Hermit crab shell is an object that spawn on coral reef, ocean near the terrain. It can spawn in secret caves sometimes too.

There are 9 types of shells with different shapes and colors.

Practise using[ | ]

Tier 1-5 animals only swim through it, but tier 6 and higher can gnaw shells to gain score and regain boosts.

Hermit crab (tier 4) can interact with shells and move them around. Different shells give 50%, 60% or 70% protection.

Glitches and bugs with hermit crab shells[ | ]

If you (hermit crab) jump in air from water with the shell and recharge boost many times, you will climb into air without oxygen losing. This no longer works though.

If hermit crab is hiding in a shell and manta ray swam nearby, camera will switch on the manta, but shell will stay on old place and manta's aura will not fill with hermit crab. After some time, camera will switch on the shell again, bit you cannot charge boost, and protection bonus will appear and disappear very fast. Usually, this bug disappears after 30-40 seconds.

Shell rarity and protection[ | ]

The different shells that you may find have different protection stats, the lowest protection stat you can find on a shell is 50% protection and the highest is 70%, the rarity of the shell also scales with the protection stat with 50% protection being the most common and the 70% protection being the rarest.

Shell chart