The Megamouth Shark is a tier 10 animal. It is based off of its real-life counterpart, Megachasma pelagios.

Megamouth Shark
Megamouth Shark
10.0 (total:1000)
7.0 (total: 140)
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
15 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
20 seconds
Salinity time
10 seconds

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Frilled sharks evolve into megamouth sharks.
  • 48,000 XP is required for a frilled shark to evolve into a megamouth shark.
  • Megamouth sharks do not evolve into other animals, as they are a tier 10 animal.
  • Megamouth sharks drop meat and a skeleton upon death.
  • As a megamouth shark, friendly fire is turned on for all tier 1 animals: meaning that you cannot damage them neither can you be damaged by them.

Abilities[ | ]

Active Abilities[ | ]

Name Image Charge Time Description
Flashbang FlashbangMegashark TBA Charge your boost to emit a short-ranged laser beam that inflicts the flashbang effect, blinding your target, and doing 30 DPS while your target touches the beam. If your beam intersects with another Megamouth Shark's beam, both of your beams will be disabled.

Flashed targets will take 20% more damage from you. You gain a +25% speed bonus and become ungrabbable, at the cost of turning speed.

Suitable Biomes[ | ]

The suitable biome(s) for the Megamouth Shark is the deeeep (warm/cold, deep, salt biomes in the open beta).

  • If a megamouth shark enters the ocean, it will lose pressure.
  • If a megamouth shark enters the ocean surface, it will lose oxygen and pressure.
  • If a megamouth shark enters the arctic, it will lose temperature and pressure.
  • If a megamouth shark enters the arctic surface, it will lose oxygen, temperature, and pressure.
  • If a megamouth shark enters the swamp, it will lose pressure and salinity.
  • If a megamouth shark enters the swamp surface, it will lose oxygen, pressure, and it will not regenerate salinity.

Diet[ | ]

This is a complete list of the food that Megamouth Sharks can eat.

Name Can be eaten by Image XP Description
Barb All except for the stonefish who spawned it Barb 0 Spawns behind a stonefish using their active ability. Deals damage upon eating it (7% of max life). Poisons anyone who eats it with a base DPS of 10% that lasts 5 seconds (except poison-immune animals). Despawns after 4 seconds.
Bird Poop All except lampreys and seagulls Bird Poop 10 Affected by gravity. Automatically spawns below any seagull every 10 seconds.
Plankton All Food 250 Spawns in the ocean.
Ice All Ice 250 Spawns in the arctic and deeeep.
Reef Food All Reeffood 250 Spawns in the reef.
Volcano Food All except lamprey Lavabubble 125 Affected by gravity, floats upwards. Spawns out of volcanoes, which can be hidden in and are located in the arctic and the deeeep. When eaten as an animal that is not suited to the arctic, it will replenish some of your temperature.
Meat All Meat 1000 Spawns where an animal dies (tier 2 to tier 10 animals only). The amount of meat that spawns depends on what animal it was.
Anglerfish Bait All Animals except for the Anglerfish who spawned it 0 Spawns infront of an Anglerfish when it is stationary (as its passive ability). No fixed look, resembles the last food the Anglerfish eats. It does nothing too, but the Anglerfish will deal twice as much damage (100x2, therefore 200) to the animal that ate it

Hiding Places[ | ]

The only place that the Megamouth Shark can hide in is the Giant Shipwreck.

Strategy[ | ]

Using[ | ]

  • Your higher base damage gives you the advantage against a Colossal Squid in a facetank. You should also be able to facetank Giant Squids.
  • The flash that your charged ability inflicts can partially help; your opponent can't see where you are from a far enough distance temporarily.
  • Your stats resemble that of a tank; except you can boost and are at default speed, unlike tanks.
  • You can deal 210 damage to flashed targets if you use a normal boost, which can be useful as a facetank finisher.
  • If your prey is trying to get away at low health, disable your beam and boost at them, since your charged ability doesn't provide too much in terms of mobility.
  • It is not recommended to try and facetank a Basking Shark; your stats mirror each other. If you are forced to fight one (like in 1v1), then getting the first hit will get you the advantage.
  • Halibuts, Coelacanths, and Giant Squids are particularly fair kills to get, as facetanking usually works. However, your opponent may not try to facetank you, so keep this in mind.

Countering[ | ]

  • Stunners, like Sleeper Sharks, Polar Bears, and Beaked Whales, can stop the beam of the Megamouth Shark, and get some free hits.
  • You can slowly wither down a Megamouth Shark by hitting them and running for healing.
  • Goblin Shark gets the advantage at range, as it can use its projectiles to damage the Megamouth Shark from a distance. However, it's health makes it a mediocre contender against the Megamouth Shark.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Megamouth Shark is one of the animals to inflict its very own effect, Flash, with others being the Anaconda (suffocation), Octopus (blindness), and the Coconut Crab (drowning).