Clownfish are fish, and small fish. Fish keep water in to oxygen. Fish oxygen is good in to shark to slowfish.

Walking speedSpeed
1.5 (total: 150)
1.0 (total: 20)
Size scale
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
20 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds
Sprite Designer
Concept Creator

The Clownfish (in game ID: fish) is one of the six Tier 1 Animals a player can choose to start as in It’s one of the first animals added to the game, and like the other animals that were released along it, its designer and concept maker are not credited (because The Developer made it himself). It has an orange body with a single white stripe, which resembles its real-life counterpart, members of the Family Amphiprioninae[1].

Buffs[ | ]

  • You gain +15% more speed if it is swimming near other clownfishes. this buff is stackable, but it gain also a little damage (speed +15% - 105% and more).
  • Immune to ocean corals.

Mechanics[ | ]

Here is the list of mechanics that apply to the Clownfish intentionally in the game (As of the FFA gamemode).

  • The Clownfish is a Tier 1 Animal which is at the bottom of the Evolutionary Tree, meaning that there are no existing animals that evolve into them.
  • Clownfish evolve into Crabs. 4,000 XP is needed for the former to evolve into the later.
  • Like other Tier 1 to Tier 8 Animals, the Clownfish is not able to damage or be damaged by their own kind.
  • Like most Tier 1 Animals, the Clownfish is not able to damage or be damaged by the Oarfish and Tier 10 Animals in any way.
  • Clownfish do not drop meat upon death, like other animals on its tier. Instead, they grant XP to the animal who killed them.

Abilities[ | ]

Each animal has its own unique abilities, and even the small Clownfish has a few tricks of its own. Its speed increases as it swims with its fellow kind, using the power of teamwork to escape from predators (definitely not teaming).

Active Abilities[ | ]

  • Like most animals in the game, the Clownfish is able to dash boost. Normal boosting as a Clownfish will cause you to impulse yourself forward. Targets hit by a dashing animal will receive +25% damage (in this case, ) .

Passive Abilities[ | ]

  • If a Clownfish swims near another clownfish (even if the individual is an AI), it will gain a +15% speed boost. This ability is stackable, but the maximum value of the speed boost is +50% (meaning that if you swim along with four clownfish, you should get a +60% boost but you’ll get a +50% boost instead since it cannot exceed that value). This is probably a reference of the species’ schooling behaviour in real life.
  • The Clownfish is also immune to slowing corals.

Suitable Habitats[ | ]

Each animal will at least have three types of habitat that is suitable for them to live in. The biome they are in must have at least one similar trait out of each habitat class for it to be suitable for the animal to live in. Suitable habitats for a Clownfish are Warm, Salt and Shallow Waters.

  • If a Clownfish leaves a Warm habitat, it will lose temperature.
  • If a Clownfish leaves a Salt habitat, it will lose salinity.
  • If a Clownfish leaves a Shallow habitat, it will lose pressure.
  • If a Clownfish gets out of the water, it will lose oxygen.

Food and Diet[ | ]

Foods are entities that are essential for an animal to gain experience, evolve, heal and regenerate boosts. The table below shows the Diet of a Clownfish. [unfinished]

Name Image Can be eaten by XP Common Spawn Locations Other information
Every animal in the game 250 Everywhere Designed to spawn in bodies of water
Arctic, Deeeep
Reef Food
Reef Food
Animals Tier 1 to Tier 6 (except Lamprey,) Oarfish, Penguin, Manatee, Frogfish and Coconut Crab 65 Everywhere Designed to spawn on the floor, but is also widely used on Artic Trees to act like holiday garlands
Yellow Algae
Yellow Algae
Reef Algae
Reef Algae
Dam Food
Animals Tier 1 to Tier 7, Bald Eagle, Tiger Shark, Leatherback Turtle and Sea Turtle 43 Spawns automatically in the roots of Beaver Dams Cannot be spawned manually with the mapmaker
Volcano Food
All animals except lamprey ? Shot out of volcanoes automatically Aside from granting XP, it also replenishes your temperature bar by 1 second upon being eaten, only for animals that cannot live in the cold
Animals Tier 1 to Tier 7, with the exception of Lamprey and Pelican ? Spawn out of apple trees or swamp trees. The props spawn these foods automatically without needing the mapmaker to manage them, but can still spawn elsewhere in the control of the mapmaker.
Animals Tier 1 to Tier 7, with the exception of Lamprey and Pelican ? Spawn out of berry bushes.
Bird Poop
Bird Poop
All animals except for lampreys and pelicans ? Spawns underneath seagulls every ten seconds. Can't be spawned manually with a mapmaker
Stonefish Barbs
All animals except for the Stonefish who spawned it 0 Spawns in numbers of three whenever a Stonefish dash boosts. Upon being eaten, the barbs deal 75 damage each, and poisons the animal who ate them for 4 seconds (unstackable). They despawn upon being eaten or after four seconds.


Every animal in the game 1000 Spawns wherever a Tier 2 to Tier 10 Animal die, along with bones Major food and XP source for all animals.
Anglerfish Bait Anglerfish All Animals except for the Anglerfish who spawned it 0 Spawns infront of an Anglerfish when it is stationary (as its passive ability). No fixed look, resembles the last food the Anglerfish eats. It does nothing too, but the Anglerfish will deal twice as much damage (100x2, therefore 200) to the animal that ate it

Hiding Places[ | ]

Hiding Places are props that allow animals to hide. Each animal has different hiding places that are suitable for them. At most cases, the bigger the animal, the fewer the Hiding Places they can interact with. Below are the Hiding Places that can be used for the Clownfish.


Strategies[ | ]

-Due to Crabs walking on land, it's a lot worse at combat due to it having to rely on a finicky slash attack, unless they're swimming which they're slow at. Therefore, you can beat them about 80% of the time.

Skins[ | ]

Skins are cosmetics used to change an animal's looks, or sometimes, an animal’s biome or size statistics slightly. The table below shows the list of approved skins that can be used for the Clownfish.

Non-seasonal Skins[ | ]

Non-seasonal skins can be used in every time of the year. They are mostly based on real-life species, or adjectives such as 'Battle-Scarred' or 'Dark'.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Stats Changing Description Image
Orange Clownfish sirDangel 570 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 20 December, 2020 False Classic Orange Clownfish (smaller left fin is a reference to Nemo). EDIT: smaller eyes. The old sprite has awkwardly large eyes. Orangeclownfish
Maroon Clownfish Doctorpus 892 5 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 26th November, 2020 by u/_KingCrab Maroonclownfish

Seasonal Skins[ | ]

Seasonal skins can only be used in certain seasons, such as Christmas, Lunar New Year etc. They will disappear from the Store once the Season is over, but will be back next year, and remain in the player's inventory if they bought them.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Season Description Image
Peppermint Fish Doctorpus 1634 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 13th December, 2020 Chirstmas Minty goodness Peppermintfish
Candy Corn Fish Doctorpus 165 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 19th November, 2020 Halloween The perfect treat for any shark. Candycornfish
Christmas Bell SirReadsALot 9342 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 11th December, 2021 Christmas N/A Christmasbell
Doubloon Fish Poborski 8571 3 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 25th December, 2021 Lunar New Year It's believed that this Doubloon brings wealth and luck, that's why you should always carry it with you! 45yr6i2n8s781
ChocolateFish Nicc 4831 0 4f09f15223392e3a5a92e284228ee53b 11th February, 2022 Valentine's Day Eat the Chocolate Fish become the uhhhhhhhhhh Uh7psfoxwvo61

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Clownfish is one of the animals which have names different than their in-game IDs.
  • The Clownfish is one of the first few animals to be added into the game. In fact, it was one of the two animals that are used in the game’s icon, other than the Shark.
  • The Clownfish also exist as a coin symbol. Shiny!
  • In 1v1, players most likely spawn as a Clownfish which is invisible or in an unknown location upon joining a server. This can be proved because the player’s icon is a Clownfish at the start. There are also cases where players spawn as a Clownfish RIGHT INSIDE the match. Theory suggested that the Clownfish can evolve straight into Tier 10 Animals only in 1v1.[2]

References[ | ]