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The Desktop Client, abbreviated as DDC, is a fan-made client for, created by avid coder SirReadsALot. It contains a handful of features designed to enhance user experience, and reception has generally been positive, with known names in the community using it.

Current/Planned Features[ | ]

Current features[ | ]

  • An asset swapper. While using it can be meticulous at times, it does remove the need to buy skins via the shop.
  • Rich Presence with Discord
  • Built-in extension store
  • Integration of docassets and an in-game evotree

Planned Features[ | ]

  • Newer asset-swapper (in which, you can swap multiple assets at once and it's more easier to use)
  • An adblocker. Serves the purpose its name suggests; to block ads.
  • Modified censorship to better prevent obscenities from being thrown around
  • Plugins that can be downloaded from SRAL's plugin repository on github (does not exist, yet)
  • Integration of BGM

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