Free for All[ | ]

Free for All is the main game mode. This mode puts you on the main map with all the other users. You can choose to fight with other players or befriend them.

You can be any animal in this, with the exception of every AI animal.

Controls[ | ]

  • For PC users:
    • Use your mouse to move.
    • Click to boost normally.
      • Select animals have charged boost, which require you to hold down your left mouse button to execute.
    • Press the Enter key to chat.
    • Press the M key to hide other users' messages.
    • Press ESC to show the menu.
  • For mobile users:
    • Most of the controls are easy to pick up as they're easily right there for you to test.

Basics[ | ]

Food spawns around the map that you can eat. The type of food you can eat varies, and the amount of EXP you get also varies. To attack someone, bump at them. You can use your boost (by clicking) to dash forward (although this does vary depending on animal). Note that animals of the same type (not tier) cannot attack each other, with the exception of Tier 10 animals.

Spectating[ | ]

To spectate a game, type (GHOST) in the back of your name to become a Ghost. You are invincible and cannot be seen by other animals, but due to their charged boost inflicting poison, Lionfish can kill you. Stay away from them.

It should be noted you cannot become a Ghost in Pearl Defense, and you can only be a ghost after dying in Toxic Algae.

Old Version (v1)[ | ]

Old Version was designed to emulate the older style of; you automatically level up and can't choose your evolution, flappy ducks exist, and Whale is the last character you can level up to. Other than that, this mode is FFA but retro-styled. This was also removed in the v4/Snow and Below update, although you can see older versions of by going to

Team FFA[ | ]

Team FFA (abbreviated to TFFA, rarely Team Free for All) is another gamemode. It plays out very similarly to Free for All, with the exception being you can team up with other people in "swarms". This type of style can commonly lead to big team wars which often cause lots of people to die.

Playing by yourself in this game can be really tough because of all the teams you'd have to face, so it's highly recommended you join a team.

How do u join a team? IDK

Pearl Defense[ | ]

Pearl Defense is a gamemode revolving around taking the enemy team's pearl and taking it back to your home. Remoras will guard pearls and deal heavy damage to anyone on the enemy team so it's recommended you play bulky characters. You should not attempt to take the pearl yourself, you can easily be overwhelmed and killed as a result.

Toxic Algae[ | ]

Toxic Algae was a Battle Royale-themed gamemode that was removed in v4/Snow and Below update. You spawn on a map with 10+ other players and food EXP rates are more than doubled, allowing you to level up quickly. As time passed, the toxic algae will begin to close in on the map. Choose your animal wisely, you have to ensure your animal fits the biome the toxic algae centers itself on or you will die. The winner is determined by who lives last. You can't play this anymore.

1vs1[ | ]

1vs1 is a gamemode putting you in a small area with another player. You are limited to only Tier 10 animals and are forced to fight the other player. If the two players decide to stall out until the time limit is reached, Toxic Algae (not the gamemode) will begin to close in on the area, forcing the two to fight it out or die to the Toxic Algae.