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Remoras (also known as Remora Drones) are NPC animals in the game of There are two types of remoras, Whale Shark drones that are found near Whale Sharks and Pearl Drones that are found around clam shells in Pearl Defense.

Introduction[ | ]

Although it is not dangerous, the Whale Shark is still not an animal to mess with. 4 remoras orbit the shark like drones, and if anything dares to hurt its master, the remoras are quick to strike. They packed quite a punch, and always succeed in scaring away its opponents. The remoras served as the shark's loyal body guards, and many of them fought and died for their master.

Spawning[ | ]

  • Remoras are commonly found near whale sharks.
  • Every time a whale shark gains a boost, a remora will spawn nearby and follow it (the maximum amount of remoras a whale shark can have is 4).
  • Remoras can also be seen spawn naturally around clams in the Pearl Defense game mode. They will orbit the pearl and attack animals in the opposing team that come too close.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • A remora is an NPC, meaning that it is not a playable animal.
  • No animals evolve into remoras, since they are NPC animals.
  • Remoras do not evolve into other animals as well, since they are NPC animals.
  • If an active remora hits or is hit by an animal in Tier 2 to Tier 10, they will deal 100 damage to the target before self destructing, regardless of the damage taken.
  • A passive remora cannot be hurt by other entities, but can still be hurt in the following situations:
    • Being inside the Toxic Algae (Toxic algae no longer exists in the game, but it used to be a green tint that would slowly cover the entire map and deal dps to anything inside. It was used as a tiebreaker system for the 1v1 gamemode and also had an entire gamemode called "Toxic Algae" centered around it.
    • Being outside of water for too long. (Oxygen time)
  • Remoras are unaffected by temperature, salinity, oxygen and pressure.
  • Remoras are unable to consume anything, since they are NPC animals
  • Remoras cannot hide anywhere except the Shipwreck, as they are NPC animals.

Whale Shark Drones[ | ]

  • As a Whale Shark drone, friendly fire is turned off against Tier 1 animals and its host, meaning that it cannot damage nor be damaged by them.

Pearl Drones[ | ]

  • As a Pearl Drone, friendly fire is turned off against animals in their team meaning that it cannot damage nor be damaged by them.

Behavior[ | ]

Whale Shark Drones[ | ]

  • Upon spawning, the remora drones will follow its whale shark host wherever it goes and orbit it when it is idle and staying still.
  • However, if its host uses a boost, all of the drones will pursue and attack nearby creatures according the the following priority:
    • The last animal that attacks its host in the last five seconds.
    • The last animal its host attacks in the last five seconds.
    • The nearest animal to the host
  • Upon hitting a target, the remora will deal 100 damage before despawning. They will also despawn if their host is dead

Pearl Drones[ | ]

  • A certain amount of remoras will spawn around each clam shell in Pearl Defense. The amount of remoras in the second pearl is more than the one in the first pearl.
  • The remoras ignore all enemies from its team, and will pursue the animals from the opposing team that comes to close to the pearl, returning to the shell once the target is out of it's range.
  • A pearl drone will despawn once it hits a target. It will also despawn if the shell it circles is destroyed.
  • Whenever the clam shell loses a remora, another one will spawn and take its place after a while. The remoras will stop respawning after the shell is destroyed.

Tips and Tricks[ | ]

Here is the list of tricks to counter both Whale Shark and Pearl Remoras.

  • Against a whale shark, let the remoras hit you and boost away, then return to hit the whale shark before it has time to regenerate them.
  • Boost away from remoras if you are low on health. They can catch up to you if you don't do so.
  • It's best to attack a clam shell with your teammates, your teammates can distract the remoras or sacrifice themselves while you destroy the clam.

Update Proposals[ | ]

These are the balancing changes for remoras in the Snow and Below Update, as confirmed in the Crabinet's Final Presentation[1]. These changes have now been added to the game:

  • The remoras will have a base speed of 140% instead of 120%, making it capable of chasing fast animals like the marlin.
  • The remoras will prioritize the animals its host hits over the ones that hit the host.

Trivia[ | ]

  • It is surprising enough when the community learnt that the remoras have health points, but here's a more stunning fact, it can actually dash boost. However, the remoras have no boost bars, so it's not possible in game.
  • Remoras are immune to poison or bleed.
  • Remoras can take damage from the Toxic Algae.
  • There is a whale shark glitch that makes remoras attack when passive.

References[ | ]