not to be confused with garythegar (,) the legendary gar player connected to a small series of humorous forum posts proclaiming how great garythegar was. This article focuses instead on the fanfiction character which was likely birthed from this event and person, but bears no resemblence to the actual player.


GarytheGar is an character that was created by Filbert sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. What started out as a joke, soon evolved into a popular phenomenon as he appeared in's Forum numerously ever since. There is also a lost episode which would qualify as the definitive first episode. Unfortunately it is lost in the endless clutter of Forum posts but its contents stay intact. It was most likely titled "GarytheGar's Pearl Quest". The story revolved around GarytheGar who was referenced to sound like Mickey Mouse by one forum user and basically went to the deep biome to find a mystical pearl, or so he thought. When in fact it was just the light of an angry Anglerfish. The story ends and the rest is history.

First Debut:

One of GarytheGar's first non-satirical appearances was in a forum post titled garythegar vs. larrythemegamouth ( It was posted shortly after a user named Filbert was banned. It's probably safe to say that this is the first episode of GarytheGar, but do to its drastic layout and lack of real story it is more like Episode #0 if anything. The post pits two of the most popular "character anomalies" of that time. Note: Character anomalies are original characters that forum users created for humor posting or exist in the GarytheGar universe in general. There were mixed opinions on who would reign victorious, but ultimately the majority ruled out that GarytheGar would canonically beat LarrytheMegamouth.

💥 garythegar plays Pearl Defense 💥

Summary: ( Episode #2, maybe. GarytheGar joins the Red Army to help aid them claim pearls for their side in the Great Fish War. Characters like WaltertheWrasse and WilltheWhaleshark make their first canon appearance in this story. GarytheGar recklessly charges behind enemy lines and is assaulted by a group of impish Remora. Upon gaining consciousness Gary realizes that his team lost the battle and asks Walter if he still had the schematics for a secret weapon he was shown earlier. The story prominently ends on a cliff hangar and sets up for what will soon be the first and only trilogy in the series... so far.

💥 garythegar plays Pearl Defense: Part 2 💥

Summary: ( Episode# 3, definitely. The story starts off with WaltertheWrasse unveiling his patented robot The Sand-Man™. OlivertheOrca boasts about having tight defenses around their perimeter until he spots the Red team's huge statue-like robot... that's made of sand. Oliver then orders his teammate BarrytheBask to quote "nuke it." Walter then activates The Sand-Man™ and orders it to destroy the Green Team's forces. All goes south however when The Sand-Man™ glitches just when they're about to reign victorious and immobilizes the Red Team as well. The story ends on yet another cliffhanger with implications of GarytheGar's demise.

💥 garythegar plays Pearl Defense 3: Fishmageddon 💥

Summary: ( Episode #3. So the story starts with a little plot exposition from GarytheGar who then realizes that The Sand-Man™ intended on selling both the Red and Green teams to an Aquarium on the Black Market. Gary then gives a short charismatic speech that rallies the opposing Green Team to their cause. After escaping, thanks to BarrytheBask blowing up the cell. As The Sand-Man™ terrorizes the ocean, Gary and friends show up surprising the confusing The Sand-Man™. He claims that he is invincible and plans on stopping them regardless of their freedom until Gary uses the four Sacred Pearls and friendship to conquer the sandy menace. After defeating The Sand-Man™ and saving the world, both groups cheer for Gary in celebration of their new alliance.

☀️ GarytheGar's Summer Vacation ☀️

Summary: ( Episode #4. This episode is basically a glorified Summer special that introduces a new character named BlippytheBloop. This new guy helps Gary get to his vacation spot, the Great Barrier Reef. Gary is a tad bit skeptical at first when he senses Blippy may not be taking him exactly where he wanted to go and soon realizes Blippy lured him into taking a shortcut that's infested with toxic algae. Gary saw no way out and was sure it would be the end of them until Blippy spotted a small opening and leaded Gary out of harms way and into the Great Barrier Reef. At the end of this story Gary asks if Blippy would like to vacation with him as a way of saying thanks. Blippy replies with "Sure, sounds like fun." and the story ends.

GarytheGar Downloads Client

Summary: ( Episode 5 marks the golden age of GarytheGar posts whereas he's at his most popular. The stories are a lot shorter in comparison to past posts but still have the same cliche that makes GarytheGar great. The structure of the stories also took inspiration from a Forum User by the name of FishDeep. The actual story begins with GarytheGar ranting about how he's tired of getting beat up by teaming players in FFA. He then proceeds to his computer to download client. Note: Client is a helpful tool that's able to debug the game for a better experience. It can be used to break the game and make teamers wet their pants. He's then bombarded with a message that states he'll possibly contract 89,746 viruses if he downloaded client. Gary obviously ignores this and proceeds to download. His computer then explodes causing Gary to learn a valuable lesson about internet safety.

GarytheGar talks to Giphy

Summary: ( In episode 6 GarytheGar starts a light conversation with a "seemingly" normal ppenguin named Giphy. Gary then proceeds to explain to Giphy that other sea creatures didn't like him/her and waited to hear Giphy's response to what he just said. Giphy says nothing until Gary prompts him/her to see what Giphy thought and to Gary's surprise Giphy gave him an answer that he would never forget.

🪦The Death of GarytheGar🪦

Summary: ( Episode 7 was a special episode in which GarytheGar finds himself above the clouds in heaven where he meets the Holy Duck (which is basically god) who explains to Gary that his posts weren't funny and totally cringe which is the result of him dying, Gary then begged and pleaded for his return to life and after a bit of convincing managed to gain the Holy Duck's support and popped back into existence.

🌊 GarytheGar starts a Raid 🌊

Summary: ( Episode 8 shouldn't be considered a real episode but rather a collaborative event that was held June 15, 2023. Basically GarytheGar becomes bored to death by the lack of intriguing forum posts and decides to hold the "biggest Gar raid in history." This ends sourly however when he realizes no one showed up to participate. The event was real and and more than a dozen people showed up to save the date. Another post congratulated the people who decided to join and refers to them having saving Gary's raid from disaster.

GaryTheGar: The Movie

Summary: ( Gary The Gar's first movie featured him on an adventure of the lifetime when he's forced to fight a Leviathan that's terrorizing the seas. He evntually gets more than he bargains for when he's faced with a world-eating monster called Grongulus. This Movie marks the end of the golden age for the GaryTheGar craze. Though the impact he left on the Forum is hardly gone.