Free For All (FFA) is one of the six game modes in the game of In this game mode, players, as small Tier 1 Animals at first; must survive, eat food and gain XP to evolve into stronger creatures. Players will end up being a Tier 10 Animal, which has the ability to challenge other creatures and even dominating the ocean!

Rules and Gameplay[ | ]

The text below shows how the Free for All game mode is different from others.

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  • In the FFA game mode, the top left corner of the screen shows the player with the highest score from each main biome (Arctic, Deeeep, Swamp, Ocean). This is called the ‘Biomes Leaderboard’.
  • At the top right corner of the screen (under pings and FPS troubleshoot) is the Leaderboard. It shows the Top 10 Players with the highest score (along with their score and the animals they are using).
  • All Basic Mechanics apply to this game mode.
  • The score you gained, the number of players you killed, the time you survived for, how many boost you used will be recorded. They will be showed to you in a menu after your death, along with the coins that you can receive, the animals you evolve into, the time you took to evolve from one animal to another and the cause of your death (If you die to a player, the player’s information will be displayed).
  • If a player joins in the same server again after his/her death, the score of their previous run will be reset, but some of their XP is kept, allowing them to evolve for a little, helping them to save time.

Objectives[ | ]

The major goal of the FFA game mode is to ascend to the Leaderboard, get as much score and kills; while surviving as long as you can to earn coins. There are no limitations to it: You can play for as long as you want and could, unless if an update is implemented, resulting in a Mass Extinction. Upon dying, your score, kills, and time played will be transferred into coins, which are later added to your account. For every 100K score you get/ 5 kills you get/ 5 minutes you play for, you will receive a coin.

Death by Oxygen Depletion

Gallery[ | ]

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