Jinty „Jinfonso“ Tinstone Capone El Hermano[ | ]

History[ | ]

Jinfonso, more commonly known as Jinty, is an infamous Mafia Boss of the Lobberman Mafia.

As a child, he was a (pro)digy, having insane skill in all games he played, like rock paper scissors and deeeep io. He worked as a Chipotle cashier at age 4.25 (in 4 BC), and had to earn his money by also winning deeeep tournaments. When he got into the mafia business stuff, he eliminated all but the crime family of MEGAmew (who is Jinty‘s greatest of rivals). Working with M.Sharkova and his Beaked Whale Assassins, he murdered a bunch of ppl for fun or smth. After an altercation with MEGAmew and Megalon, he lost an important fight and a lot of money. Like, all of it. Broke. Blank. No bank. This became known as the BBB heist. After this incident, he lost his sanity and refers to himself as Jane, always trying to find ways to get money and his friends back. (He tried rapping and making deeeep art, but with no success)