note[ | ]

This article is a full list of the bugs that have existed troughout the game's history; if you want to see only the current bugs, see Glitches.

Current bugs[ | ]

this is a list of bugs in the reef update and have not been fixed yet. (however, the team is working on a new update so this may update pretty soon)

bug name image description
Mini anaconda bug Coming soon If you constrict a manta ray as an

anaconda the anaconda will become smaller while constricting, this will last until the manta ray is free or you kill the manta ray, but in 1v1 the bug lasts for 10 seconds and there will be a baby anaconda swimming around, so cute! :3

safe jelly bug coming soon A Lion's Mane Jellyfish that isn't poisonus to all animals, so

it's easier to kill them.

Auto-stunned bullfrog bug Coming soon Sometimes when launching a projectile as a Goliath Bullfrog not

only the target gets stunned; you will get sunned too!

Sticky wall bug Coming soon Sometimes when swimming close to a wall, you suddenly get stuck on it and

you can't free yourself! disappears after 4 seconds.

Octopus bug coming soon When an octopus kills a larger animal than itself (ej. a Snake), it will disguise as the animal it just killed, and if it hide with the costume stil on, the costume will be as large as the octopus!
anaconda coil bug Coming soon In pearl defense, if an anaconda constricts and anilmal near the ground, some times a ghost coil appears!

Fixed bugs[ | ]

This is a list of fixed bugs and the udate where they existed.

Reef update (beta testing)[ | ]

Bug name image description
Flying hermit crab glitch Coming soon When a Hermit Crab is pushed into the air (ej. by an atlantic torpedoe's charged boost) and charges its boost a lot of times, it will be able to climb into air without losing oxygen
Fliyng whale bug coming soon In TFFA, if you are a Whale ad you're near the giant volcano, the current will make you able to cling into air and fly!

second version[ | ]

Bug name image description
Deeeep deli bug No images avaible After being eaten, food only respawned in the deeeep making it as a deli