Note[ | ]

This changelog is out of date, there are lots of updates that happened after November 9th, 2017. The latest features in include the Wolf Eel, Nappoleon Wrasse, the Bowhead Whale, map wrapparound, and more! For the most recent updates, see the changelog section on the home page of Older changelog starts below:

November 9th, 2017[ | ]

Relatively small update before the big ones:

New gamemode: 1v1

  • Fight against other players and get the longest winning streak!
  • Whether the gamemode stays or leaves depends on your feedback!


  • Optimization and various fixes
  • Leaderboard bug fixed (hopefully)
  • Whaleshark's remoras can't be killed or captured by whales

September 12th, 2017[ | ]


  • Fixed slowness bug

PD & Toxic Algae:

  • Manta copies life increased to 3 minutes

September 10th, 2017[ | ]


  • Manta changes: Animals that leave its aura leave a copy (invulnerable) that lasts 1 minute. 
  • Added more animal boosts. (Pathos316's idea)
  • Snake has 17 seconds of oxygen, loses it 3 times faster when attached (HDMemes idea)
  • Fixed leaderboard problem

Toxic Algae:

  • Fixed bug that caused Snakes drones to attack when not in attack mode

September 3rd, 2017[ | ]


  • Piranha can move to right of screen

Toxic Algae:

  • Fixed piranha attacking each other
  • Other fixes

September 2nd, 2017[ | ]


  • Reduced boost regen, food HP, and manatee heal skill when outside safe zone
  • Squid and Ray can only hide for 10 seconds - Some other fixes.


  • Eagles only see enemy animals
  • Whales won't suck allies
  • Improved UI according to HDMemes's idea


  • Pollock count reduced, XP doubled

Toxic Algae

  • New gamemode


  • New animal: Manta Ray, evolves from Hammerhead, designed by WertyWertz
  • Fixed death menu appearing while being grabbed
  • Marlin and dolphin changes (based on DogJelly's idea: damage ceil increased to 150% while jump-speeding; bleeding only caused while boosting or jump-speeding
  • New stat: Bleeding reduction
  • Increased marlin bleeding damage to 4% per tick, duration to 3 ticks (duration on eagle too)
  • Sunfish changes: Implemented all WertyWertz's ideas - Cachalot speed increased while in the deep (H2O_N's idea)
  • Squid has a second boost now (Artoriasz's idea)
  • Orca grab damage reduced to half
  • Crocodile changes: Implemented DogJelly's ideas
  • Octopus changes: Implemented TheTrueDrDerp's ideas
  • Stonefish speed reduced (DogJelly's idea)
  • NPC won't eat meat - Max speed reduction is -90% (fixed negative speed)
  • Whaleshark gets 20% speed boost for 2 seconds after losing all its remoras

July 19th, 2017[ | ]


  • Pearl can't be picked by tier 2 animals.
  • Correct scorer displayed in finish screen.

July 14th, 2017[ | ]


  • Fixed piranhas death spamming death log.
  • Fixed piranha starting next round with same level.
  • Only the main piranha is shown on the map.
  • Added anti-spam on loading screen chat.
  • Hippo dash doesn't damage Pearl Cover.


  • Fixed long names in chat and king list.
  • You can now press an option number to choose an evolution (pressing 1 on a keyboard will now cause you to evolve into the first evolution option, 2 for the second evolution, etc.).
  • Fixed lamprey being attacked while attached.
  • Reduced hippo dash attack damage, added 1 boosts, turns slowly, can no longer eat food while dashing.
  • Fixed the water border disappearing.

July 14th, 2017 (Beta published)[ | ]

  • Beta is now official, to gather further feedback. If any fixes are needed, a new version will be uploaded.
  • Beta includes a new biome (the swamp), and new animals, designed by:

Bald Eagle: John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio) Hippo, Crocodile, etc.: FlllllSH Snapping Turtle: TheGiantSlug And many ideas given by countless players, like DogJelly and others.

July 14th, 2017 (Beta)[ | ]


  • Added chat to the loading screen.


  • Fixed: The dolphin/marlin's jump to gain speed ability does not work in the raised portion of the river.
  • Slightly lowered swamp islands (to help animals climb).


  • Greatly increased coconut exp.
  • Evolution dialog is now shown even if there is only one option to evolve into.
  • Increased XP to regain dead piranhas.
  • Added speed increase indicator.
  • Hippo ability changed (DogJelly's idea), needs testing.
  • Eagle can eat dam food.
  • Orca damage restored.
  • Eagle can grab up to tier 9 animals except manatee, and increased the depth it can go into water without losing it's skill.
  • Piranha salinity time reduced, dash time reduced from 2 to 1.5s.
  • Electric eel can no longer eat while using its skill.
  • Disabled HP auto-regen if salinity is on zero.

July 3rd, 2017 (FFA Only) (Beta)[ | ]

  • Cave added to the swamp (underneath the waterfall), and leveled part of it with the rest of the ocean (Alex01012 and FlllllSH's ideas).
  • "Hide" button to evolution dialog added.
  • Stonefish barbs poison damage fixed (was 10% dps), and one time damage reduced to 50% of stonefish damage, affected by armor (DogJelly's idea).
  • Bald eagle temperature time increased, can't be poisoned by snakes, inflicts bleeding on animals it can't grab while boosting, base speed increased, can boost underwater, one-hit kills animals with less than 10% hp while boosting (Pathos316 and FlllSH's ideas).
  • Remora's pressure time increased to 20s, speed to 120%.
  • Whale shark needs less food to gain drones, drones prioritize bigger animals.
  • Snakes can be attacked while attached, can't attach to bald eagles.
  • Cachalot dissolves snowballs with its soundwave.
  • Fixed bug of disappearing trees.
  • Added coconuts for pelicans (someguy_someplace's idea).
  • Unified on-grab hit damage, except for eagles (DogJelly's idea).
  • Piranha system changed.

June 26th, 2017 (Later) (Beta)[ | ]

  • Fixed piranha evolution bug.
  • Fixed polar bears being unable to dig into islands.
  • Fixed being unable to attack eagles while they hold animals.

June 26th, 2017 (Beta)[ | ]

  • Frog health and oxygen time increased.
  • Electric eel oxygen time increased.
  • Fixed piranhas xp problem.
  • Fixed bug with animals hiding while being grabbed.
  • Electric eel can electrocute whoever grabs it.
  • Piranha won't restore salinity time when evolving.
  • Common salinity time reduced from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Flappy ducks height lowered, removed the higher line of flappy ducks.
  • Fixed tree and swamp tree's hitboxes.
  • Piranhas no longer collide with their brothers while attacking.

June 22nd, 2017 (Beta)[ | ]

  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Piranha health reduced.
  • Only tier 3 and lower can hide in broken trees.
  • Corrected a spelling error in the king list (King of the Arctic was misspelled as King of the Artic).
  • Added a 2nd line of flappy ducks down where the old line of flappy ducks used to be.
  • Some more changes.

June 21st, 2017 (Later) (Beta)[ | ]

  • Fixed many bugs with piranhas, evolving, etc.
  • Now you can evolve to swamp animals in any biome.
  • Piranha can now choose to evolve to other animals.
  • And more...

June 21st, 2017 (Beta)[ | ]

  • Added a king list, which lists 4 players as "king" of each biome (excluding the surface).
  • Added a new biome: the swamp.
  • Added salinity, which animals lose when they enter the swamp when they are not suited to it and vice versa.
  • Added 10 new animals: piranha, frog, electric eel, snake, snapping turtle (designed by TheGiantSlug), manatee, hippo and crocodile (designed by FlllllSH), bald eagle (designed by John Fallot (Pathos316): Portfolio), and dragonfly.
    • Instead of choosing to evolve into a frog, electric eel, snake, or snapping turtle, you must be within the swamp when you are about to evolve into those animals.
  • Seagulls can now hide in trees.
  • Added a new hiding place: broken tree.
  • Added swamp islands, which swamp trees can spawn on and roots can spawn under.
  • Added swamp trees and roots.
  • Added a waterfall, which spawns at the entrance to the swamp and pushes animals and food downward and leftward when inside of it or near it.
  • Added clouds, which spawn at the height limit and have no effect on the gameplay.
  • Raised the height limit, moved flappy ducks closer to the new height limit: now they are harder to reach.
  • Beta changelog soon...

May 19th, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • Fixed being unable to continue playing in the same server if it got full.
  • PD: Fixed various bugs.

May 19th, 2017[ | ]

  • All: Whale's skill now absorbs barbs and snowballs.
  • Stonefish's barbs damage increased to 7% of max life, poison lasts 5 seconds & base DPS increased to 10%.
  • Skills don't affect spawn protected fish.
  • Original: Fixed eatable food.
  • PD: Fixed throwing pearl while standing still.
  • Fixed Stonefish unable to pick pearl while boosting.
  • Match information is now stored, leaderboard coming soon! (for Original too)
  • Fixed pearl suddenly going down when throwing it.

May 16th, 2017[ | ]

  • Animals now boost at half speed when slowed down (e.g. by cachalot).
  • Cachalot oxygen time has been increased by 30 seconds.
  • DPS dealt to giant squid when grabbing a cachalot has been increased from 3% to 5%.
  • Pearl Defense: Lamprey can now attach to animals from starting from crab.
  • Right mouse button no longer triggers the context menu.
  • Fixed whale shark's remoras attacking each other.
  • Sunfish can no longer eat algae.
  • Stonefish consumes oxygen 3 times slower when standing still underground.
  • Added spectating feature (Ghost fish designed by Alex01012).

May 14th, 2017[ | ]

  • Pearl direction indicator now appears when the pearl is outside shell.
  • Beaver attack damage has been reduced.
  • Sea Turtle armor now protects its head too, and its health has been increased.
  • Sunfish and stonefish can now attack their own species, and can't attack fish.
  • Fixed (hopefully) memory leak that caused slowdowns.

May 13th, 2017[ | ]

  • Fixed Pearl Defense bugs.
  • Octopus now disguises as a team member of the last victim's team on Pearl Defense.

May 12th, 2017[ | ]

  • Added two new game modes:
    • Pearl Defense (BETA): Capture the other team's pearl and bring it to your goal to win the match.
    • Original: A recreation of the first version.
  • Added two animals: Stonefish and sunfish, which were designed by John Fallot (Pathos316 - Portfolio).

April 15th, 2017[ | ]

  • Top tier tree changed (see this post).
  • Fixed a bug involving animals using ability when hit by a whale using its skill.
  • Fixed a bug with pollock not respawning.
  • Whales can no longer suck cachalots.
  • Polar Bear stun duration now varies from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds, depending on the distance of the hit.
  • If a polar bear hits an animal while it's stunned, the latter will start bleeding.
  • Fixed a bug that caused lampreys to be unable to attach to whales.
  • Increased AFK time to 20 minutes.
  • Lampreys can live in the arctic now.
  • Chat names are now colored for players who are #1, #2, and #3 on the leaderboards.
  • Other fixes and optimizations.
  • Fixed bug with menu not appearing after death.
  • Federico Mouse is still working on the new gamemode, it'll come soon!

April 7th, 2017[ | ]

  • Giant Squid's grab speed has been increased.
  • Marlin's health has been reduced by 100, and their damage reduced by 20.
  • Pelican's grab time reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Oxygen for fish now regenerates slowly, not instantly.

April 6th, 2017[ | ]

  • Whale Shark's health increased by 100.
  • Whale Shark's remoras now don't attack & can't be attacked when not in attack mode.
  • Marlin damage reduced by 20.
  • Giant Squids no longer gain speed boost when grabbing whales, cachalots and whale sharks, and only gains 30% with the rest.
  • Giant Squids are dealt DPS when grabbing cachalots.
  • Pelicans can now grab squids.
  • The death screen now shows the correct reason of death.
  • Fixed respawning as blobfish/worm/fish accordingly.
  • Attacks against whales don't get increased by speed if it's using its skill.
  • Whale Shark remoras prioritize whoever 1. attacked 2. was attacked by their host in the last 5 seconds.
  • Fixed bugs.

April 5th, 2017[ | ]

  • Added 1 new animal: Marlin, designed by John Fallot (Pathos316 - Portfolio).
  • Marlin's bounce speed increased.
  • Polar Bear, whale shark and marlin can now damage same species.
  • Whale Shark now doesn't need to go up to [[breathe.
  • Whale Shark speed reduced by 10%.
  • Pelican can no longer damage seagulls for now.
  • Now each pre-end creature has two evolving options.
  • Tree diagram of evolutions coming soon.

April 5th, 2017 (Beta)[ | ]

March 18th, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • Italian translation fixed and updated (thanks Lykanos!)

March 18th, 2017[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where death screen wouldn't appear after changing tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where jellyfish wouldn't poison their attacker if killed in one hit.
  • Fixed a bug about orcas instantly hitting after release.
  • Orcas now bounce after releasing, to avoid having their victims getting stuck against the floor.
  • Giant Squid can now grab a boosting shark.
  • Orcas can no longer grab cachalots.
  • Narwhals can't walk anymore.

March 17th, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • French translation fixed and being updated (thanks Pablo Melon).
  • Swedish translation updated.
  • Ukrainian translation added and updated Russian one (thanks pronyuk_).

March 17th, 2017[ | ]

March 14th, 2017[ | ]

March 13th, 2017 (Beta)[ | ]

March 4th, 2017[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug that caused browser to crash after a long amount of time playing.

March 3rd, 2017[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug that caused serious lag.

March 2nd, 2017[ | ]

  • Map width and deeeep depth has been increased.
  • Amount of floating food has been increased.
  • Sea Turtle's position has been changed.
  • Lag and bug fixes.

March 1st, 2017[ | ]

  • The server with the best latency is now chosen automatically.
  • Oarfish attack damage has been increased.
  • Oarfish can now heal seagulls too.

February 28th, 2017[ | ]

  • Two new animals: sea turtles, oarfish (designed by John Fallot Pathos316 - Portfolio).
  • Field of vision in the deep sea has been greatly increased.
  • Changed the pressure system.
  • Anglerfish now deals x2 hit to whoever eats its food.
  • Anglerfish now has two boosts.
  • Anglerfish now turns completely invisible when in stealth.
  • Minimum attack multiplier by speed increased from .75x to 1x.
  • Sharks and orcas can now eat NPC fish (pollock).
  • Fixed screen being stuck when grabbed by an orca bug.
  • Fixed white light in deep ocean bug.
  • Fixed floor bug.
  • Whale: Food eaten while using skill no longer regenerates boost.
  • Wrong habitat invulnerability replaced by a warning message before evolving.
  • Removed whale damage bonus for sharks (and bonus for orcas is divided by amount of whales near).
  • One boost is now refilled upon leveling up.
  • Many other undocumented fixes and tweaks.

February 18th, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • Added Hungarian language (credits to dav).
  • Fixed the whale's ability.

February 18th, 2017[ | ]

  • Volcano food now lasts like before.
  • Fixed flying worms bug.
  • NPC fish (pollock) added, which spawn in the arctic.
  • Starter animals now give XP when eaten.
  • Worm boosts removed and attack damage reduced.
  • Anglerfish FOV increased by 2.5x.
  • Some more fixes and changes.
  • More changes planned for the next update.

February 14th, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • Fixed bug which caused food to only reappear in the deeeep.

February 14th, 2017[ | ]

  • Changed the orders of worm and leopard seal on the evolution tree.
  • Map height reduced by 30%.
  • Penguins can now eat algae.
  • Deep entrances reduced and made smaller.
  • Food regeneration problem fixed.
  • Jellyfish, ray and squid can now live in the deeeep.
  • Whale's skill now absorbs nearby food.
  • Anglerfish now spawns the last food it ate at the end of its esca when using its stealth ability.
  • Anglerfish FOV in the deep increased by 50%.

February 13th, 2017[ | ]

  • Added 5 new animals: blobfish, king crab, worm, anglerfish, and leopard seal.
  • Added 1 new biome: the deeeep.
  • Killer whales can now be hit while grabbing.
  • Killer whale's maximum grabbing time for sharks has been reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Whales and killer whales can now hit each others' species.
  • When evolving in a non-suitable biome, the player becomes invulnerable until they go to the correct biome.
  • DogJelly's idea: Whale's attack increases when killer whales or sharks are near. 5% per shark and 15% per orca, stackable 5 times. Attack only increases towards Sharks/Orcas.
  • Island sizes are now random (between 1x and 3x previous standard size of islands).
  • Added new empty land in the arctic.
  • Fish (orange ones) now gain a speed boost when near other fish, 10% per fish stackable 5 times.
  • Fixed respawning as a penguin outside of the arctic.[2]
  • Some undocumented changes.

February 3rd, 2017[ | ]

  • Added Dutch, Polish, Arabic, German, Czech and Estonian languages, thanks DaanKuif, Sylogista, imad hamaidi, saschahi, h1637727 and Sämmu L!

February 2nd, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • Added Croatian/Serbian, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish and Turkish languages, thanks Costa97, ChinardGaming, EdThedoc, enpyera, flexes, qhawa and Alpmert!
  • Added a manual language switch at the bottom right.
  • You can now press ESCAPE to show the main menu without needing to leave the game.

February 2nd, 2017[ | ]

  • Added Chinese and Spanish translations.
  • Sharks can no longer eat food while in rage.
  • XP scales changed a bit.

February 1st, 2017[ | ]

  • The XP bar now displays both the percentage and number of XP left.
  • Maximum attack boost due to speed has been decreased to +25%, except for sharks using rage.
  • Turn speed now immediate again, except for sharks using rage.
  • The health of crabs has been increased by 50%.
  • Killer whales now grab sharks for less time.
  • Killer whales are now slowed down depending on the size of what animal they grab.
  • Penguin's amount of boosts reduced back to 2.
  • Fixed a bug causing fish to get stuck under the floor.

January 21st, 2017[ | ]

  • New evolution tree (credit to DogJelly[3]).
  • After penguin you can now choose TShark and dolphin.
  • TShark now evolves into shark.
  • After dolphin you can now choose killer whale and whale.
  • Shark has new passive (Bloodseeker) and active (Rage) skills (rage increases speed for 4 seconds, but slows rotation speed).
  • Dolphin has a new passive skill: Jumping on water increases its speed for 4 seconds, stackable 3 times.
  • If a killer whale grabs a shark, it will now lose all of its oxygen.
  • Sharks without oxygen now lose 10% of their max life per second.
  • Top animals' stats tweaked.
  • Penguin move speed increased by 30%.
  • Attack damage now varies according to speed (from -25% to +50%).
  • Glaciers now have igloos, which penguins can hide in.
  • Whales can no longer attack each other.
  • Changed the XP scales a bit.
  • Map sized increased by 33%.

January 20th, 2017[ | ]

  • Added three North America servers.
  • Added 1 Asia server.
  • Added 1 Europe server.

January 19th, 2017[ | ]

January 18th, 2017 (Later)[ | ]

  • Reduced the damage and speed of jellyfish.
  • Fixed another problem with food not reappearing.
  • Fixed whale bug that allowed it to absorb beavers.
  • Reduced the bounce of jellyfish.
  • Many undocumented bug tweaks.

January 18th, 2017[ | ]

  • Added a new animal: jellyfish.
  • Killing a player no longer causes bounce if the victim is more than 3 levels lower than the attacker.
  • Spawn protection implemented: 5 seconds of invulnerability.
  • Damage splash indicator added.
  • Increased penguin boosts to 3.
  • Reduced the required XP for higher levels.
  • Fixed a problem with food not reappearing.

January 17th, 2017[ | ]

  • Added a new animal: penguin.
  • Added a new biome: the arctic.
  • Added a login system.
    • More updates to the login system are planned.

December 15th, 2016[ | ]

December 12th, 2016[ | ]

November 25th, 2016[ | ]

  • New controls: Pressing M now toggles chat visibility.
  • Sudden deaths bug likely fixed.

November 24th, 2016[ | ]

  • All of the servers have been updated.
  • Added a new animal: seagull
  • Added 3 new terrain: islands, bushes, and trees!
  • Map width increased by 200%.
  • Maximum player limit raised.
  • New Asia and Sao Paulo servers!
  • More animals will be added in the upcoming days.

November 16th, 2016 (Beta)[ | ]

  • Added a beta server.
  • Added 1 animal: seagull.
  • Map size increased.
  • Maximum player limit raised.
  • Some undocumented changes.

November 9th, 2016[ | ]

  • Added two servers for South America.

November 8th, 2016 (Later)[ | ]

  • You now respawn with a percentage of the XP you had before dying (if you don't change server).

November 8th, 2016[ | ]

  • Added two servers (in London and USA).

November 7th, 2016[ | ]

  • Added two servers (in Texas, USA and Frankfurt, Germany).

November 5th, 2016 (Night)[ | ]

November 5th, 2016 (Morning)[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug which caused players to fall out of the map.
  • Added a message which displays information about your current animal upon spawning in.
  • Added a food eating animation.

November 4th, 2016[ | ]

  • Added biome afflictions and oxygen biome affliction.
  • Added 1 animal: beaver.
    • Beavers need to breathe.
  • Added terrain: beaver dams.
  • dolphins now need to breathe.
  • Sharks can no longer stay still for too long, as they will stop breathing.
  • Implemented an auto-reconnect attempt.
  • Server was optimized for better performance.
  • Some undocumented balance tweaks.

Pre-November 4th, 2016 (Release)[ | ]

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