

  • Stay close to dam chains. If there is a predator, hide in a dam.
  • Hiding in Beaver Dams replenishes oxygen, hide in one until prey comes to eat the Dam Food. Pop out and surprise them.
  • Don't boost into a dam to escape a predator. Your boost may be canceled. However, you still get to hide in the dam, so just make sure the predator isn't camping outside the dam.
  • You have the most health(tying with snake) of all the tier sevens in a total of 10 health, be aware you are powerful against lower tiers.
  • Trolling: Try "spanking" a player when they are near a beaver dam. To do this, boost into the player and get back in the dam very quickly. The player won't notice if they are slow enough to spot you hitting them in the rear.
  • Beware of Crocodile, they can disguise as a beaver dam!

Anglerfish[ | ]

  • Stay near the bottom, and aim bait where the yellow algae is. when an animal lower than you sweeps by collecting algae, your bait will be in the perfect place.
  • Don't make your bait a lava bubble unless you are hiding near a volcano. That would give it away.
  • If you kill a creature, your bait will turn into meat. This is great for luring in prey.
  • You are one of the strongest animals of this tier and you are capable of facetanking some tier 8 animals.
  • If you find a player with low health, hide as food and trick them into eating it, they'll be desperate to recover health, this would probably only work if they're not paying attention or if your at the bottom of the deep though.

Penguin[ | ]

  • You can eat bottom food and berries, making you able to level up quicker, and recharge on boosts easier.
  • Always have a boost. You are very fast, and having a boost will make you almost untouchable.
  • Hide in igloos if pursued by a predator.
  • Since you are fast you can be able to speed and get the pearl easily in pearl defense and you can run away.
  • You are the prime evolution in pearl defense because of your ability to level up easily, because you are able to eat ground food and berries.
  • Watch out for leopard seals for they are as fast as you and can kill you.
  • Very good at running away from predators, making it the best arctic tier 7.
  • You can kill anything below your tier with your speed and some boosts, being able to maneuver though the arctic will give you the edge in having a high score.

Gulper Eel[ | ]

  • You can swallow all animals below your tier, like bobbit worm and rays.
  • Rolled up isopods can be swallowed, but they dont take dps if they're rolled up, so be fast.
  • Your main prey should be squids and jellyfish. Swallow them, spit them out against the wall, get in some free hits, and you're good to go.
  • When hunting, don't eat food as that will tell your prey that you are nearby.
  • You can swallow bats and birds. If you somehow get one, either swim straight down into the deep until there is a ceiling above you, or spit them out in a air pocket and murder them. Either way, you get their meat.
  • If you find a little auk in the deep, it's likely they are about to lose oxygen. Swallow them, and don't let them have air.
  • Bobbits will lose pressure inside you. When you swallow one, make sure you get away from all ground, and swallow it when it pops back out, and let pressure damage do the job.

Octopus[ | ]

  • Do not underestimate the power of ink. It can blind animals to the point where they do not know which direction you went, and you can easily trick them into going the wrong way. Sometimes the animal will panic and even something like leopard seal can kill an inked whale.
  • You can walk on land. Use this as an advantage.
  • You can transform into the creature that you just ate, use this ability to ambush other animals.
  • A skilled octopus can be a powerful asset in Pearl Defense as it's ink can be used to blind an entire charging team, causing confusion.
  • In Pearl Defense, when you kill a player, it will look like you are on that player's team. This is useful for pearl retrieval, sneak attacks, and pearl stealing.
  • If your in TFFA, the perfect team can be an octopus and an Anaconda just ink your target and have the snake suffocate them while you get some free hits.

Hammerhead[ | ]

  • Try to terrorize seagulls and pelicans because you can easily kill them. Unless there are more than half a dozen or you're out of boosts, in which case be more cautious around them.
  • Do not run away from dolphins and leopard seals, you are stronger than them and can kill them, but always be careful.
  • You can hide in the shipwreck, this is useful for escaping predators.

Oarfish[ | ]

  • You can easily kill Jellyfish.
  • You get dominated by Giant Squid and Colossal Squid, so if one is chasing you boost into shallow waters.
  • You have 60 seconds of pressure, don't worry about going into shallows.
  • You actually thrive in shallow waters because of the lack of Giant Squid and Colossal squid.
  • If a Orca is chasing you in shallow waters, just dive deep.(that’s not useful if they have the false killer whale skin)
  • If you don't have a exit to shallow waters and are being chased by a squid, search for the Giant Shipwreck or Spongebob's Pineapple House.

Mantis shrimp[ | ]

  • Be careful of your own species, they can kill everything including themselves.
  • You can form an attack combo by a pattern: a stun and immediately two hits then you will ram up your damage. It is pretty useful (and cool) to use that. Just bear in mind that you should not take them head on.
  • Your charged boost deals massive damage, allowing you to take on most other tier 9s and some weakened tier 10s.
  • If you need to escape someone, charge boost in their way to stun them and boost again to run away, time it correctly though or else they'll get some free hits.

Shark[ | ]

  • If you miss a target while charging, click to stop charging, don't let yourself get too far away.
  • To fly, you must be out of the water or on an island/icecap.
  • Staying healthy by collecting food on the way, making sure that the enemies don't grab you, or get much food, so that you heal more than they do. If they feel like they can't keep up, they'll most likely separate, and then you could deal with the separated players individually.
  • Your lack of maneuverability while boosting makes it hard to turn around, so pointing at a direction other than your current one while boosting and deactivating the boost will cause you to instantly turn that way and surprise opponents
  • Remember that the pufferfish can literally kill the shark so be careful.
  • Orcas can hold you until you run out of air. However, if you're skilled enough you can take down one because of your increased damage.
  • You can effectively kill Cachalots and Whales if you get at least one free hit, but even then, stay on guard.
  • Sharks no longer lose oxygen if they stay still in the water - this was patched and does not exist in v4 (current beta version). This allows them to AFK in the giant shipwreck.

Stonefish[ | ]

  • Use your boost only when you need it. save at least one boost for predators stronger than you like whales. that way, it might slow them down or even stop them from chasing you. Hide in the ground and surprise attack your prey
  • Stonefish are extremely powerful against anyone who does not know how to counter you. Keep this in mind.
  • Try to get your enemies to attack you, then boost away as they try. They will most likely hit the poisonous barbs and take lots of damage. Rinse and repeat and most of the time you have an easy kill.
  • If you are in the ocean and on low health, you can go to an island and bob in the top. Wait to heal and you can live to fight another day. Oxygen ONLY drops when you are INSIDE land, but if you bob on an island, it won't completely be affected. Except for high experience players who will hit you, the top tiers probably won't eat you.
  • you can hide in the ground but your oxygen drops rather fast, animals generally overestimate your oxygen time so will most likely be discouraged to pursue you as soon as you burrow
  • the most effective strategy is to ambush animals that are low on health, even if they get away, the poison will probably finish them off.
  • due to your poison and ability to dig, powerful animals often disregard you and most of the time, if you stay low, an animal won't initiate a combat with you, allowing you to stay alive very long.
  • be very careful of giant squids, they can grab you and take you down to the deeeep, easily cutting you off and making you die of pressure

Orca[ | ]

  • If you are a noob, then this is the perfect animal for you, you'll also love the Bowhead Whale!!
  • If you are a pro, then this is also the perfect animal for you (it depends)
  • Double and triple grabbing: use your boost to grab and move your opponent repeatedly to a wall and get some free hits, aim in the right way and don't go to slow.
  • If another animal is chasing you and they are grabbable, grab them and throw them into the air sideways, this sometimes can get you a couple seconds to run away and confuse your opponent.
  • You have 900 HP points, remember you can take a few hits in a battle scenario.
  • The most basic orca strat: just grab someone and throw them into a wall to get free hits.

Bowhead whale[ | ]

  • Similar to Beaked Whale, you have a ranged attack. Keep this in mind when fighting opponents.
  • Ideal for noobs and pros, but beware its base stats is weak and it can’t boost nor increase its speed
  • Your icewalls provide a possible escape chance to regain boosts or to wallpin enemies.
    • Despite this, Whales can simply use their boost to stop the Icewall from pushing them, and ultimately remove the icewall's speed.
  • Icebombs do burst damage, so this can stop a very compact team in PD / TFFA, or heavily damage them.
    • Your icebombs can also damage sand-blocks from Napoleon Wrasses. This is only useful in PD, where the abilities of the Napoleon Wrasse do well.
  • Your icebombs will knockback enemies in the direction you were facing when you fired it.
  • Your damage is around the same as a Humpback Whale, so you will need to use your Icebombs for mostly offense.
  • Due to your low damage, you will most likely lose a facetank against opponents like a Cachalot or a Beaked Whale.
  • Keep at least one boost on you so you can fight back in an emergency.
  • In 1v1, don't try to spam icewalls; this is a tactic already known by other players, so they will just hit and run to deal more total damage than you, ultimately winning. Instead, try to go offensive and utilize your icebombs.
  • You can easily get countered by fast animals like Marlins or Leopard Seals (if they know what they are doing), who can easily outrun your icebombs and your icewalls.

Sunfish[ | ]

  • Pearl Defense: this fish can be very useful, first, break the shell , airboost a few times for speed, and put it at the goal.
  • Stay near the surface. When you're attacked, you can regain health quickly (Note: Sunfish does not heal faster at the surface in newer versions)
  • Try to find Lion's Mane Jellyfish, they are easy to kill. Just simply go in its tentacles and face it's tentacles until the jellyfish is dead. You have no attack recoil. If you want a quicker kill, use your boost. It will damage the jellyfish 25% quicker and rarely damage it 41 health.
  • you are able to survive in the deep sea but are very weak to a lot of deep sea dweller and have no health advantage there, it is advised to only go there as a means of escape.
  • beware of marlins, their armor break and bleed will easily kill you
  • most animals will avoid fighting you due to how hard you are to kill and many animals will act friendly towards you instead of hostile when you hunt LMJ (lion's mane jellyfish), and try to "assist" you in the kill, you can use this to be safe from potential attackers.
  • you can use LMJs as a poisonous shield, they are extremely durable and can be pushed into opponents and used to you advantage, their tentacle cover your hole body and animals trying to attack you will be poisoned, you can also somewhat steer the jelly by slightly changing your direction but be careful as a too intense steer or a too lengthy pin will make the LMJ bump you backwards.
  • when you hunt, try to get under your opponent and lift it in the air (preferably against a ceiling) this will give you the regeneration advantage as well as allow you to damage your prey for an extended amount of time without them able to do anything or counter effectively as you receive less damage from them and lot's of abilities will cease to function in this state. If they managed to get down, use your boost to push them back to air. (Note: Sunfish does not heal faster at the surface in newer versions)
  • Try to team with anacondas because when you do you are an unstoppable team. (Please don't do this in FFA)
  • When you kill an animal make sure to say "You just got FUNFISHED LOL"

Cachalot[ | ]

  • During PVP (1v1 mode), avoid fighting Hippos, AST, marlin, and polar bears.
  • Beached on the side of an island? Spam click in one direction. Eventually you'll be back into the water and able to swim away, as like basically all animals.
  • It is tankier than most other animals, including orca. If you have enough oxygen, just use slows and kill the orca.
  • Beware of sharks. They can kill you easily. If you find one chasing you, try hiding in the deeeep to lose them.
  • If you are in a lower hand and are being hunted by other animals, use slows to slow the predator and quickly run away. Dodge the predator's boost and wait until you regain the advantage and take the revenge and get your XP! If a team of animals is after you and they are not immune to pressure (going to the deeeep), try hiding there or bait them 1 by 1 and kill them by pressure.
  • Don't be afraid if your health is low in a battle. If your enemy is near to death, kill it with last swing as you can gain health by eating meat.
  • Cachalots cannot boost in the air. Remember that if it is your first time playing one.
  • It's not necessary to always come out to the surface. There is some empty spots in deeeep.
  • You gain a 10% speed increase when in the deeeep, this means the deeeep should be where you hunt
  • Be careful, sunfish can kill you easily as you have no armor penetration and they can survive in the deeeep. If one is chasing you, you can try to slow it down and escape to the arctic.
  • If you want to go faster, spam-boosting is a good thing to do (v4 onwards).

Whale[ | ]

  • You can suck in low tiers and keep them inside you, breathing will violently eject them into the air and make them fall back, you can use this as a distraction. However, it is not suggested to suck in a jellyfish as it poisons you.
  • When you are chased and have a low health, find a spot filled with food and activate your suction for the shortest amount of time, this will make you instantaneously eat all of it healing you a lot and preventing the pursuer from getting it and filling it's boost.
  • For some top tiers, escaping your suction is nearly impossible (for example, goblin shark or polar bear without snowballs) try to find them to get an easy kill.
  • Ungrabbable animals are undisturbed by your suction, they represent a bigger threat to you but despite their immunity to your suction, if they hit you in the head while you have it activated, they will receive very high recoil, use this to ward of or keep away animals such as cachalots, other whales, humpbacks etc.
  • Sticking an animal between a whirlpool and your suction will most likely make them unable to escape and die, you can camp in or near whirlpools to get a guaranteed kill on almost any animal passing by, although doing so will make people angry and you may be hunted down by a Cachalot or Coconut Crab.
  • It's recommended to go after animals that heavily rely on grabs to win, like Giant Squids or Crocodiles, as you are ungrabbable. However, you can still be constricted by Anacondas. If you see one of these, just swim away and hope it doesn't chase you.
  • Remember that anacondas are the bane of whales. Whales have to breathe air and can't run away when on low health or air. Avoid them at all costs.

Humpback whale[ | ]

  • you have three boost bars, each bar allows you to chain three charged or uncharged boosts represented as small or big circles to form a combinations, the combinations if played well plays a "song", songs vary with combinations and have differing effects.
  • in this tutorial songs will be represented as "o" for uncharged and "O" for charged, each songs are temporary but have different lasting times and ranges.
  • ooo is speed song and speeds you up, useful for fleeing and "hit and running."
  • OOO is stun song and creates a blast that stuns enemies around you useful to flee disorient a team or stunlocking an opponent
  • ooO is slow song, it slows down animals, useful to prevent an animal to flee or pursue you
  • OoO is war song, it greatly elevates your damage, useful to tank face to face and hunt
  • oOo is heal song, it restores your health by elevating your regeneration useful to flee, heal and tank
  • OOo is ruin song it chips 15% of the remaining health of animals in range, useful to give you an advantage but make sure to play it first
  • using combination combos, you can become the most versatile animal and adapt to any situations
  • you can destroy a shell in pearl defense all by yourself as your blast song can stun remoras and surrounding animals for a while, repeating this process can give you time to destroy the shell, however this is not recommended as it is an exploit.
  • you have to chain your songs and cannot save the first part of the song as the circles will disappear after a few seconds.
  • watch out for animals that can cause bleeding, they can kill you quickly if they work in teams. To prevent this, you can use a blast and speed song together for quick escapes.

Whale shark[ | ]

  • you cannot boost, instead, when you fill one of your four boost bars, you summon a remora, an AI that travels alongside you and, when commanded to, will crash into an animal
  • you can command remoras by clicking near the animal you want to target, the remoras will chase it at high speeds, but do have a range though.
  • when all four remoras crash an animal, they will deal a large amount of damage
  • when an animal decides to face to face you, send all remoras into them (preferably into their back), this will most of the time give you the upper hand and limits their escape choices
  • when disadvantaged and chased, just keep your boost pressed and eat, this will make you constantly spawn remoras that will attack the pursuer for you, this can turn situations around easily, and especially if the enemy health is already low as single remoras are often underestimated.
  • when dealing with hit and running animal, staying stationary with all remoras can easily ward them off as their low HP makes remora dealt damage more important.
  • make sure to constantly eat to replenish your remoras
  • your remoras can be distracted and chase the wrong animal, in the time it takes to adjust them and for them to travel to the attacker, you are left more vulnerable.
  • remoras are difficult to dodge but can be, especially if your opponent is fast, be careful
  • when chasing an opponent or in 1v1, you don't have to stay right behind them just stay close, eat and spam remoras, this will constantly pressure them and slows down healing, try to have secondary remoras prepared in case they heal and decide to attack.

Bald eagle[ | ]

  • Attack Seagulls and Pelicans; they give decent XP.
  • DON'T attack snakes and anacondas especially if they are in team. They will kill in 2 seconds.
  • Avoid the orcas. They can boost out of the water and grab you, but if you are higher then flying ducks, but slightly lower than the clouds, then the orca will not have time to fall into water when it holds you. (Note: flappy ducks are no longer in the game)
  • You can see nearby animals by your "radar". Make use of this to avoid from other top tier animals and hunt for the prey.
  • Bald Eagle can grab prey only above the water, but can boost underwater. This is useful for escaping orcas if they grab you.
  • If the eagle accelerates and falls into prey which it can not lift, it imposes the effect of bleeding. The higher you are, the more damage it deals. (Caps at 406 I think) Use this to attack other eagles. When you see another eagle, get as high as you can so they cannot death combo you.
  • Do not attack seagulls and pelicans if you don't have enough health or too many of them, since they can kill you.
  • Go to the highest part of the sky to travel faster with the wind if you are playing FFA. There are two different heights for different directions of wind.
  • This class is generally underpowered (glass cannon) and it is advised to not play it.
  • Be careful of snapping turtles and beavers. They can face tank you underwater.
  • Beware of Goliath Bullfrogs for they can kill you.
  • In PD, you may distract and annoy your enemies.
  • Also in PD, try to break the pearl as a manatee, then evolve to eagle to transport the pearl to goal.
  • it is recommended to use full charge boost to attack instead of short boost, it saves boosts.
  • Only use short boost to dodge a attack in a short distance.
  • Please don't use this animal if your new to the game, you'll be an easy target and probably be made fun of by the crocodiles.

Manta Ray[ | ]

  • It is the second weakest in the top tier when it doesn't have any drone animals with it. Don't fight with other animals when you just evolved (except 10 piranhas, but be careful of teaming)
  • Grabbing beavers will let you hide in dams but the ability is near useless as there are no dams in the ocean.
  • Rays are useful in letting you hide against surfaces, they are very easy to find if you're playing on Snoot's maps as they have AI rays. Anglerfish gives the same effect
  • Also, grabbing birds or frogs can gain one more boost, grabbing flying fish, Olm, little auks and clownfish will give you a small speed buff.
  • Try grabbing jellyfish and snake to poison someone with your boost, bats will do slow, pufferfish is preferred over jellyfish and snake because you do not need to use boosts to poison. (poison touch has been removed as of snow and below)
  • Try grabbing crabs but preferably isopods as they give you a good armor buff which can greatly increase your already strong tankiness. With 4 isopods you will have 60% damage block and 1000hp which makes you the tankiest animal in the game.
  • You can clear your set of animals with a charge boost, however it will remove all your animals and leave you exposed.
  • Avoid whales and humpbacks as the whale's suction ability and the humpback's stun song will clear your set of buffs and leave you weak
  • Try getting two birds or frogs, a jellyfish and, a worm as you will slow and poison animals with your boosts and you will have four boost bars.
  • If you see an animal you don't want in your aura, try to boost, after you boost you can't grab animals for a certain period of time. Use it carefully, as a hunter could see you and chase you after you do this so so you will have to run with 1 less boost (unless you want to fight).
  • If you are an oarfish close to evolving, try to find a barreleye. Having a barreleye in your aura as manta does not give you any buffs, however, it will give you the ability to see animals far away. Even if you are already t10, finding a barreleye is a solid first order of business as it makes scouting out animals you want in your aura WAY easier.
  • Fun fact: you can have 4 lampreys attached to your manta and 4 more in your aura, with the capacity to hold 8 lampreys you are the ultimate lamprey bus!
  • Manta Rays are usually seen as bottom tier in Pearl Defense, because before long, all animals will usually be top tier.
  • in PD, don’t use that animal unless you are sure use can evolve quickly, and avoid dying because you will lost you animal powers.
  • You may bring a few animals in your aura to the pearl in PD, after dying, the animals inside will be free with full health and eat your meat and break the pearl together.

Hippo[ | ]

  • Crocodiles are a serious threat if they know what they are doing, They can easily dodge your boosts so always be careful.
  • Piranhas are easy to counter and they should be your main source of food.
  • Be careful of animals from the ocean coming in, as a lot of them have an advantage over you
  • your lack of maneuverability while boosting makes it hard to turn around, pointing at a direction other than your current one while boosting and deactivating the boost will cause you to instantly turn that way and surprise opponents
  • the stun inflicted by your boost cancels charged boost making you a big threat to animals with long charging boosts
  • you can use your boost to pin animals against the ground or push them into unfavorable environments, this especially deadly against animals with low mobility
  • Use your boost to push manatees onto land, they will become easy meat after you land combat them.

Softshell turtle[ | ]

  • Softshell turtle acts like a sunfish, having no recoil, lower damage compared to other tier 10s (especially in the swamp), and possessing great armor.
    • Unlike that mess of an animal though, you have a normal boost meaning you can actually chase things. Be glad it's that way.
  • Use your charged ability wisely, it allows you to charge boost and increases your armor, but at the cost of making you completely inactionable.
    • The best time to use it is during airboosts so you regain a small amount of boost.
  • Your two boosts may seem like a detriment, but proper usage of them combined with other things like your charged ability can easily make you eat those words.
  • You decimate tier 10 piranhas easily, but remember to reserve your boosts for when the enemy's lost most of their piranhas to make it easier to chase.
  • Play cautiously around hippos; attempt to airpin them so they don't have boost access, then keep them there until they melt.
  • Against alligator snapping turtles, there's almost nothing you can do as it shreds any animal, your armor is a joke to it. Try to play a hit-n'-run style of play, forcing it to boost and then striking.
  • Against crocodile, dodge its boosts carefully to not get grabbed, then strike when it's vulnerable.
  • You can face-tank orcas, but be wary as they possess techniques to confuse you and land free hits.
  • Against another softshell turtle, press Ctrl-W and then play another game. Because it takes 2 years for two softshells to kill one another.
    • This also applies to sunfish.
  • After killing another tier 10, loudly exclaim "lmao u lost 2 sst". (Please do not do this, this is a joke.)

Marlin[ | ]

  • Attack with boosting to make them bleed. Run away, then attack again
  • Be careful around any evolution with low health
  • If at low health go up, to where the air is, and use the jumping tactic
  • When you're jumping out of the water you getting +33% speed (max +99% speed) by this you can jump pretty high. Also if people touch you while your going faster they will bleed(same effect as the boost)
  • If after the jump hit the animal/fish, then it will have a bleeding effect or if you hit animal/fish with boost.
  • If something is being a nuisance, use your speed to your advantage and try and juke it. It is also advised to boost away in the air
  • Target Whales and Cachalots when you get the hang of Marlin, boost into the (sperm)whale and let it lose health during the bleeding effect while you run away to regain your boost, repeat until it is dead.
  • Watch out when going toe-to-toe with a shark. (or tail-to-tail?) because the shark would most likely notice your presence, and you would only be one step away from a surprise attack and getting one-shotted to your doom.
  • This is the biggest counter to sunfish, so if you are in a server metagame where sunfish is abundant, it would be a good idea to pick this animal, even if it's not your main.
  • Look at your health continuously as it has low health.
  • Do not face tank to Dolphins, hammerhead, leopard seals, and narwhals they have more damage than you and health so you will die if you 1v1.
  • Marlins are the fastest animal on game. So use your speed. But if a giant squid grabs an animal, it's faster then you. So beware.

Electric eel[ | ]

  • If you activate your boost don't waste it! Use it against the creature chasing you and you should be able to get the upper hand.
  • Kill high tier animals and type "That was simply ELECTRIC" or "I'm SHOCKING aren't I?" or "What a STUNNING preformance" if you want to troll
  • However, keep in mind that strong animals like shark, or fast animals like marlin, could boost into your territory, and shut you down in 2-3 hits, and their speed makes it hard to land a stun before they either boost away or kill you.
  • Activating your boost around a hidden animal, such as ray or squid, will expose the animal

Crocodile[ | ]

  • You are a dangerous predator of the swamp! When used correctly, Crocodile can kill anything in the swamp. Grab your prey using a charge boost. Do not shake your mouse randomly. Make sure to shake your victim toward terrain or even toward the air if they have no dash boosts. This way, you set yourself up to pin them. You can disguise as a beaver dam to ambush any prey passing by, but usually people can tell the difference between a real and fake dam. You can also use a trick in which you move your cursor closer to your animal and then further, then repeat that rapidly without actually letting the crocodile shake its body sideways to deal more damage.
  • Anything that you cannot grab is troublesome to kill as a Crocodile. Like most grabbers, Crocodiles are countered by tanks and stunners. Hippo and AST are the hardest animals to kill in the swamp. Defeat Hippo using hit and run and try to bait AST’s boosts. If you can land a grab on them they’re screwed.
  • If a lamprey attaches to you, you wont be able to fully disguise as dam, the lamprey will still show.
  • It is a common myth that hippos are stronger than crocodiles, this is not true. If you encounter a hippo they will normally attempt to charge you, but their turning movement is limited while they use their boost.
  • However, a good strategy you have to keep in mind, is that you have to see where to throw your victim. If you could corner your victim so you could boost repeatedly to damage it over and over again, it would be much better and more effective than dealing the full damage to the victim, but having it escape after just one grab. For example, grab, shake, and press your opponent into a wall for extra hits, the best way to achieve this is by quickly vibrating your finger on the pad from side to side, this will make your crocodile almost seems like it's not moving but still deal heavy damage and giving you full control over where the enemy is ejected.
  • try to eject your enemy away from food, it will take practice but you will remember aproximatly how much time the shaking takes and be able to immediately turn and head for the food or chain grab it after ejecting.
  • ejecting an enemy close to a surface will bounce it back to you allowing you to hit or chaingrab.
  • grabbing and throwing another animal from the surface will project them with a force almost equal to a surface boost, throwing the enemy sideways projects them very far away, and vertically makes it stay in the air for a while then falls back, a well adjusted sidethrow can be used to separate a team or stick an aquatic enemy on land whilst a well adjusted upthrow can, make the opponent fall back onto you, stucking it in the air and preventing a quick escape, allow you to chain grab or allow you to stall for food to heal and/or fill your boost bar again or escape.
  • don't underestimate your grabbing range, you will travel a few times your size before the grab deactivates, you do not have to do it too up close.
  • if another grabber launches towards you and activates its grabs first, activate yours onto him second, this will make your grab take priority and cancel his boost.
  • performing a surface-boost above water in a fight but aiming downward, especially with the grab, will make your boost faster and able to catch opponents off guard or if aiming the side will allow you to travel far fast to catch up to a fleeing prey or run towards food or away from a predator.
  • Team with other crocodiles in TFFA because you are almost impossible to kill when you do.
  • Another good team is crocodiles and anacondas, just grab and shake with crocodile, throw it to the anaconda and let the snake grab your target to get an easy kill.

Polar bear[ | ]

  • You can burrow into the bottom of icebergs! use this for ambushes, and you don't lose oxygen.
  • You can out damage most threats head on with snowballs
  • Good at pearl defense - stun animals to get the pearl (humpbacks are actually better with knockback b let it chase you. As soon as it's about to boost into you, turn around and stun it. Because in, there is no time spent on turning around, you could surprise-stun lock a shark or an orca if they fall for this. This could almost guarantee their death.
  • Be careful, your snowballs have no effect on walruses if they activate their boost.
  • Practice your snowball aiming, with correct aiming, you can boost into most animals and easily kill them with snowballs
  • If your trolling, after killing someone always say 'my frozen milk spheres gave you an uncanny fate ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶'

Sawfish[ | ]

  • The Sawfish is a very powerful animal if you use it correctly, so before you try out this animal make sure you have a lot of experience with DPS mains, hit and runners, and other face tankers.
  • Orcas stand very little chance in a fight with you, to fight them you need to charge your boosts and face tank them before they grab you. This makes them take crazy saw bleed.
  • Tiger sharks can be face tanked super easily, so always try to pick fights with them.
  • GWS/Shark is a tough opponent because it's boost can do crazy damage. To fight them, face tank for a bit then boost away and eat food to regain boosts and health. They might try to chase you, but if you are far enough away you can just move to the side. Resume face tanking afterwards and this should usually drive them off, sharks are dangerous to you as a sawfish but you can kill them.
  • Thresher is a hard counter to Sawfish because of their long range boosts, so either try to avoid or fight them in enclosed spaces. Their lower health pool should be no problem if you can face tank.
  • With morays, well do I even need to explain? (Just activate your ability so if they try to hit and run you they'll take bleed as well.)
  • Walruses and Polar Bears should be avoided, same with whales.
  • Humpback should be able to be face tanked.
  • Eagle is just free food.
  • Bull Shark can be face tanked, even with their scars your DPS is just insane, probably run away if they have all 3 boosts though.
  • Whale sharks can be dangerous, so try to avoid them or take all of the remoras, use your ability, run away and heal and every time they turn away to get their remoras back, use your ability.
  • Mantas can most likely be face tanked, be careful if they've gotten 4 boosts or poison though.
  • Try to face tank Marlins as much as possible, their health is much lower than yours, watch out for their hit & run techniques though.
  • Sunfish is guaranteed kill, as long as they can't get to the surface.
  • Even though I did not cover all of the ocean matchups, most of them you can hit and run or face tank.
  • Giant squids are kind of easy, use your ability before they grab you so they take the crazy saw damage, a bit like orca except squids have DPS when they grab you, DO NOT fight gs if they are in the ocean deep, you will take insane pressure damage (or just buy the deep sawshark skin)
  • Colossal squids can be face tanked, even with their boosts your DPS is insane.
  • Sleeper Sharks are like Orca, Giant Squid and Shark combined. Use your charged boost before they grab you so they take damage over time. If they stun lock you into a wall, try and just face tank them but just don't fight them in caves.
  • Sperm Whale can be hit and run, but their slowing ability and extra speed they get is dangerous so just try to avoid them.
  • Elephant Seal can be face tanked. You just got to trust me on this one.
  • Goblins are your most dangerous enemy, so try not to let them ambush you so do NOT eat the glowing food if your wandering around for prey, stay in the black spaces.
  • Crocodile is very dangerous, so either avoid them or let them use all of their boosts on you, run away and heal, then come back for round 2.
  • Softshell can be face tanked.
  • AST is dangerous, so try to fight them from above and use your ability on them. If your health gets to low, run away and heal.
  • Other Sawfish can be hit and run.
  • Gar can be face tanked, however this is extremely risky so hit and run them.
  • Anaconda can be dangerous because of your low oxygen time, but your ability just destroys their health.
  • Hippos are kind of dangerous, just face tank them until they use their ability, then use a uncharged boost to get away and then come back for round 2 once your boosts are back.
  • Even though it's a tier 9, they're so easy to kill I must tell you. Manatees can be face tanked into oblivion, giving you practically free food.
  • Even though you aren't considered a Reef animal, you dominate there so stick to there or Kelp Forest.
  • You do better in salt water biomes (Ocean, Reef, Kelp Forest, and Deep) because you don't have to worry about Crocodiles or Gars.
  • You hit and run by activating your ability, hitting your target with it, then doing a uncharged boost away.
  • As you can see, Sawfish is easily one of the best animals in
  • You do extra damage if you shake sideways while facetanking someone.

Thresher Shark[ | ]

  • Be careful, thresher shark on it's own is pretty weak, your charged boost locks you on your trajectory but allows you to be oriented elsewhere (for example, activating your ability going left will make you keep going left at your regular swim speed but you can turn and point your head to the right), you will then shoot a volley of projectiles backwards emanating from your tail, the projectiles are very fast but go in different directions, this makes them very inaccurate the projectiles damage and slow down whoever they hit.
  • when shooting at an enemy, shooting up close makes more projectiles hit than afar.
  • your ability is very good at discouraging a pursuer, especially if they are up close.
  • as your ability locks you on your current trajectory and speed, while pursuing a prey you can activate it to keep going in the prey's direction, shoot at it and then quickly turn around before the end of the lock to continue chasing it.
  • after the end of the lock, your shark will go in in whichever direction it was pointing towards during the lock, you can use it to act unpredictably and disorient opponents.
  • your trajectory lock doesn't only work for your swim, it will lock on your current trajectory and speed, allowing it to lock onto any momentum you take, for example activating it right after hitting an enemy locks you on the recoil momentum, making you very fast for an extended amount of time, same with landing after a surfaceboost.
  • using the action above, you can perform a fleeing maneuver where instead of fleeing away you hit the pursuer in the face and activate the ability on the recoil, this can carry you faster than normally while allowing you to shoot, this can be an effective tactic although slightly complex.
  • activating your ability right after landing a surfaceboost locks you on your jump momentum and makes you travel far at insane speeds, useful for getting away after an opponent tracked your jump but be careful as it can easily push you into the deeeep.
  • A skilled thresher can be an amazing support in pearl defense, slowing down a chasing team and slowing/killing a fleeing enemy

Atlantic Torpedo Ray[ | ]

  • You have two boosts, uncharged: regular boost that can burrow you in the ground (only uncharged has this effect), half charged (yellow): makes you emit electricity that stuns damage animals that hit or grab you, and fully charged (red): makes you boost and emit electricity dealing big amounts of damage.
  • Your half charged boost bumps away animals, use it to get away when chased
  • It is wiser not to prepare and keep your fully charged boost charged when not needing it as you only have two boosts and all types of them have wildly different effects, leaving you with more versatility if free to choose.
  • Make sure to get a couple of hits while having a prey stunned.
  • Burrowing into the ground makes you go very slow and lose oxygen but you can use it to ambush, hide, recover health or if you're about to die because of pressure after being dragged by a GS, bleed or poison burrow to block your food from your killer by burying yourself underground before dying.
  • Stay still when burrowing in ground slowly regenerates you’re boost
  • be careful as it takes time to bury and you can still get hit while doing so
  • beware, your red boost stuns the opponent but can also electricize it, making it very weakly stun whoever hits it, including you.
  • activate your half boost before getting grabbed, this prevents the grabber from moving and can deal some hefty damage to it.
  • you have a passive aura that forms when both your boost bars are filled, it is fairly large and slows down animals in it but isn't that useful.
  • be careful as the presence or non presence of your aura indicates to opponents the number of boost you have.
  • this tip is very specific but if your half charged boost (electricity emission) hits another torpedo ray near the ground, it can send it into the ground, remember, torpedo rays are very slow in the ground so this will allow you to effectively flee from one in the right conditions.
  • One strategy for hunting is "land mine": dig underground, charge boost up to red, and release when a low tier or a injured high tier comes by.
  • You can destroy leatherback by boosting at it when it has a shield.

Moray Eel[ | ]

  • You are very fragile, your charged boost catches tier 8 and lower animal and bleeds tier 9+ creatures, when having an animal caught, you will drag it backwards, charge your boost again to swallow it to deal DPS. When playing as the Moray eel be unpredictable; make strategic moves to out maneuver your opponent.
  • Due to your fragility, effects such as bleed or poison leaves you vulnerable. Avoid face-tanking and fighting large animals such as Orcas, Polar bear, Elephant seal etc. The animals listed have a large health pool and can easily counter your attacks.
  • You are very slim in size and move at rather high speeds, these traits allow you to easily maneuver through the reef and allows you to pass where some animals can't, this can be useful when fleeing.
  • The reef is the optimal place to stay at and there are many thin secret tunnels and hiding places, you can fit through all of them so try to learn them as you can use them to hide, flee or ambush.
  • Tunnels and burrows aren't the only place you can use to hide, the biggest corals in the reef, the ones that can cover a tier 10 can provide mildly suitable hiding spots due to your thin size, you can somewhat hide in the stalks of the big purple corals with holes in them and in the sides of the big pink/red corals looking like stacked cups but you must have a short name.
  • Due of your low health pool but high damage output, it is wiser to adopt an ambushing or "hit and running" strategy, Having the first hit on your opponent is very useful.
  • You can drag a caught or swallowed animal into a hiding place or near the ground to block or pin them.
  • If a strong animal decides to attack you while you have a caught or swallowed an animal, you can click to regurgitate them and throw them at your attacker, this can distract them and allow you to flee.
  • You can still eat while having caught or swallowed an animal, this means you can still charge your boosts while dragging an animal to swallow them or catch them again once they flee.
  • A tactic of hunting tier 8 animals and lower is to execute a charge boost thus catching the prey then throwing it into a tunnel (Can't be too small) leaving you with a quick meal. Another way of eating your prey when no tunnels are around in swallow the prey and hold it in for a couple seconds then aiming down an; your prey will be launched just above you (Depending if they do a boost or not) so you can finish it off with a couple hits and a similar strategy.
  • When your inside a tunnel and there is a shell blocking the way try swimming as high as you can to squeeze through it making it a fleeing plan.

Bull shark[ | ]

  • It's ability can kill fragilen, you can do a double scar dealing the same damage as a third boost without wasting the scars.


Coconut Crab[ | ]

  • If you are getting chased and you have low HP, then you can charge boost them to make them slow and sink or walk on the sea bed, walking is faster than swimming
  • If you see a water creature on land, use charged boost and ground attacks to rip them to shreds
  • great against basically everything (except giant squid)
  • If fighting a giant squid, use your sinking abilities to your advantage, try going around an area the giant squid will have a hard time dragging you to its camping area (if its a camper type), when the giant squid attacks, try to have the fastest reflexes, and sink the giant squid and scatter away, once it fully hits the ground, walk on the ground, and slash it, if it ever tries scattering away, pinch it.
  • If you see a creature that breathes air, charge boost it to make it sink and then eat, when they come back up, then charge boost them over and over eventually drowning them,
  • Some good locations for you to hunt is estuary and also kelp forest just don't hunt in open ocean
  • When you use a claw you there is no cooldown for a regular land hit and thus you can deal two hits quite fast
  • Jumping after a hit is a better way of dealing damage than spamming hit as the hit cooldown is just as long as the time it takes to jump and once you land you can hit again meaning you can deal approx double the DPS if you execute it correctly. This is the basics for combos.
  • Can be used to kill remoras in PD.

Colossal Squid[ | ]

  • PD/1v1: A great counter to Basking Shark
  • But watch out for cachalots
  • Do not accelerate with the tentacles, since the maximum acceleration is only 25%, and this wastes time and boosts, or do it only in extremal situations, or if you have a lot of volcanic food neaby.
  • When face taking tier 10, slap them with your tenticles first so they will bleed then use full charge boost this deal higher damage because when the target is bleeding your charge boost deal insane damage, so you can kill almost all tier 10 buy slap charge slap charge then get the boost back and this is how you kill animals.
  • Or, you can just spam the slap.
  • If you're fighting an animal that can grab you like a Giant Squid, try to keep your boost charged. That way, if they grab you, you can use your charged boost to escape instantly.
  • PD/1v1: always avoid anacondas because of your low oxygen time they could easily kill you, depending on the gamemode, you can use the following strategies:
  • PD: Airboost if you see an anaconda of the opposite team, but if it starts constricting you SHAKE VIGOUROUSLY as if you were a crocodile grabbing a victim so the annaconda stops constricting you almost inmediatly.
  • 1v1: Use your charged boosts to try to kill the anaconda, but if it tries to suffocate you SHAKE CRAZYLY!!!!!!

Leatherback Turtle[ | ]

  • PD: Great for damaging the remoras
  • Great against swarms as you can break out with your shield when surrounded.
  • Use your charged boost when grabbed.
  • You can kill an orca and other "grabbers" using your boost shield, but if you haven't any boosts now, they are so dangerous.
  • Attacking does no recoil, so if you have full boost you can be very annoying, chasing a fish with your face in its butt and damaging it over time, when it boosts away you boost too.
  • Smart for 1v1 but be careful for sunfish as you also have no recoil, and they heal. In a face to face fight they will win despite having a bit less health if at or near the surface, so if you have to face one do it deeper underwater.
  • When fighting swamp animals remember they are stronger than you, so you will have to hit them from the sides when they go up for air to try to either A: make them fight you and try to drown them, or B get free hits as they have to go up for air.

Alligator Snapping Turtle[ | ]

  • When fighting, make sure you have all 3 boosts. Constantly hold a full boost down as your boost takes long to charge.
  • Always start fighting with a full boost hit. Recharge another one once you have used your full boost.
  • Facetank when your opponent is inclined to do so. If not, do not bother pursuing them, as you are extremely slow.
  • If possible be above your enemy. Drop down with a full boost to perform a tactical turtle nuke maneuver to deal insane damage by continuously stunning your opponent while using your sinking momentum to land in hits. (half charge boost works as well but not as good)
  • Hard Counters these: Whale, Cach, Coco Crab, JSC, Napoleon Wrasse, Shark, Tiger Shark, Basking, Sunfish, Megamouth, Piranha, Eagle, Softshell
  • Soft Counters these: E-Seal, Humpback, GS, Orca, Bull Shark, Thresher, Whale Shark, Moray, Manta, Croc, Anaconda, Gar, Sawfish
  • Even/Can go either way: GPO, Leatherback, Stonefish, Marlin, Halibut, Coelacanth, Hippo, Other AST's
  • Hard Counters You: Bowhead, Beaked Whale, CS, Torpedo
  • Soft Counters You: Polar Bear, Walrus, Goblin Shark, Sleeper Shark

Important to AST mains: The AST is a specialist in combat and combat only. While it is great at surviving fights and crowd control tactics, AST often has a hard time finishing kills due to its low mobility. Do not be afraid to facetank, as few animals can beat you to it. Lastly, the most important thing to know as an AST main is the tactical turtle nuke maneuver, which if executed, can finish any animal in quick time.

Walrus[ | ]

  • Make sure you are face tanking with your prey.
  • But grabbers can grab and kill you while you are using ability, especially the Giant squid.

Elephant Seal[ | ]

  • Jellyfish are useful for you as they make your hits poisoned.
  • Damage and speed increases the lower your health is, so you shouldn't be too afraid to attack an animal with slightly higher health. This makes it one of the best animals for 1v1 mode.
  • Inflicts poison and bleed on hitting an animal when the elephant seal has those effects.
  • Any bleed inflicting animal is screwed against this creature.
  • Elephant seal is one of the best animals for the arctic and with its stat-changing skin, it can go almost anywhere and destroy everything.

Anaconda[ | ]

  • PD : The DPS dealt when coiling can severely damage an opponent if it is coiled by multiple anacondas. But in PD you can easily defend and attack because if there are at least 2 or more anacondas they can latch on even if they don't kill they can help your team to go and break the shell and hold down the defense.You can easily kill newcomers as they will not be able to free themselves.
  • You can grab multiple animals; just click when you are grabbing an animal. This alows you to grab another animal without wasting boost. You also don't take damage when doing this. If you met a skilled animal try to grab them first. Then, if they shake, click so you can grab another animal. This is an annoying skill for your targets.
  • And if your opponent doesn't know how to escape anacondas, anacondas are just so OP. (You can spin around very fast to escape.)

Halibut[ | ]

  • Halibut excels in both pvp and hunting.
  • When chasing down prey, get ahead of them to block food and cut them off. Hitting them while farting will deal significant damage.
  • Your long fart duration and high speed makes it easy for you to dodge enemies.
  • When fighting, a good move to know is to sidestep your opponent and hit them on the side while farting. This will confuse them and deal high damage.

Little Auk[ | ]

  • escape from enemies by flying, or hiding in igloos
  • In Pearl Defense, This is a very good animal to bring the pearls to the goal, as it can fly, and swim just as well (or better when it has a pearl, as flight is slowed when carrying it), as it has no natural buoyancy, so it can easily swim down to the pearl, grab it, and get back to the surface to fly. However, you won't be able to help kill things, though if an enemy bald eagle takes a pearl it can grab it back easily, as the eagle will be slowed when in the air and it can't attack back.

Leopard Seal[ | ]

  • It’s fast like a penguin but way deadlier
  • If you swarm with other leopard seals you can kill nearly everything.
  • Maybe the best tier 9's, if you are a skilled player
  • Quite possible to become king of the arctic.
  • Hit and run strategy, keep your boost always ready and check your oxygen level.
  • You can outspeed many players, attack preferably weak top 10 tiers, or every lower tier.
  • Watch out for Narwhals, they are stronger than you and can kill you.
  • Blue whale isn't a big problem for you, you can escape easily the vacuum, attacking the whale and then rapidly turning in the other direction.

Sleeper Shark[ | ]

  • Good as a support in Pearl Defense , but can also take out a half of a crowd of the enemy team if used correctly , use your ability to stop animals with the pearl.
  • A beast in deep caves in FFA. In the hands of a good player, the deep will fall easily, until the cachalot comes that is.
  • You can take out almost all deep animals and lots of arctic ones.
  • The most effective strat besides air pinning is to stun lock them. To do this, first, grab an animal(if it is a good CS, instead of shaking, click to throw and stun before it can escape grab). Then, shake it. Do this to throw against a wall. As it will be stunned, you can get some free hits in. Then after it isnt stunned anymore, stun again. Do this for other 2 boosts and it should be dead, depending on amount of hits you got in. If it isn't, then just facetank. Since most of those were free hits, you will certainly have enough to facetank.
  • When fighting GS, you can let them use their ability on you. After they are out of boosts, kill them. This works because they dont have any way to escape than trying to run. You are tanky enough to soak up the damage.(If they are really dumb, then they will try and air pin you themselves. Use your ability, turn around and you've got your self some nice calamari for dinner).
  • When fighting Goblins, you can easily beat them, you are tanky enough to soak up their ability and you can stun lock. Though, you shouldnt try to let them get all 3 in, even if you can still win, because it can get really risky and you can easily get third partied by any tier.
  • Avoid Cachalots at all costs. This shouldn't be too hard as you can boost away. For this reason, you dont really need to fear them, unless they have you trapped. If you are really worried, you can just go into the arctic were they dont have a speed boost.
  • Avoid any animal that cant be grabbed, as your ability is useless. That extra damage against ungrabables wont help. Because of your slow speed, hit and running isnt efficient. Since most of these animals are also slow, you can use your boost to easily escape.
  • In suuuushiFFA, there is a air pocket in the arctic caves. You can used this to air pin animals. This means that it is super easy to kill animals like CS and GS because it almost impossible for them to escape. Beware of any Cahcalots using this to breathe. You might be able to hold it off and suffocate it if was very low on oxygen. If it isnt, just run.
  • Also in suuuushiFFA, the tunnel to the big cave in the deep arctic isn't straight. If you are running, be cautious as you will hit into the wall as you cant turn well with your boost.
  • You don't loose pressure in Arctic, so you can grab someone and swim into deeeep, where he will have damage from pressure. Remember it to hunt in FFA.
  • Don't hunt in the open deep, as you are most effective when you can pin your prey to a wall. If you cant, then they can easily get away.
  • As with many grapplers, stay near corners and air pockets, since they are easy to pin animals in. They will have no way to escape if you throw them in a corner, since all sides will be blocked.
  • In "Don't Give up" PD, the area by the second Pearl has both an air pocket and a steep corner. You can easily pin animals here when attacking or defending.
  • If, by accident, you boost past your prey, don't try to turn while boosting. Cut short your boost, then turn around. Your turning speed whilst boosting is too abysmal to have even a chance of going the other way. If you continue, all you do is give your opponent a chance to escape the battle or land free hits. Of course, if you're trying to escape the battle, you can feel free to continue boosting.

Basking Shark[ | ]

  • Use you charged boost in PD to destroy a whole group of piranhas.
  • Use your charged boost to kill a group, you can get a multi kill if used correctly, also it is reccomended to use againist schools of NPC fish.
  • You cannot be stunned by Humpback Whales, so don’t panic if a Humpback Whale is rushing towards you.
  • You are also ungrabbable.
  • Make sure you have boosts when fighting tier 10s.
  • You will struggle to chase faster animals. If you want to hunt lower tier animals in the server, this animal is not suggested, probably go with the Moray Eel or Marlin

Hermit Crab[ | ]

  • You can travel farther than other animals if airboosting.
  • Prioritize higher resistance shells, as they can help you take more hits.
  • Remember to seek shells if you dont have one (even if its the worst), or you'll die easily to higher tiers.
  • If your shell is highly damaged get another with higher resistance including the ones that have less armor, as armor is not what matters, but it's the shell's resistance.

Alligator Gar[ | ]

  • I will show you some moves for Gar
  • Double boost : charge your boost just as you release your other charged boost to do 560 dmg
  • Triple boost : double boost with a normal boost at the end. This one-hits marlins
  • Finishing move : Charge then instantly normal boost
  • Snipe : Charge and then boost while the charge is going to go a long distance
  • Disorient : Charge boost and hit on the sides with 2 lunges
  • Now some combos
  • 140 + 140 + 175 + Double boost
  • 140 + 175 + 140 + Disorient + 280
  • Disorient + Disorient + 140 + 175
  • Tips to take down specific animals
  • Other gars : Double boost and then Normal boost instantly
  • Eagle : 280 + 175 + 175. Easy
  • Marlin : Leave it alone. If it tries to fight you it will just run away. Impossible to catch up to
  • Croc : Let it use its grabs and then wreck it with repeated Finishing moves
  • Sunfish : ez
  • Sawfish: you facetank it
  • GST: same as sunfish
  • Coco : You can facetank it BUT DONT GO NEAR THE GROUND IT WILL 10 HIT COMBO YOU ( don't worry if your in AU)

Giant Squid[ | ]

  • You can grab anything tier 5 and above to throw it in the opposite direction.
  • The lower pressure time you have, the higher your grab speed is.
  • The main hunting tactic is to grab animals in the shallows and drag in the deep, where it will take pressure damage.
  • Watch out, your pressure limit is rather short and stay away from orcas if you can.
  • When tossing a prey, toss it in the deep by swimming upwards and grab it again before it escapes.
  • Try to launch yourself into food if you can, that way you gain more boosts to grab your prey and drag them even deeper.
  • Never try to drag false killer whales.
  • When fighting a colossal squid, grab it right away so it doesn't get to slap you, then you can either wallpin him or drag him in the shallows as he has less pressure time than you.
  • The same thing applies to almost all deeeep animals, drag them to the shallows or wallpin, except for Humboldt squids, who has more pressure time than you.
  • When trying to kill Humboldt squids, a good way is to drag one of it's clones and launch yourself to the leader, that way it deals 200 damage and can get you some free hits.
  • NEVER attack cachalots, even if they're low on health, they can kill you easily. if you get caught in it's slow beam, don't hesitate and use all three of your boosts to run.
  • You have generally high base stats, so you'd be fine at facetanking other tier 10s in the deep with all three of your boosts.
  • Things you can't grab: whales, humpback whales, whale sharks, cachalots, basking sharks. So generally avoid them.
  • Coconut crabs are easy kills for you, it helps you sink down to the seafloor and can't swim upwards fast enough even with boosts.

Goblin Shark[ | ]

  • The key to playing Goblin Shark is to pace yourself. Don't rush headlong into fights, even if your matchup is favorable. Taking it slow is usually to your benefit, as your charged shots pack quite a punch.
  • With the overwhelming DPS that you can achieve by shooting and hitting your opponent at the same time, your worst matchups are creatures with high health, as some like the Cachalot and Sleeper Shark can take a nasty three shots and still have plenty of health left to fight you, and with your poor health and defenses, they can put you in a nasty situation.
  • Your best matchup is against the Giant Squid, as if you take it head on, you can drain its health shockingly quickly by combining shots and hits.
  • You can also take out Colossal Squids relatively consistently, just approach it while charging your first shot, and continue to kill it like you would a Giant Squid.
  • When playing TFFA, you should always try to team with other Goblin Sharks, as a large enough group of them can gun anything down in an instant.

Megamouth Shark[ | ]

  • By charging your boost, you can fire a laser beam that does 30 DPS and blinds anything caught in the beam. You also gain a 25% speed boost.
  • While firing the beam, you turn slower and are ungrabbable.
  • With your high base stats plus the added DPS and grab immunity from the beam, you are a strong face tanker.
  • Your greatest weakness is your low turn speed when firing the beam. A skilled opponent will avoid directly face tanking and attack from the side as soon as you fire your beam. Should an opponent try to flank you, uncharge your boost so that you can face them. Repeat until they die.
  • An often-underappreciated feature of the Megamouth's beam is that it can temporarily blind fish caught in it. Use this to your advantage when retreating by beaming your opponent(s) and then boosting out of sight.
  • Giant Squids are fairly easy to counter since they are nowhere near as tanky as you. Fire the beam when the squid is about to grab, and slowly but surely shred their hp away. You are exactly as fast as the squid, so do not be afraid to chase it.
  • Colossal Squids have the same base HP as you; however, their base DPS is lower. In a face tank, your beam will almost always out damage their slaps, even with bleed included. However, the Colossal's charged boost has about the same range as your beam and can inflict serious damage, so do not chase Colossals if they hit-and-run. Try to lure them into a cave and then face tank them while locking them in your beam.
  • Sleeper Sharks are usually your toughest foes, as they have the same base HP as you and higher base damage. However, your beam can cancel their stun grab and give you slightly higher DPS. Remember that the Sleeper cannot turn very well while using its stun boost, and if you are retreating time your boost to make a sharp turn right as it gets close to you.
  • Don't try to outsnipe a Goblin Shark with your beam. There's a reason it has the Sniper skin and you don't. If you really want to counter the Goblin Shark, get up close and face tank, you have higher HP so don't be afraid to take a shot.
  • Coelacanths can be face tanked unless there is a huge pile of food behind it. Even if all six of their drones hit you, your high HP means you can usually kill it with about 10% of your health left. Better yet, bait out a few of their drones, heal, then turn around and fire the beam to face tank and kill the Coelacanth with a more comfortable amount of HP leftover.
  • A fight vs a Japanese Spider Crab is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Keep the crab at mid range until it fires its claw, then immediately boost diagonally away from the claw. Attack and beam the crab while you have this opening, this will usually do the trick even if it lands a second claw. If the crab lands its first claw, swim into open water as fast as you can, but save one boost for after the crab releases itself so that you can dodge a second claw and recover. Remember that the JSC has slight damage reflect, so do not engage at low HP.
  • When facing a Halibut, NEVER retreat unless you have low HP. As long as you always face the Halibut and avoid its farts, you can face tank it without much issue. The hard part is avoiding the farts, as skilled Halibuts will try to predict your movements and fart all over you. Try to headbutt them to avoid a fart trap.
  • Like with the Goblin Shark, don't try outsniping a Beaked Whale. Try to close the distance and face tank. If a Beaked Whale lands all three bubbles on you AND has high HP, run. You will have more boosts than the whale at this point, and its bubbles will harmlessly disappear if you get far enough away from the whale.
  • Against another Megamouth, the first hit wins. If both hit at the same time, first beam wins. If both beam at the same time, epic anime battle.
  • If you see a Cachalot, run. If you get cornered, Ctrl + W.

Napoleon Wrasse[ | ]

  • [Template]

You can float sand block by placing a sand block on top of another sand block and then removing the bottom

  • Napo can be a mildly confusing tier 10 if you are using it for the first time. However, napo can be a decent fighter and an excellent builder if you know how.
  • An uncharged boost in open ocean makes a little timing bar appear at the bottom of your screen. The bar stops when you click, and when you do, you dash forward in a similar manner to a shark. The really only difference is that the more filled and reddish the bar is, the stronger your dash. If timed perfectly, the dash is a bit stronger than the shark's
  • Most of the same strats for Shark, but keep in mind timing skills decide how strong your dash is
  • Charging your boost in the open ocean does nothing. Stupid :/
  • However, charging your boost while facing the surface curates a sand block. Click again to place it.
  • Sand blocks are not durable, do not hide in a big barrier of them as it leaves you prone to strong animals and diggers if you're near a wall.
  • If you're being chased, placing a sand block between you and the pursuer may hold them off a bit if you time it right.
  • This also applies to wallpins, so if you are wallpinned by an orca, placing a block between you and them VERY QUICKLY will allow you to escape. However, this window is short, and you cannot reguarly boost, so this might not work in some situations.
  • This animal is broken in PD, you can place sand blocks around the pearl for extra defense. This can be a solid strat, yet gpos can boost past your blocks and land hits on the pearl, and bowhead icebombs will devastate your sandy defenses.
  • Roleplay and recreation leaves you prone, but hey, sometimes you just get bored
  • If you're low, always carry a block with you, not placed, so you can put a shield between you and a random fish who wants to take advantage of how prone you are

Beaked Whale[ | ]

  • Your fully charged boost launches a fast traveling, attachable bubble to any hostile enemy
  • You can attach a maximum of three bubbles to any single enemy and half charge will detonate all bubbles currently in existence
  • Sprites of bubble tagged animals will appear off screen, though the bubbles will pop after a short distance
  • Bubble detonation will deal significant damage, stun the enemy, and give you a temporary speed boost; the more bubbles the bigger the damage/stun/speed boost
  • Beaked whale is EXCEPTIONAL in 1v1 scenarios. By playing the long game and gradually tagging bubbles, once you find an opening, bubble detonation will give you a huge advantage in battle by incapacitating and heavily damaging the enemy
  • In 1v1, beaked whale ranks among the best animals to choose
  • In PD, beaked whale is mediocre, as its ability provides little synergy in team combat
  • In FFA, beaked whale thrives in combat, but often has trouble finishing the enemy off, should they airboost and pop all the bubbles
  • The key to beaked whale is patience: you will inevitably take damage as you try and tag your bubbles, but keep in mind that once you have them on you target, the tides of the battle can turn instantly
  • Beaked whale is a higher skill cap and skill floor animal in general, requiring accuracy, patience, and timing to execute kills

Temporary Stuff:[ | ]

  • 1st strategy: Animals that cause bleeding, such as saw shark, marlin, and narwhal, can kill the jellyfish. Note that this can alert nearby sharks to go to the jellyfish and use the 3rd strategy. You can do this with a Marlin, But you might need 2 Marlins to beat it.
  • 2nd strategy: Knock the jellyfish into the deeeep or swamp and wait for it to lose salinity and then eat its meat. The best way to do this is to use the sunfish or the electric eel.
  • 3rd strategy: Knock the jellyfish on its bell (top of jellyfish) with another person. Not hitting its tentacles, smash the jellyfish back and forth.
  • 4th strategy:Using a sunfish to kill it out. Sunfish has no recoil and doesn't take poison damage so you can attack it straight on .
  • 5th strategy: Use the sea turtle or Leatherback and keep hitting the sides since turtles take no poison damage.
  • PD: If you notice a Lion's Mane Jellyfish going near the opponent's pearl, try to chase it into the remoras. They will target the Jellyfish, so you can attack the clam unless there are other's nearby.
  • PD: If you are stealing the pearl, DON'T throw it at a Lion's Mane. The Jellyfish will actually catch the pearl, and you will have to defeat it to gain access to the pearl, providing another layer of protection for it