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Walking speedSpeed
9.0 (900)
9.0 (180)
Armour pen.Armour Penetration
Bleed reduct.Bleed Reduction
Damage reflect.Damage Reflection
Size scale
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
15 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds
Sprite Designer
Concept Creator

The Shark (in-game ID: shark, widely referred to as the Great White Shark as disambiguation) is a Tier 10 animal in It appears as a white blocky fish with minuscule pectoral, pelvic and caudal fins, round black eyes and a big mouth filled with sharp teeth. Its lips are red and it has blue shades at its head and the tip of its tail.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Sharks evolve from Hammerhead Sharks. 48,000 XP is required for the evolution. The Shark as a Tier 10 animal is unable to evolve further.
  • Sharks are unable to damage, be damaged by, or collide with Tier 1 Animals and skeletons by any means.
  • Sharks drop a skeleton and meat upon death.
  • When a Shark is grabbed by an Orca, its oxygen bar depletes immediately, causing the Shark to take oxygen damage. The bar will gradually refill after the grab.
  • Suitable habitats for the Shark are warm, salt and shallow waters.
  • Foods consumable by the Shark include Plankton, Ice, Reef Food, Volcano Food, Human, Flappy Duck, Bird Poop, Stonefish Barb, Meat and Angler Fish's Bait.
  • The Shark is able to hide in Big Boats (Giant Shipwrecks).
  • In Pearl Defense and 1 vs 1, players can choose the Shark as their animal in the pre-match menu.

Abilities[ | ]

  • Boosting normally as a Shark on air (or water surfaces) will deplete a boost bar and launch the Shark forward (this is called an air-boost). On land, Sharks are able to jump on terrains and islands via normal boosting. Normal boosts does nothing under water.
  • Sharks also have a charged boost.
Name Image Charge Time Description
Shark's Rush Shark Rush 500 MS Charge boosting as a Shark will deplete a boost bar, increase your speed by +Speed200% and make you rush in a straight line for 3 seconds. While rushing, you are immune to grabs, but as a consequence locked in the direction you are facing prior to the boost and unable to eat food other than meat and volcano food. Hitting an entity while rushing will deal 270 damage and stop the rush immediately. Rushes can also be stopped before the timer by the Shark player via normal boosting, or by stuns and electrocution from other animals. If a rush fails to hit a target, the Shark will be slowed by -Speed25% (if it was stopped by stun or electrocution the slow will be omitted).

  • Sharks are able to swim.
Name Image Description
Bloodseeker Shark Bloodseeker As a Shark, the general direction of any nearby bleeding or low-on-health animals will always be indicated by blood drops on the edge of the player’s screen. The higher the opacity of the sprite, the shorter the distance between the Shark and the target.

Skins[ | ]

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Stats Changing Description Image
Battle Scarred Shark ⫷Ꮆяᗩиᕲ💠Ꮆûᗩяᕲ⫸ 35 250 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 10th July, 2021 False TBA
Exotic Shark chepic9990#9878 4590 150 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 4th May, 2021 A shark with rare colours Thanks to u/--CARCHARODON-- for the cleanup
California Great White Shark Myhailot 4288 125 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 7th March, 2021 N/A

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Season Description Image
Glacial Shark ISURUS 8999 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 18th November, 2021 Christmas A Shark turned into the Glacial Shark to enjoy Christmas!
Oni Shark chepic9990#9878 9200 O 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 26th, November, 2021 Lunar New Year A powerful shark turned monster, he roams the seas looking for the strongest opponents to challenge.
Golden shark Rexdio 9194 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 2nd, January, 2022 Lunar New Year N/A 7q9wdbxojp181

As Sharks[ | ]

  • As a Shark, you will not be able to turn once you start rushing. Watch where you’re going!
  • Don’t be so harsh with yourself, stopping and suffering from a 2-second slow is way better than being stuck at the wall, going off course, or becoming the main course on other players’ tables! Stop your rush when necessary, like if you miss or eat food to recover.
  • Keep this in mind: you deal an ass-whooping 180 damage even when you’re only biting normally! This makes you have the higher ground against most animals you’ll encounter in head-on combats. Well-calculated combos of charged boosts and normal attacks and you’ll most likely end up victorious! Thus, corner your victims (muahahahaha) except for some cases (grabbers or control).
  • If the animal you’re fighting is tougher than you, fight like a guerilla, not a gorilla! Since you can have a quick getaway with your charged boosts and have a high damage output, this would be a lot easier for you than for other animals, they won’t be so lucky.
  • If you plan to deal damage with your charge boosts, do it when you’re extremely close to your victims. They won’t be able to avoid them that way! Hitting a faraway target with your boost requires the target to remain at a fixed position or move in a straight line.
  • Be extremely careful while fighting Orcas. One good grab and you’re done for. Some Orcas might throw you into the air after grabbing you, resulting in you suffering from oxygen damage. If this happens, try air-boosting back into the water and escape with a charged boost as soon as possible (but if this occurs in 1 vs 1 GG, good luck winning!).
  • Another tip to fight off those annoying brain-dead Orcas: keep a charged boost ready, you’ll most likely get an M grab, S grab or a simple multi-grab as their first move. Once they attempt to grab you, you rush, and then laugh while they do quick turns to give you free hits or boost twice right into you. After that, they’ll probably run like a pussy, but if they don’t, or if they are in low enough health, finish them off with charged boosts. However, some Orcas don’t use multi-grabs on Sharks, and they could charge boosts faster than you!
  • Hit animals that are attempting to grab so you could ruin their plans! Pro tip: Crocodiles charge as fast as Sharks, Giant Squids charge a bit slower but Sleeper Sharks can grab again whenever they feel like it!
  • Your rush may not be able to stop a Whale’s boost, but when you’re rushing, you can’t be sucked! Sucks to be you, Whales!
  • STUNS AND ELECTROCUTION SPELL YOUR DOOM. They can stop your boost, reset your charging and if you’re not cautious enough, turn you to SUSHI!!!
  • Another noteworthy animal as a Shark is the Stonefish. It counters your ability since your boosts make you run into their barbs, not many could stop in time! You could try to bait them to boost by pretending to approach them, not gonna do much if your foe is cunning though. Also, do not boost no matter what. Most fights end in a stalemate or the Shark running for its life.
  • Your lightning speed while rushing leaves many animals jealous, so how about boosting behind your slower teammates in TFFA or PD to give them a lift?
  • Do not fight a horde of animals on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing! You’re fast, yes, but also clumsy since you can’t turn during a rush, and things can get quite nasty.
  • In a team, you’re the damage dealer! If your team has a grabber, he or she could throw prey to you and you could give them hell. Sharks are also good as flankers too, since they can rush quickly to cut a victim off, surrounding it with its peers.
  • Try boosting towards those sweet sweet blood droplets on the edges of your screen! They could be :
    • Animals with low health due to a fight they recently lost, with or without their enemy(ies) right behind.
    • Clumsy players who trodden into the wrong biome.
    • Just some random bleeding fellows.
    • Full health animals who just finished off what the blood drop was from.
  • Add more tips if you could think of any, just make sure it's viable and appropriate! I know y'all are more pr0er than me, for sure!

Against Sharks[ | ]

  • While fighting Sharks, dodge their boosts before hitting them from the side. It’s pretty easy to predict after all, especially so if they attempt a long-range one! If you’re not fast enough you could dodge with a dash.
  • DO NOT fight a Shark head-on (in most cases). You’ll regret it. Hit and run is the best tactic to fight Sharks. As an animal that could dash, trade hits for a while, before boosting away (you can’t just swim normally to run away they would rush at you for sure), eat, and come back again at the Shark. You’ll heal faster than they do since they can’t eat while rushing while you could dash for food.
  • Play defensively against Sharks if you can’t dash. Always turn and face it if it’s rushing at you, and tank it, don’t turn away. When they escape, quickly heal.
  • If your animal can stun or electrocute, Sharks are just your free dinner. Don’t be afraid of them, since you could interrupt their rushes any time you want.
  • As grabbers, grab when the Shark least expects it or right after it rushes.
  • As Orcas, throw the Sharks you grab into the air (in 1 vs 1s) or air pockets (other game modes). They would suffer from oxygen damage in addition to your pr0 multi-grab. Be careful when to grab them, as they are ungrabbable while rushing and yes, it hurts a lot.
  • As Stonefish, boost when a Shark is on your tail. Watch it burn.
  • Better heal up when you’re low on health. A Shark might just be nearby…
  • As grabbers in team game modes, throw your victim to your Shark teammates. Teamwork makes the dream work! Same with enemy Sharks, grab and throw them to your teammates. They’re dead by then, trust me :).
  • When you’re running away from a Shark, don’t boost forward. Instead, boost sideways and try to make your way to the surface for an air-boost, a habitat that it's not able to access or hiding places.
  • Add more tips if you could think of any, just make sure it's viable and appropriate! I know y'all are more pr0er than me, for sure!


Trivia[ | ]

  • Giant Squids used to be able to grab rushing Sharks. This feature has existed since the day Giant Squid was added and was removed after Snow and Below’s first balancing update, much to the joy of Shark players!
  • Sharks used to have their oxygen bars depleting gradually when they were immobile, as a reference to ram-breathing sharks in real life. Ram breathers like great white sharks and whale sharks must keep moving to breathe. It was asked to be removed due to it being quite pointless, rendering Shark players unable to AFK, and the fact that this does not apply to Whale Sharks, which is also a ram breather. This feature has existed since the dawn of the game and was only removed after some recent balance changes.
  • The Shark and the Clownfish are the only animals lucky enough to be on’s logo.
  • The Shark was one of the first animals added to the game and remains a fan favourite.

References[ | ]