Skins are cosmetic purchasables in They can be purchased using coins that you can obtain from playing the game.

Orange Squid

The Orange Squid skin, an example of a skin.

Use in-game[ | ]

Skins have almost nothing special about them in-game; they simply exist to change your animal's appearance. However, with some specific skins, they change attributes of your animal. Sometimes the change is feeble, but other times it is more noticeable. Some examples are:

Other skins can change visual appearances depending on biome. The most major example is the firefly squid (Squid) that changes appearance depending on if it's in the deeeep or not. However, skins that change appearance depending on biome have to be coded by the developer himself.

Seasonal skins[ | ]

Store icon during Christmas-Winter

During seasons, the Store icon will change with text in a red background to indicate which seasonal theme is in play. Here, Christmas/Winter is the seasonal theme.

During specific seasons (namely Christmas/Winter and Halloween), skins not normally found will be purchasable in the store at normally low prices. These skins are only usable during their respective seasons, and will disappear from the store once said season ends, unless the user swaps assets to return them (can be done in the desktop client or through other means).