While no official browser extensions have been made for, there have been a few instances of user-made extensions designed to add extra touches to game to satisfy user experiences. This article lists some of the most notable instances[1].

Active[ | ]

For extensions that currently have active development going, or are/were finished.

DocAssets[ | ]

DocAssets is a free texture pack extension designed to add a smoother touch to It was created by pristeened artist Doctorpus, and the steps to download it can be found on the article listed. Many players use DocAssets thanks to its simple texturing and neat art style.

Inactive[ | ]

For extensions that may be finished, however have endured a lack of development or updates. Thus, they do not work when used. BGM[ | ]

Created by SilvertheSnakebird (now known as "the letter b"), this relic of an extension is unfortunately lost. As it states, it allows users to insert audio files into the extension, and it would play said music wherever said audio file was listed.

The extension is currently being revived to be implemented into the Desktop Client.

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Notes[ | ]

  1. Not every single extension that exists will be mentioned. There may be others, but this article just lists the most notable ones.