Glitches[ | ]

The game is full of glitches. Some will not affect gameplay while others can disrupt the balance of different animals.

Not related to gamemodes[ | ]

A snake or a an anaconda standing on land in front of a tree will have its name tag flicker.

Evolve to Bobbit Worm, go to the lowest part of the map, try to go out the map by spam clicking boost while evolving to Frogfish or other sinking animals and you will leave the map and die due to temperature and pressure. This works with Ghost too by holding your boost and try to leave the map.

Piranhas and Whale Shark remoras sometimes got stuck in the ground.

King Crab can live in the whole deeeep. However, the evolution logo shows it cannot survive outside the arctic deeeeep.

Manta Ray won’t lose it attained abilities until they stop using them, even when the lost their animal boost. This means you can still hide in a beaver dam after you released a duck or a beaver from your aura as long as you don’t leave the beaver dam.

Typing a large chat message and pressing enter will make you move in a straight line regardless of direction for a while allowing you to swim backwards.

AI lampreys don’t have oxygen time limit. This means they can attach to birds without suffocating.

Gamemode Specific[ | ]

1v1[ | ]

The game will automatically choose an animal if you are not choosing. If this happens, the evolution button will not be removed.

Whale, (possibly only when sucking marlin) randomly while sucking, continually loses health.

FFA[ | ]

There's a glitch about flying whales involving floating in volcanoes.

Pearl Defense[ | ]

Animals will be slowed after airboosting with the pearl even after the pearl is retrieved. This effect can be removed by respawning.

Evolving right when the match ends will cause you to play as the animals you evolve to in the next match.

Being able to evolve further when the match ends will cause you to retain the evolve button even though you cannot really evolve to those animals.

You cannot evolve if you have just respawned and have not eaten any food even though there shall be no XP loss in respawning.

If you enter a match and choose an animal, quitting and rejoining the match later will somehow cause your evolution tier to reset after you die.

Anacondas using their ability next to the ground sometimes leaves the coil behind.