The forums (called as Forum in are where players can create posts and comments, as well as upvote or downvote them, essentially making the Forums a built-in Reddit (albeit without being able to post images, skins for animals, art, etc.)

A notable feature of the forums is that there is a forum for each language available to choose in the Settings. However, many language options don't have a forum.

Categories[ | ]

The forums offers 5 different categories, which you can use one to tag your post with.

  • General, which is the default tag for posts.
  • Bug, used for posts talking about glitches or errors in the game.
  • Suggestion, used for posts suggesting a feature or change for the game.
  • Question, used for posts just consisting of a question.
  • Humor, used for joke posts.

There is also the Pinned tag, which only Moderators and Administrators can assign to posts.

User Roles[ | ]

Some players have "roles" that signify their status in the forums:

  • Banned user: this player is banned from the Forums, but NOT entirely.
  • Moderator: this player is a moderator, however besides being able to pin posts, it is unknown what they can actually do
  • Administrator: only fedeio is known to have it, however, like the Moderator role, it is unknown what the role actually does

History[ | ]

The earliest post made in the English Forum is, which was made by fedeio and was pinned. However, it was deleted and unpinned, presumably by a hacker (pi). It is still accessible with the link above, and the comments are also still available.

Gallery[ | ]