Advertisement you gain points by eating food and the meat of other players. Hide in different terrains and evolve your animal to get new and better high scores.

Description[ | ]

In the game, you start as a fish, and eat XP sources to evolve into new animals. Several biomes exist in the game, including the Ocean, Reef, Kelp Forest, Arctic Ocean, Estuary, Swamp, and Lake. Each of these biomes has its own unique evolutions and XP sources. There is also a Deeeep Ocean, which spans underneath all the mentioned biomes. A variety of animals exist in the game, from sharks to birds, whales, and turtles.

Tier 1 animals (meaning the tier that the player spawns in as) don't drop XP upon death, and they cannot be killed directly by Tier 10 animals. Once a player reaches a Tier 8 evolution (meaning they have evolved 7 times), they are limited to picking a certain evolution after that. All players that are the same animal cannot hurt each other until they reach the Tier 10 evolution.

There are several game modes for the game:

Islands exist in the game, whether it be icebergs of the Arctic (home to Walruses and Polar Bears), or tropical islands of the Oceans filled with apple and coconut trees, which are home to Seagulls, Crabs, and others. Sometimes, you can find tunnels and air pockets in the ground, which lead to deep water caves.

The Swamp is full of Lily Pads, Beaver Dams, and flying Fireflies and Dragonflies (NPCs.) Crocodiles swim in the water, disguised as beaver dams, and snakes climb trees, trying to bite ducks with its poisonous fangs.