Hiding Places[ | ]


There are 3 types of Shipwreck, the Small Shipwreck, the Large Shipwreck and the Giant Shipwreck.

The Small Shipwreck[ | ]

The Small Shipwreck is a shipwreck that most animals Tier 8 and below can hide.

Produces bubbles that restores 1 second of oxygen to animals that breathe air.

Hammerhead Sharks can hide in the Small Shipwreck.

The Large Shipwreck[ | ]

The Shipwreck is a hiding spot for most animals tier 9 and below.

Produces bubbles that can be eaten by any animal that breathes oxygen

The Giant Shipwreck[ | ]

The Giant Shipwreck is a hiding spot where all animals (including tier 10's) can hide. In the current map there are two giant shipwrecks - one in the kelp forest (area between arctic and ocean) and one in the deep swamp. Both shipwrecks have hiding areas for both water-breathing AND air-breathing animals. I recommend using the Giant Shipwrecks as AFK spots - for example if you want to go to the bathroom, you can hide there instead of risking your life in the open ocean.