Pearl Defense (PD) is one of the many gamemodes of

Background Information (PD)[]

In Pearl Defense there are two teams, Red and Green. Each side has two pearls to protect. The map is much smaller than other maps and has no biomes. You can be any animal in the game anywhere. You also evolve twice as fast (food gives double XP).


The goal of Pearl Defense is win a game. You do this by bringing 1 of 2 pearls from the enemy's side to your side and scoring (drop it off at a certain point). You and your team must do this twice in order to win. But, the pearls are not just out in the open. You must break two shells open to be able to access the pearl and score. The shell has a lot of health, and has remoras circling around it. These remoras are set to go after any enemy within a certain range of the pearl, and are very dangerous. Once the shell is broken, the remoras disappear, leaving up to the team to protect it. If you go over the pearl, you will grab it. Then you should try to score.

Other Information[]

The Pearl Mechanics[]

When you have the pearl in your control, you will not be able to boost or use an ability. Whenever you try to boost, you will instead throw the pearl. When you die or the pearl is out of your grasp, anyone one your team can grab it and carry it around. If the pearl touches an enemy (both when grabbed or not), touches the border of the skybox, or hits ground it will teleport back to its original clam.

The pearl is protected using remoras and shell. Remoras can easily kill you, and keep in mind that the amount of remoras replenishes quickly. When the remora attacks, it deals 100 damage and disappears. The shell of the pearl regenerates very slowly.

Thus, when attacking a pearl, one player can distract the remoras on himself, and the other player can break the pearl.

You cannot carry the Pearl underground!!!

Miscellaneous Mechanics[]

  • You gain more experience per food item.
  • When dying, you will keep all your experience but you will have to wait 5/10 seconds (Depending on your tier) before resuming the game
  • Players who like to play aggressively in this game mode typically play Shark as they do fairly well at breaking the clam and bringing the pearl back.
  • It's common to see players block the pearl with their animal's body. This is obviously done to make it harder for the enemy to get their hands/fins/paws/non-existent hands/claws/flippers/wings/tentacles/etc on it.
  • Tier 1 animals cannot grab the pearl, but they are also unable to be targeted by the Remoras
  • You can help your opponent to break the clam of your team by having a lamprey latched and stay on the pearl you intend to destroy, though this will help your opponent win


Currently with three servers: Asia (JP) #1, Europe (Amsterdam, NL) #1 and North America (NY, US) #1 and two maps: [morty_pd] and [Tacoco_pd].


  • Some animals are more suited for PD than others, for examples: a crocodile will be much more helpful than an eagle, but it's always better to have a variety of animal. See below!
  • Some skilled animal can break a shell alone using their stats or abilities but it's rare and it's most of the time going to require team work, there are three main ways
    • With a minimum of two players, one distracts the remoras while the other attacks, inverse and repeat
    • One or more animal sacrifices themselves to the remoras, this will decrease remora numbers will allow following team members to heal of the food left by the killed team members.
    • All the T10's that evolve from narwhal can break the shell alone. See below!
  • It's better to evolve fast (some animal abilities help such as catfish's suction or seal's speed) and directly head to the adverse side with a stronger evolution, this will allow you to evolve faster by killing and slow down enemy progress.
  • Avoid heading alone head first into the enemy remoras if your health is not full, most likely they will kill you
  • When your pearl is taken, retrieve it by hitting the head of the thief or grabbing it. Stealthy and fast animals or grabbers are good for retrieving the pearl
  • You can throw the pearl ahead of you to pass it to a team member or activate your boost, a powerful method is to throw it and surface boost.
  • If you see a pile of meat or kill an animal, it is better to leave the food for a less evolved teammate, this will allow them to evolve faster and benefit the whole team. However, please note that food will degenerate over time. Also, food heals you, so if you are on low health eating it will help you
  • When a teammate is carrying the pearl and there's no foe in front or needs to move or escape and you are faster than him or have boosts, push him in the direction he needs to go, it won't slow you down and will help your team
  • Don't be afraid to chat using the enter key, you can form tactics and give orders, at chatting to all is also helpful
  • Most birds are useless in PD, but bat is a good choice in early games.
  • As the pearl tells the enemy your position, a grabber can easily retrieve the pearl
  • You can wait at the other team's goal to retrieve the pearl, but this is seen as very annoying often. On a related note, if your team is close to scoring, make sure to check by your goal and kill any animals that are camping by the goal

What Animals are Good at Doing What (PD)[]

This assumes no lag, you know how to play the animal well, and there are no hackers.

Charging and killing[]

Humpback whale, Atlantic Torpedo, giant and colossal squid, piranha, cachalot, polar bear, basking shark, whale, orca and mantis shrimp,

Charging and breaking the clam[]

Giant and colossal squid, softshell turtle, whale, basking shark and Humpback whale

Distracting/Tanking the Remoras[]

Horseshoe Crab, Olm, Seal, Penguin, Leopard Seal, Dolphin, Manatee, Whale, Humpback Whale, Basking Shark, Marlin, Moray Eel, Sunfish, and Cachalot

Halting a charge[]

Hippo, giant and colossal squid, Humpback whale, Atlantic Torpedo, manatee, whale, thresher shark, basking shark, octopus and piranha

Defending the Clam[]

Humpback whale, Whale, Manatee, Cachalot, Polar Bear, Piranha, Basking Shark, Goblin Shark, Alligator Gar, Whale Shark and Colossal Squid

Retrieving the pearl[]

Bobbit Worm, Penguin, Barracuda, Leopard Seal, Mantis Shrimp, Marlin, Moray Eel, Eagle, Piranha, Frilled Shark, Giant Salamander, Tiger Shark, Wobbegong Shark, Humpback Whale, Alligator Gar , Orca, Giant Squid

Killing individual targets[]

Mantis shrimp, crocodile, alligator gar, Gulper Eel, cachalot, Humpback whale, Atlantic ray, piranha, sawfish, giant and colossal squid, alligator snapping turtle, electric eel, and anaconda


Marlin, moray eel, shark, stonefish, piranha, anaconda, penguin, leopard seal, flying fish and frilled shark

Trolling (not suggested unless you play better than your opponents)[]

Worm, Horseshoe Crab, Squid, Bat, Archerfish, Goliath Bullfrog, Bobbit Worm, Beaver, Penguin, Octopus, Marlin, Pufferfish, Thresher Shark