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The Controls in are relatively simple. Your animal is controlled by your mouse and swims in the direction of your cursor (joystick/drag finger whenever on mobile. If you do not have any boost, boost and charge boost will not work (except in specific scenarios)

Controls in water:

  • The animal swims in the direction of your cursor (joystick)
  • Click to boost/use ability.
  • Hold to charge boost (some animals)

Controls on land + underwater land:

  • If you are a walking animal, you will automatically enter the walk state when on land. Your animal will walk towards the cursor.
  • If you are a non-walking animal, you will need to click on land to slowly hop around. This will not take up boosts.
  • If you are a walking animal, hold to jump. This will not take up boosts.
  • If you are a walking animal, click to slash. Your animal will produce a slash towards the cursor.
  • Some walking animals can fully charge a boost to perform a special land attack.

Other controls:

  • Press 'M' to mute the chat. Type /mute [player number] in chat to mute a specific player. Type /muted in chat to see who you've muted.
  • Press 'T' to open the team tab (in TFFA)
  • Press 'Esc' to escape the server into the homepage. Note that while doing this, you are AFK in the game. If you do not change servers, it is possible to press 'play' and continue playing.
  • Press right click while presing left click to cancel a charging boost
  • Press 'Enter' to open the chat box. Type speech in the chat box and press enter again to display it in the game.
  • Scroll to zoom in/out.
  • You can use number keys to select an animal when evolving without the mouse.