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The green checkmark at the end of a developer's username.


The old verified developer mark.

Developers are users that have contributed to the community's development in some way. They can be recognized by the green checkmark at the end of their username. Retired developer KingOfSeas states that the best way to become a trustworthy developer is by "loving the community. you do you as a dev, u know". There have been several other 'verified developer' signs, but only one has been screenshotted and posted publicly. The reason it was replaced with the simple green checkmark was because many people among the developer team believed that it could easily be copied, making it easy for players to be mislead by impostors.

List Of Developers (Unfinished)[ | ]

The following section is a list of verified and screenshotted developers in no particular order. Not all developers have been spotted and verified by Wiki members, and with that being said this list is incomplete and still being worked on.

-KingOfSeas (Retired)

-CoolConquest (Active)

-Ouwi (Active)

-gh0stcrabe (Retired)

-deeeepVoyager (Active)

-YoMamaSoDeeeep (Active)