The concept of being a competitive game has existed for about as long as the game has been out. Community-ran tournaments and events have been organized for a long while, and there is an active community of people who participate.

History[ | ]

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Tournaments[ | ]

Official tournaments do not exist, however community-made ones have existed and have drawn people's attention. Tournaments have primarily been held in the official Discord server, as such all competitors are encouraged to join there.

A tournament named "Get On My Level" (potentially a nitpick at the popular Super Smash Bros tournament of the same name) was formerly planned by an unknown person, but never came to fruition.

Format[ | ]

Most tournaments are held in a single-elimination format, which stipulates that once a person loses a set to another, they are out of the tournament. In this type of format, players are seeded into specific places where they will then fight another person. The winning player moves on to the next seed, and so-on so-forth until the "finals". Here, whoever wins takes home the win.

If a tournament is double-elimination, a player will be knocked into "losers' bracket" upon loss in "winners' bracket". Once a player then loses in losers' bracket, they're out of the tournament. At the end of the tournament (being, the "grand finals"), the players coming from wins in winners' finals and losers' finals will fight. If the player coming from losers' side (indicated by [L]) beats the person from winners' side (indicated by [W]), in "set 1", then the "true grand finals" will commence, where whoever wins is the true winner.

Tournaments are typically held in a top 64 bracket, which means placements will be in the following order:

  • 1st (winner)
  • 2nd (runner-up)
  • 3rd (bronze)
  • 4th (only if double-elimination, if someone loses in "losers' semifinals" )
  • 5th (2 players)
  • 7th (2 players)
  • 9th (4 players)
  • 13th (4 players)
  • 17th (8 players)
  • 25th (8 players)

...and so on so forth.

Extra[ | ]

Tournaments typically run in 1vs1, which while it may seem easy to match up with your opponent, is actually a lot harder, corroborated by the removal of private matches in the Reef update. As a result, tournament organizers have to pick seclusive times to begin tournaments.

Reception[ | ]

It is unknown what Fedeio thinks of the competitive scene, as it is still, mostly in its infancy, and hasn't attracted enough people to make it a true part of the community.