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MEGAmew[ | ]


History[ | ]

Bartholomew meganston, also known as MEGAmew, is a famous british mob boss and an artist of the AAA game (we all know which one is worse). Born in 1875 as a 5 year old in New Hampshire, he began to make a living out of selling square fish he carved out of wood. As he got older, he got introduced into the New Hampshire crime scene. After years of brutal and hard work, he made it up the hierarchy and became a godfather or how you call it. Cruel and Smart, he outwitted the competition and was known and feared across the country. But after the opps pin pointed his location (Funky Fighters Basement), he got arrested. In Jail, life was tough. He made sure to never drop the soap and made connections with the prisoners.He also made Friends like robert, who is more commonly known as Megalon.After getting the opportunity, he planned a jailbreak with his friends. With the Jailbreak being successful, he fled to London. There, it all went good. The drug business was boomin , people liked the art he made and he was feared by all. After a mysterious incident tho, he vanished. People rumor that he is still lurking in London somewhere idk, with a knife firmly in his hand, waiting for his next opponents.