1.5 (150)
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
0 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds

The Ghost is the only Miscellaneous Animal. It is not able to interact with anything in the map and is mainly used to explore maps or spectating matches.

Introduction[ | ]

The Bajaus are mostly fishermen who have the ocean as a big part of their lives. They are also known to be very religious and superstitious. One of the things they believed in is that if a sea creature dies, its soul may return to the overworld to give the vast ocean one last look before ascending to heaven. These creatures are called Ghosts, they were not affected by the law of physics and can phase through anything at will. Humans and other creatures are not able to see ghosts, which may be the reason why people doubt its existence. Although humans are not able to see these creatures, it is said that if one falsely claims that he/she saw a ghost, the said person will receive the ability to see ghosts for real, or so the legend says…

Spawning[ | ]

  • To spawn as a Ghost in FFA or TFFA game modes, a player must type ‘(GHOST)’ in front of their nicknames or as their nicknames before joining a game. Keep in mind that the primes shall not be included, but the brackets do.
  • In the Toxic Algae game mode, players are able to click a button labeled ‘Spectate’ and rejoin the game as a Ghost. There is currently a bug which causes a spectator’s game to crash after the match ends. (The spectators are then not able to interact with any buttons except for the full screen one, and the current way to solve this problem is to refresh the page)
  • Players are currently not able to spawn as Ghosts in Pearl Defense and 1 vs 1 game modes.

Mechanics[ | ]

Here is the list of mechanics that apply to Ghosts intentionally in the game. However, the Ghost is a quite buggy animal, so please refer to Trivia for further information.

  • Ghosts are not able to interact with anything on the map, terrain, islands, props, food, anything. Which means that it can’t eat food, can’t hide, can’t be affected by effect props like whirlpools and is able to phase through terrains and islands at will.
  • Ghosts are invisible to every player except for other ghosts. However, despite being invisible, the messages sent by ghosts are still visible by players.
  • Ghosts are able to live in every biome. However, they still have their status bars deplete in some certain locations of the map.
  • Ghosts are not able to damage or be damaged by other animals in the game. However, they are only immune to direct damage, and can still be damaged and die in various occasions. Fuck you Lionfish. This article is the funniest article i have seem
  • If one no longer wants to spectate, they can press the “X” button on the top left of the screen or press the “E” key to kill themselves let themselves suffocate and return to the title screen.
  • There is a confirmed Easter egg for Ghosts. If a player sends “I saw” or “I see” in the chat, they will be able to see. These phrases are often referred as ‘The Word’.

Abilities[ | ]

Active Abilities[ | ]

  • Hold down left click to increase your speed by +100% (into 200%), doesn't require a boost.

Passive Abilities[ | ]

  • As a ghost, you are invisible to all animals except for other ghosts.
  • You can go through terrain and islands, and is not affected by props (hiding props, turbulent water, etc.), but will still be effected by currents.
  • You can pass through all animals.

Skins[ | ]

Yes, there are skins for Ghosts, and here is the list of them.(needs a page that explains about skins and shows the list of skins available.)

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Description Image
The Decaying Explunky 4599 25 coins March 31, 2021 insert happy music here
The Baited Bluefish 3462 45 coins February 4, 2021 Lovable albeit gullible
Sunken Spirit Bluefish 3448 50 coins March 18, 2021 He forgot he could breathe underwater
Phantom sirDangel 1400 50 coins December 8, 2020 Spoopy. The Ghost has the same hitbox of the Clownfish. This dead fish became a Spectre instead of a Skeleton.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Dying as a ghost will result in the death message ‘You forgot to breath’, which hints that ghost die through oxygen damage. This can be further proved in the Animal Statistic Database[1], as according to the info there, ghosts have 0 seconds oxygen time, which explains why a ghost’s death is immediate.
  • Recently, non-ghost players able to see ghosts even if they didn’t say the magic word. Some people suspected that ghosts become visible whenever they use a boost, which can be proved in some Toxic Algae match footages.
  • Ghosts are affected by currents, and many players exploit this feature to earn coins for free through a method called “AFK Ghost Farm”[2].
  • Ghosts are also affected by some animal’s abilities. For example, they can be slowed by an Atlantic Torpedo’s Aura, or be damaged by a Humpback Whale’s Songs (Ruin, Blast and Slow.) or a Lionfish’s Charged Boost. (cough Ghost Farmers ranting about Lionfish cough cough cough)
  • Ghosts can be spawned as an AI as well. User not a cat, Crabinet and Skins Board Manager who is also a professional mapmaker confirmed that he had actually placed two Ghost AIs in his map as a joke. (They can be easily identified by their "unnamed" name without parentheses for a while.)
  • Ghosts are also used for multiboxing (controlling multiple animals), usually pelicans and seagullsut there was also a report of a swarm of hammerheads.
  • Ghosts sometimes can someshing see and be killed by the players,cause was maybe a bug.
  • Ghosts can also be used as immobile obstacles Appears on submarine reefs,有1100HP.

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References[ | ]