Pets are NPCs introduced in the Snow and Below 4.0 update, and so far includes the pets listed above.

Behavior[ | ]

Pets don't do anything except react to what you are doing with emotes, and they all cost 500 coins and must be named. Pets cannot be renamed after purchasing, but you can re-purchase a pet with a new name if you have the coins. Friendly fire is turned on for all animals, meaning you cannot damage them, nor be damaged by them. Even though pets are invincible, they can still die if their owner dies. Pets will also die if their owner airboosts and leaves them behind.

Plz Answer This: Do different pets have any difference or no? Thx sm Also, do pets come back after every death? 🍣

Answer:Pets are permanent and will spawn along with the player. You can unequip pets in the inventory. The only diffrence between pets Is their appearance.