Advertisement has 4 subreddits where people can post updates of the game, artworks,skins and other.

The main subreddit:r/ is a place where (mostly) bug encounters, memes and reworks of animals are getting posted. artworks: on this subreddit there are artworks of animals that are not in the game already, the maker of picks one of them out and places it into the game. skins: this subreddit is all about the skins of the animals in the game, it is where people can give artworks of animal skins, just like artworks, the maker of picks some skins and put it in the game mapmaker: with this subreddit people can post Maps of made with the mapmaker, once in a time there is a competition which all about the maps and one of them gets chosen for the game.

There are also discord-servers linked to the subreddits.