Walking speedSpeed
600 HP
100 HP
Size scale
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
20 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds

The Mahi-Mahi is a tier 8 animal.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Tier 7 animals evolve into mahi-mahi.
    • 36,000 XP is required for a tier 7 animal to evolve into a mahi-mahi.
  • Mahi-mahi can evolve into dolphins or sea turtles.
    • 42,000 XP is required for a mahi-mahi to evolve into any of those animals.
  • Mahi-mahi drop meat upon death.
  • As a mahi-mahi, friendly fire is turned off for other mahi-mahi: meaning you cannot damage them nor be damaged by them.

Abilities[ | ]

Passive Abilities[ | ]

  • You are immune to coral reefs.
Name Image Description
Porpoising Mahimahi Speed Jumping above the surface gives you +33% speed each time (stackable 2 times).

Active Abilities[ | ]

Name Image Charge Time Description
Target Mahimahi Target 250 MS Charge boost to mark the target your cursor is on, homing onto them and gaining +25% damage.

Charge boost while homing to cancel it.

Neither of these actions consume a boost.

Suitable Biomes[ | ]

  • The suitable biome for the mahi-mahi is the ocean.
    • If a mahi-mahi enters the ocean surface, it will lose oxygen.
    • If a mahi-mahi enters the arctic, it will lose temperature.
    • If a mahi-mahi enters the arctic surface, it will lose oxygen and temperature.
    • If a mahi-mahi enters the deeeep, it will lose pressure.
    • If a mahi-mahi enters the swamp, it will lose salinity.
    • If a mahi-mahi enters the swamp surface, it will lose oxygen and not regenerate salinity.

Diet[ | ]

This is a complete list of food that mahi-mahi can eat.

Name Can be eaten by Image XP Description
Barb All except for the stonefish who spawned it Barb 0 Spawns behind a stonefish using their active ability. Deals damage upon eating it (7% of max life). Poisons anyone who eats it with a base DPS of 10% that lasts 5 seconds (except poison-immune animals). Despawns after 4 seconds.
Bird Poop All except for lamprey and seagull Birdpoop 10 Affected by gravity. Automatically spawns below any seagull every 10 seconds.
Plankton All Food 25 Spawns in the ocean.
Reef Food All Reef Food 25 Spawns in the reef.
Ice All Ice 50 Spawns in the arctic and deeeep.
Volcano Food All except lamprey Lavabubble 125 Affected by gravity, floats upwards. Spawns out of volcanoes, which can be hidden in and are located in the arctic and the deeeep. When eaten as an animal that is not suited to the arctic, it will replenish some of your temperature.
Meat All Meat 1000 Spawns where an animal dies (tier 2 to tier 10 animals only). The amount of meat that spawns depends on what animal it was.

Hiding Places[ | ]

This is a complete list of terrain that mahi-mahi can hide in.

Name Summary Image
Shipwreck One shipwreck always appears on one of the dirt islands that border the ocean and deeeep. Tier 1 to tier 9 animals can hide here. Produces bubbles that can be eaten. Shipwreck
Abandoned House Does not generate randomly, one abandoned house always appears in a specific location to the left of the deeeep floor. Tier 1 to tier 9 animals can hide here. Pineapple

Strategy[ | ]

  • As you are a Tier 8 animal, you should be focusing on eating food and killing low tiers for XP, unless you plan to stay as a Mahi Mahi.
  • Your base stats make you a fragile animal, so you'll need to retreat should a higher tier animal come.
  • To maximize your damage, porpoise twice to gain extra damage from speed, then lock onto a target. You will deal around 160 damage on an initial hit.
  • While locking onto your target seems like a good idea, it can actually be bad if said target lures you into a biome you cannot live in. Unlock from your target if this happens.
    • They can also get you stuck on terrain, or near tier 10s. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • The best place to hunt is the Reef. You are immune to reef corals, so you can use them as protection when enemies come to eat you. Unfortunately, animals like the Stonefish or Tiger Shark are immune to those, so you can only run.
  • Focus on hunting low tiers. Other animals, like Octopi or Barracudas, will prove difficult to kill, thanks to their abilities and superior base stats.

Skins[ | ]

Skins are cosmetics used to change an animal's looks, or sometimes, an animal’s biome or size statistics slightly. The table below shows the list of approved skins that can be used for the Mahi Mahi.

Non-seasonal Skins[ | ]

Non-seasonal skins can be used regardless of the time of the year. They are mostly based on real-life species, or adjectives such as 'Battle-Scarred' or 'Dark'.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Stat Changes Description Image
Yellow Mahi Mahi cookiemonster33 380 65 Unknown None. An uncommon color variation of the Mahi Mahi. 380-9
Leerfish Myhaliot 178 50 Unknown None. Lichia amia is a species of large pelagic fish in the family Carangidae. They reach a max size of 2m and weight of 50. kg. 178-3
Pompano Dolphinfish Myhaliot 3099 75 Unknown None. Coryphaena equiselis is closely related to Mahi-Mahi and is the only other species in the genus Coryphaena. It is also a surface -dwelling fish, reaching a maximum total length of 1.2 m. Pompano dolphinfish are carnivorous, feeding primarily on small fish and squid. 3099-3
Talang Queenfish Myhaliot 8708 50 Unknown None. Medium-sized pelagic fish. 8708-1
Piraputanga Tacoco 13554 150 Unknown Habitat changed from Ocean to Swamp and Fjords. Brycon orbignyanus, known as the Piraputanga, a name also used for the other fish in the Brycon genus. These fish are able to jump out of the water to "pluck" low-hanging seeds and fruits directly from trees. 13554-2
Japanese Amberjack monsieur_stuff 6185 60 Unknown None. Also known as the yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata is a large jack found along the East Atlantic coast. 6181-5
Kahawai monsieur_stuff 6183 60 Unknown None. Also known as the Australian herring and salmon trout (despite being unrelated to both herring and salmonids), Arripis trutta is a large perciform gamefish native to the Tasman Sea. 6183-4
Louvar bluefis 11100 50 Unknown Size scale increased by +0.15x. An extremely rare relative of the surgeonfish, it preys on soft bodied animals like squid and jellyfish 11100-4
Golden Tilefish MEGAmew 22041 80 Unknown None. The great northern tilefish (Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps) or golden tile, is the largest species in the family Malacanthidae (tilefishes). It has been suggested that they create burrows to hide in during the colder months. 22041-1
Greater Amberjack emi_oyo11 22132 80 Unknown Size scale increased by +0.1x. The greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) is a species of predatory ray-finned fish in the family Carangidae, the jacks and pompanos. It is found in temperate, subtropical, and tropical seas around the world. It is a popular quarry species for recreational fisheries and is important in commercial fisheries. It is the largest species in the family Carangidae. 22132-1
Jade Mahi Mahi Azzy_Boi 274 65 Unknown None. Jade Mahi Mahi skin for Mahi Mahi. Big thanks to Not A Cat for the name suggestion. 274-7
Roosterfish Tacoco 293 75 Unknown None. Nematistius pectoralis, commonly known as the Roostefish. A cousin of the mahi-mahi named after its tall, peculiar dorsal fin which looks like a rooster comb. 293-7
Silver Mahi Mahi Ftyk 22161 75 Unknown None. Sometimes mahi mahi have a metallic silver coloration 22161-1
Striped Dolphinfish Doctorpus 895 60 Unknown None. made by MEGAmew 895-2

Seasonal Skins[ | ]

Seasonal skins can only be used in certain seasons, such as Christmas, Lunar New Year etc. They will disappear from the Store once the Season is over, but will be back next year, and remain in the player's inventory if they bought them.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Season Description Image
The M-800 manb_922 7669 0 Unknown Halloween Has been sent back in time to eat the fish before it can become the shark 7669-3
Passionate Pompano Random_Rhincodontid 20702 0 Unknown Valentine's Day This particular fish is always looking for love. Unfortunately, every time he tries to "target" someone, one or the other always ends up dying. It's a real tragedy. 20702-2

Unrealistic Skins[ | ]

Unrealistic skins are skins only usable on custom servers that allow using them. They are mostly spaced themed, or in some cases absurd in terms of the stat changes they provide.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Stat Changes Description Image
Steampunk Mahi Mahi requiemm 11944 50 Unknown None. None. 11944-1