Animals outdated! why?[ | ]

So I love, I always have, and I still play it a LOT. The problem is that the animals page is sooo outdated and unorganized (especially with the new reef update). Can we get some more people go through and update it, or fix some of the mistakes? Thanks. I'll continue doing as much as I can.

Exploiting a glitch[ | ]

Dear whoever looks at this, There are a few people in the game of who are using a glitch in the game to get free food and, for example, get to a 30 million score on the leaderboard. I feel that the is unfair to others who play respectfully. The glitch is on iceberg right next to the "border" between the arctic and semi-arctic. It is to the right of the igloo on that iceberg. If you bite in that area you get free food and can level up very fast. I hope that whoever looks at this fixes it. Thanks.

There seems to be something wrong with the store, I have 155 coins and went to purchase an eagle skin but it broke. It won't register me clicking the button and doesn't buy even if I have enough. I've tried refreshing, still doesn't work.

Shop Bug!![ | ]

I've been trying to buy stuff with coins, I have enough, but it wont buy! Then, later, it takes the amount of coins out of my account but doesn't give me the skin. I've wasted so many coins trying to get it to work, please help!