A boost momentum cancel (sometimes dead-weighting) is a physics exploit that, under the right circumstances, causes the user to be dived right down into the ground. It was discovered in a lengthy Reddit thread by user SwarmXDartz.

How to perform[ | ]

  • Any animal that has 2 boosts.
  • The ability to airboost.
  • A large portion of air, not separated by a solid platform like an island.

Steps[ | ]

  1. Angle your cursor at a 45/135 degree (direction-dependent) angle while at the surface.
  2. Boost into the air.
  3. Quickly move your cursor to a 225/315 degree (again, direction-dependent) angle.
  4. Boost. This causes you to fall (or deadweight depending on who you speak to) downward with no horizontal movement at all.

Properties[ | ]

According to the poster, boost momentum cancelling if not angled at a downward angle opposite of where your fish is facing can jump you upwards, causing you to fall slower. Another property is that depending on how downward/upward you angle your cursor, you can either:

  • Fall faster (if angled sharply downward)
  • Jump higher (if angled sharply upward)

Utility[ | ]

Boost momentum cancels can be used to approach enemies better, as you can swoop down from the skies and potentially land a free hit. Characters like Orca can greatly benefit, as they have grabs among other unique stuff which enhances their approach abilities.

Trivia[ | ]

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