This article is for basic, non specific tips

  • Some animals can jump out of the water into the air!
  • If you are trapped on land with no boosts, spam the boost button in either direction diagonally upwards to move back into the water. This works for any non-walking creature, even ones that can't normally boost, if you are going to land on a preferably flat island at high speeds after a surface boost, do not stop, try to aim your side to the ground and spam click, this will make you carry your jump momentum and allow you to escape extremely fast.
  • Make sure to try out every creature before settling on one. You may discover one you prefer over another.
  • If you see a higher tier animal that has low health, don’t be hesitate to give them a great (and nasty) ambush! It is high risk, high reward action which may skip the frustrating evolution away. (reminder that tier 1 animals cannot hurt tier 10 animals)
  • Go for the correct biome, or you will suffer damage from salinity, pressure, or temperature (see biomes for more information.)
  • All creatures between tier 1 to 6, penguins, manatee and oarfish can do a “sweep” of the seabed, which gives you tons of XP faster than hunting, though on a less popular region, eating the green dots gives even more.
  • Be careful for your opponents’ heads. Remember, animals win by biting!
  • Activating a boost at or above the surface, for most animals, even those without regular boost but not all, will cause your animal to travel extremely far, extremely fast in the air, this can be used for easy escapes or fast traveling but beware where you land. you can even chain these boosts by boosting again when about to fall, it's like an OP double jump. Also, spam boosting with no boosts will accelerate you to the direction you are facing.
  • Some animals have abilities that requires to charge a boost, it depends on what animal it is but usually the charged boost is the better one you will want to always use so keep it prepared by maintaining the spacebar pressed to trigger it, or by holding left click without waiting. For example, an orca can boost + grab with its charged boost. This does not apply to all animals. For example, the humpback whale, which requires combination of charged and uncharged boosts to use abilities.
  • You will always boost towards your mouse (except when you release your grabbed target as a Giant Squid), your boost has a certain distance, positioning your mouse at a distance from yourself that is lesser than your boost will cause you to perform the boost and immediately turn the other way. This maneuver can be used to surprise opponents and pursuers.
  • This is not an easy game! Don't quit when you are first eaten, since when you respawn you will gain free XP. Keep trying and maybe you will make it to tier 10!
  • Try out all the different Gamemodes, and see which ones you like.
  • Status effects can be your friend, or your enemy, depending on who's inflicting them. Below is a simple list of what all the effects do:
    • Poison and bleed deal damage every second. Some animals have resistance to them.
    • Electroshock and stun briefly immobilize anyone inflicted with it. Electroshock can spread to other animals touching the shocked animal, and does very little damage multiple times. Both immediately end any charged boosts being held by the animal inflicted.
    • Suffocation from an Anaconda will make the inflicted animal slowly sink to the seabed, while also taking 50 damage per second, and rapidly losing oxygen. Shake rapidly to escape!
    • Losing your buoyancy from a Coconut Crab's charged boost will make the inflicted animal slowly sink to the seabed. If the animal has to get oxygen from above the surface of the water, it will lose oxygen quickly.
    • Flash / Blindness from Megamouth Sharks and Octopi respectively, will reduce the inflicted animal's vision.