Health is an attribute that determines how close to death an animal is. This means if your animals reaches zero health or lower, it dies, leaving behind meat and a skeleton.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • All animals have this attribute, and is shown to all other animals as a green bar.
    • The bar can change color depending on what status effect is currently inflicted on the animal.
  • Health is reduced by taking damage (i.e. being hit by any animal), though health does regenerate.
  • Health can be restored by regeneration, eating any food, life steal, or abilities.
  • Your maximum health cannot be increased, as it is dependent on the animal you are playing as.
    • You can, however, speed up the regeneration of your health.
  • Health is one of the attributes shown in the bottom left corner, as a number next to a red plus.

Abilities[ | ]

This is a complete list of animals that can heal themselves or others with their passive / active abilities.

  • Icefish and axolotls can stay still to regenerate their health 3 times faster.
  • Vampire squids can convert damage into healing for themselves when hit, via their charged active ability.
  • Manatees can heal themselves via their charged ability to restore a third of their maximum health. All swamp animals in a small radius around a manatee will regenerate their health 3 times faster.
  • Any tier 1-5 animal near an Oarfish gets healed by 10% of their max health, except jellyfish.
  • Bull sharks with 50% health get a 10% life steal bonus, incrementing to 20% if on 25% health. The bull shark will heal a bit upon damaging the animal when it is active.
  • Sunfish have 15% life steal, and heal a bit upon damaging an animal.
  • A manta ray with an Icefish or Axolotl in their aura can stay still to regenerate their health 3 times faster. If a manta ray has a catfish in its aura, it makes healing gained from eating food heal more.
  • A humpback whale that uses its Heal Song regenerates their health 2.5 times faster.