Giant Squid
Giant Squid
100% (Max 225% when you have 0 boosts, but holding an animal)
Walking speedSpeed
8.5 (total: 850)
8.0 (total: 160)
Armour pen.Armour Penetration
Size scale
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
60 (Water)
Temperature time
10 (Cold, Warm)
Pressure time
15 (Deep)
Salinity time
20 (Salt)
Sprite Designer
Ma Qiao Ting
Concept Creator

The Giant Squid (in game ID: giantsquid, abbreviation: GS) is one of the 34 Tier 10 Animals, the first animal living in deep waters in It is designed by Ma Qiao Ting[1] and the ability concept is made by DogJelly[2]. It is based on its real-life counterpart, Architeuthis dux which have legends about them attacking humans and dragging them into the water.

Mechanics[ | ]

Here is the list of mechanics that apply to Giant Squids intentionally in the game.

  • Giant Squids are one of the animals that a Humboldt Squid can evolve into, the other two being the Colossal Squid and the Giant Pacific Octopus. 48,000XP is required for a Humbolt Squid to evolve into these animals.
  • Giant Squids are Tier 10 Animals. This means that they are already at the edge of the evolutionary route and can’t evolve further.
  • Like most Tier 10 Animals, the Giant Squid is not able to damage or be damaged by Tier 1 Animals.
  • Giant Squids drop meat upon death.

Abilities[ | ]

Each animal have its own unique abilities, and the Giant Squid’s is one of the deadliest. Tales about it dragging prey down into the water is true, at least in

Active Abilities[ | ]

Like most animals in the game, the Giant Squid is able to dash boost. Left clicking [Mouse] , clicking on the spacebar [PC and laptop] or interacting with the ‘Boost’ button [Mobile] will cause it to impulse itself forward and if it hits a target, cause 200 damage

Aside from this, the Giant Squid also have a charged boost.

Name Image Charge Time Description
Grab Giant Squid Grab 0.6 seconds

Charging your boost before releasing will also make you dash forward. If you hit an animal which is Tier 5 and above at this state, you will be able to grab it. While grabbing, your back will follow the cursor instead and upon releasing, both you and the prey will receive knockback. The time you could drag your prey around is determined by the tier of the animal, while your movement speed during the grab is determined by your pressure bar (+75% speed [175% total] at full bar and +125% [225% total] at empty bar).

You are not able to grab ungrabbable animals (Whale, Cachalot, Whale Shark, Hippo, Humpback Whale, Basking Shark, Bowhead Whale and Piranha), or animals that are in an ungrabbable state (Shark, Sunfish, Slepper Shark, Goblin Shark Anaconda, Walrus, LBST, and Megamouth Shark). This ability concept is designed to let the Giant Squid drag prey into the Deeeep and let the surrounding pressure kill them.

Passive Abilities[ | ]

The Giant Squid currently have no passive abilities (which are abilities that do not need a boost to trigger).  

Suitable Habitats[ | ]

Each animal will at least have a habitat that is suitable for them to live in. Suitable habitats for a Giant Squid are Cold/Warm, Salt and Deep Waters.

  • If a Giant Squid enters a Shallow habitat, it will lose pressure.
  • If a Giant Squid enters a Fresh habitat, it will lose salinity.
  • If a Giant Squid goes to the surface of the water, it will lose oxygen

Food and Diet[ | ]

Foods are essential for an animal to evolve, heal and regenerate boosts. The table below shows the Diet of a Giant Squid.

Hiding Places[ | ]

Even the strongest animals had to hide to avoid danger or take a break. As a Tier 10 Animal, the only prop the Giant Squid can hide is the Giant Shipwreck.

Name Summary Image
Giant Shipwreck Generates in any biome, but have been found in the deep, swamp, and twilight kelp forest. All animals can hide here. Hiding places are ship windows and the crack. Big Boat

Skins[ | ]

Skins are cosmetics used to change an animal's looks. The table below shows the list of skins that can be used for the Giant Squid.

Conclusion[ | ]

The Giant Squid is widely considered as one of the most powerful animals in the game, and because of this, they are everywhere. They are able to grab, and aside of their initial ‘using the biome affiliations as an advantage’, they can use the grab to do various tricks. For example:

  • Upon releasing, the Giant Squid will be knocked away from the enemy. Experienced players face their backs towards food upon releasing, using this mechanic as a free boost to impulse themselves into food, healing themselves and regenerating their boosts.
  • As a grabber, the Giant Squid has to pin their victim in order to land hits and secure kills. Some players had learnt wall-pins or air-pins, trapping their prey and close every escape routes.

Their base stats are averagely strong as well, which makes it beat a lot of animals. In short words, the Giant Squid definitely needs a base stats nerf, as with weaker statistics, the Giant Squid has to be careful of their health bar and play smartly instead.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the early days of the Reef upgrade, The Colossal Squid had an ability like the Giant Squid, but could also roll tanks (like the Anaconda). It was considered redudant and removed.
  • When some tanks were added, it could grab them as a bug. Other grabbers had the same ability.
  • Before the Snow and Below update, it had the same stats as the Orca, except that it had Armor Penetration instead of Bleed Resistance

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