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Experience & Score[ | ]

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Experience[ | ]

Experience (also called exp or xp) is the number that measures how close you are to evolve to the top tier. You start the game with 0 exp, at which point you have to start eating food in order to gain more experience and evolve. Experience can be checked on the bottom green bar while ingame, along with the name of your animal and the required experience to evolve.

The following table indicates how much experience is required to evolve to a specific tier:

Experience Table 
Tier Exp required from tier 1 Exp required from previous tier
1 0 exp 0 exp
2 4,000 exp 4,000 exp
3 11,000 exp 7,000 exp
4 21,000 exp 10,000 exp
5 39,000 exp 18,000 exp
6 63,000 exp 24,000 exp
7 93,000 exp 30,000 exp
8 129,000 exp 36,000 exp
9 171,000 exp 42,000 exp
10 219,000 exp 48,000 exp

Score[ | ]

Score is the number showing how successful you are in playing the game. You start the game with the score of 0, at which point you have to start eating food and killing other animals in order to increase your score. Your score can be checked below your name and on the leaderboard and/or the ... the top left section of the screen having the name of the Kings if it's high enough. At all moment, your score would always be equal to or greater than your experience.

Killing other animals is risky, but it's the most effective way to increase your score. Upon killing an animal controlled by another players, you gain a part of their score.

Food & Diet[ | ]

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Food is considered everything that playable animals are able to consume, including the floating pellets and objects such as Hermit shells and Skeletons. Diet is the set of Food that a specific animal can consume. There are multiple kinds of food which you can consume to increase your experience and score.

AIs are not able to eat any food under any circumstances.

The following table includes "all" the Food can possibly spawn in and the animals being able to consume them.

Diet Table 
Name Image Description Consumption
Floating food - Grants ? exp All animals
Sushi/Meat - Grants ? exp
Spawns upon death of tier 2-10 animals
Ignores the inability to eat
All animals
Volcano food - Grants ? exp
Unaffected by suction
All animals (except Lamprey)
Terrain food - Grants ? exp Tier 1-6 (except Lamprey), Penguin, Frogfish, Oarfish, Manatee, Coconut Crab
Apple - Grants ? exp
Spawns on trees
Unaffected by suction
Tier 1-7 (except Lamprey and Pelican), Coconut Crab
Berries - Grants ? exp
Spawns in bushes
Unaffected by suction
Tier 1-7 (except Lamprey and Pelican), Coconut Crab
Coconut - Grants ? exp
Spawns on coconut trees
Unaffected by suction
Pelican and Coconut Crab
Beaver dam food - Grants ? exp
Spawns in beaver dams
Tier 1-7 (except Lamprey), Tiger Shark, Bald Eagle, Leatherback Turtle (There can be more!)
Air bubble - Grants 0 exp
Floats upward
Unaffected by suction
All air-breathers
Skeleton - Grants 1000 exp per bite
Spawned by tier 9-10 upon death
Sinks slowly
Tier 4-7 (maybe except Lamprey)
Hermit Shell - Grants ? exp
Spawns randomly by terrains
Sinks slowly
Tier 6-10
Collectible of Hermit crabs (stub).
Seagull poop - Grants ? exp
Spawned by Seagull's passive
Sinks slowly
Affected by suction?
All animals (except Lamprey and Seagull)
Stonefish barb - Grants 0 exp
Spawned by Stonefish's ability
Unaffected by suction
All animals (except the source)
Flappy bird - Grants ? exp Tier 6-10 (except Pelican and Bald Eagle).
Human - Grants ? exp Tier 9-10 (except Manatee and Sunfish)

It may appear confusing, but I made the Floating food and Terrain food from the old Plankton, Algae, Ice, etc. I'm intending for the image to contain all of them.

AIs[ | ]

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Coins[ | ]

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Skins & Store[ | ]

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