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In, you can die from getting hurt too much and your HP value going to 0. If amount of HP is less than damage, HP will also be dropped to 0.

Methods of death (of playable animals)[ | ]

Killing[ | ]

Different animals are able to use different abilities to kill other animals or hide from enemies.

When a player kills another animal they regenerates some health, and gain a portion of their victim's XP.

Dying yourself[ | ]

There isn't a special death animation in the game. When an animal dies, it drops meat. The amount of meat dropped depends on the tier of the animal killed. Tiers 1-2 (excluding lamprey) don't drop anything, and only will provide XP to the animal that killed them.

Animals can die from:

  • Another animal's attack (simple)
  • Poisoning (incurring poison)
  • Suffocation (unknown, possibly connected to oxygen/pressure, see below)
  • Oxygen damage (running out of oxygen)
  • Salinity damage (draining your salinity meter)
  • Pressure damage (did anyone tell you to go into the deeeep as a god damn sea otter?)
  • Temperature damage (absolute zero)
  • Bleeding out (death via loss of blood, presumably to those stupid narwhals)

Death among AI animals and ghosts[ | ]

  • All AIs except remoras and LMJs: they can be killed by players. In this scenario player will gain XP. If AI inadvertently comes into the zone, where it loses pressure/oxygen/other parameters, it has probability of dying there. Fact: while killing pollocks, sardines ad other small AI fishes, 1-4 tier animals are knocbacked for each hit, but 5-10 tiers can smash into entire flocks of them without any knockback.
  • LMJs (Lion's mane jellyfishes) : they also can be defeated, but they drop meat around, unlike other AI animals.
  • Remoras: this AI is unvulnerable and cannot be defeated by player's bites. On the other hand, remoras are instantly dying after their attack. Remoras, however, can be hurt by other damage sources: Leatherback turtle's shield, poison coming from LMJ's tentacles, losing all its oxygen.
  • Ghosts are eliminating theirselves after too much AFKing time (In the Snow and Below Beta, death reason is pressure).

Consequences of death (Snow and Below Beta)[ | ]

From player's point of view[ | ]

Player, who is facing death, will lose all of his HP and XP. After the death moment the special Death screen will be displayed. There is 4 special death screens: one for FFA and TFFA, one for Toxic Algae, one for 1v1 and one for Pearl Defence. If this player will go into FFA/TFFA next time, if he died in this gamemode recently, near a half of XP will be saved.

From other's point of view[ | ]

  • In case of first tier animal dead: animal sprite and hitbox will disappear. If killed by other player, killer won't get nor XP nor counted kill. Friedly fire is turned for the bites of T10 animals: T10s cannot bite T1s and T1s cannot bite T10s.
  • In case of 2-8 tier animal dead: animal sprite and hitbox will disappear. If animal had enough XP, meat will appear around. If killed by other player, killer will get some XP and a counted kill. On every 5 kills he can obtain 1 deepcoin. Amount of meat dropped by animal depends on its tier - the higher tier drops more meat.
  • In case of 9-10 tier animal dead: The same thing will happen as with death of 2-8 tiers, but with one difference: skeleton is appearing every time when 9-10T animal dies. Skeletons are entities: they are rapidly falling down in the water/air and standing stable on the ground. While falling, skeletons are completely invincible: any attack does not affect them, while all animals can pass through them. When skeleton is landed, it becomes vulnerable. Tiers 1-7 are able to gnaw it now, gaining small amount of XP on every hit. Skeletons sizes and HP can be different. Examples dropped by massive animals (like cachalot) are big and have a lot of HP; at the same time, piranha's skeleton is very small and has as much HP as tier 1 animals have (but it is not exactly). All skeletons are using the same texture. Nickname of the dead player is displayed above the skeleton. You can find your own remnants in FFA/TFFA!

How to avoid death[ | ]

  • Do not go into too risky situations. It is the most common reason of deaths among players.

History[ | ]

Death is one of the oldest game mechanics and was included in its first version.