100% (0% while inflated)
100 (20 while inflated)
60% (while inflated)
Damage reflect.Damage Reflection
70% (while inflated)
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
15 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds

The Pufferfish is a tier 6 animal.

Mechanics[ | ]

Abilities[ | ]

Passive Abilities[ | ]

  • You are immune to reef corals.

Active Abilities[ | ]

Name Image Charge Time Description
Inflate Pufferfish Inflate None Boosting will cause you to inflate, increasing your size, armor (60%), and damage reflection (70%) at the cost of being unable to move or eat food, and going a shorter distance than usual. Being hit will reduce damage, reflect the damage taken (not reduced from armor), poison the attacker, and push you. Clicking will deflate you.

Suitable Biomes[ | ]

  • The suitable biome for the pufferfish is the ocean.
    • If a pufferfish enters the ocean surface, it will lose oxygen.
    • If a pufferfish enters the arctic, it will lose temperature.
    • If a pufferfish enters the arctic surface, it will lose oxygen and temperature.
    • If a pufferfish enters the deeeep, it will lose pressure.
    • If a pufferfish enters the swamp, it will lose salinity.
    • If a pufferfish enters the swamp surface, it will lose oxygen, and it will not regenerate salinity.

Diet[ | ]


Hiding Places[ | ]


Strategy[ | ]

  • Unless you plan to stay as this animal, eat as much food as possible to get to tier 7.
  • Inflate yourself if you are near dangerous animals, as they won't hesitate to eat you.
    • The exceptions are when you are low on health, or when you're near status-inflicting animals (save for Lion's Mane Jellyfish).
  • You can inflate and deflate as a mean of dashing like other animals.
  • Pufferfish's ability is more defensive than offensive, but you can still kill tier 10s with your active ability.
  • Staying near tier 10s can be a tactical strategy, as if an animal attacks you, they will put themselves at risk of being eaten by the tier 10, who won't waste time trying to kill you over the easier prey.
  • Stay away from status-inflicting animals, and most importantly, Marlins, as they can negate your armor and quickly kill you.

Skins[ | ]

Currently, there are no skins for the Pufferfish, as the Pufferfish is comprised of two animals (one is its puffed state), so it isn't compatible with the skin system.

Trivia[ | ]