0.5 (total: 50)
0.0 (total: 0)
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
20 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
30 seconds

Pollock (also known as NPC fish) are NPC animals.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • There are no animals that evolve into pollock or from pollock, as they are NPC animals.
  • Pollock do not drop any meat, but instead yield 250 XP upon being eaten.
  • Pollock cannot damage anything; oarfish cannot damage them.

Behavior[ | ]

The different forms of behavior that pollock engage in are on different priorities, the behaviors below are listed from highest priority to lowest.

  • Moving away from player-controlled animals.
  • Being in a school with other pollock.
  • Staying within the arctic.
  • Moving in seemingly random directions.

Abilities[ | ]

Pollocks can see any Ghost!

Suitable Biomes[ | ]

  • The suitable biome for pollock is the arctic.
    • If a pollock enters the ocean, it will lose temperature.
    • If a pollock enters the ocean surface, it will lose oxygen and temperature.
    • If a pollock enters the arctic surface, it will lose oxygen.
    • If a pollock enters the deeeep, it will lose temperature and pressure.
    • If a pollock enters the swamp, it will lose temperature and salinity.
    • If a pollock enters the swamp surface, it will lose oxygen, temperature, and it will not regenerate salinity.

Diet[ | ]

This is a complete list of food that pollock can eat.

Name Can be eaten by Image XP Description
Barb All except for the stonefish who spawned it Barb 0 Spawns behind a stonefish using their active ability. Deals damage upon eating it (7% of max life). Poisons anyone who eats it with a base DPS of 10% that lasts 5 seconds (except poison-immune animals). Despawns after 4 seconds.
Bird Poop All except for lamprey and seagull Birdpoop 10 Affected by gravity. Automatically spawns below any seagull every 10 seconds.
Plankton All Food 25 Spawns in the ocean.
Dam Food Tier 1 to tier 7 Damfood 35 Spawns underneath beaver dams.
Ice All Ice 50 Spawns in the arctic and deeeep.
Algae Oarfish, penguin, tier 1 to tier 6 except lamprey Algae 50 Spawns on the ocean floor.
Yellow Algae Oarfish, penguin, tier 1 to tier 6 except lamprey YellowAlgae 50 Spawns on the floors of the arctic and deeeep.
Apple Tier 1 to tier 8 except lamprey and pelican Apple 50 Spawns in trees.
Berry Tier 1 to tier 8 except lamprey and pelican Fruit 50 Spawns in bushes.
Volcano Food All except lamprey Lavabubble 125 Affected by gravity, floats upwards. Spawns out of volcanoes, which can be hidden in and are located in the arctic and the deeeep. When eaten as an animal that is not suited to the arctic, it will replenish some of your temperature.
Meat All Meat 1000 Spawns where an animal dies (tier 2 to tier 10 animals only). The amount of meat that spawns depends on what animal it was.

Hiding Places[ | ]

Pollock cannot hide anywhere.

History[ | ]

This section highlights all the changes made to the pollock in documented updates so far. A full changelog can be found here.

Update Changes
February 18th, 2017 NPC fish (pollock) added, spawns in the arctic.
February 28th, 2017 Sharks and orcas can now eat NPC fish (pollock).
April 15th, 2017 Fixed a bug with pollock not respawning.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • If you are a whale and you catch a pollock, others will come swimming towards you in order to get to their fellow group mate (due to how their AI works)
  • If you eat a pollock as an octopus, you will disguise as them - this is the closest you can get to being able to play as a pollock.