Formation of Habitats and Biomes[ | ]

A Habitat is formed in the Mapmaker with the use of ‘Habitat Flairs’ found on the ‘Habitats’ layer. To make a Habitat, a mapmaker will first highlight an area he/she wants with a rectangle, and then tick on the checkboxes that contains the habitat flairs (you can choose more than one). There are six habitat flairs in total: Cold, Warm, Shallow, Deep, Fresh, Salt; which are further divided into three classes: Temperature Flairs (Cold, Warm), Pressure Flairs (Shallow, Deep) and Salinity Flairs (Fresh, Salt). A biome is a Habitat that have the habitat flairs set by the mapmaker groups.

List of Biomes[ | ]

Below shows the list of biomes in most maps, along with their respective habitat flairs and some brief information (Note, individual pages for all biomes and habitat flairs should be added, they must contain the animals that can live in them).

Name Image Habitat Flairs Used
Arctic Cold, Salt, Shallow
Kelp Forest Cold/Warm, Salt, Shallow
Open Ocean Warm, Salt, Shallow
Reef Warm, Salt, Shallow
Estuary Warm, Salt/Fresh, Shallow
Swamp Warm, Fresh, Shallow
Deeeep Warm/Cold, Salt, Shallow
Deeeep (Estuary) Cold/Warm or Warm, Salt/Fresh, Shallow/Deep
Deeeep (Swamp) Cold/Warm or Warm, Fresh, Shallow/Deep
Deeeep (volcano) Blobfish
Pearl Defense and 1 vs 1 maps Warm/Cold, Fresh/Salt, Shallow/Deep

Biome Afflictions[ | ]

Each Animal has its own suitable habitat to live in, which can be a few out of the following: Cold, Warm, Shallow, Deep, Fresh, Salt, Reef. For a Habitat to be suitable for an animal to live in, at least one flair out of each habitat flair class has to be the Animal’s suitable habitats. If not, the animal’s status bar (either Temperature, Pressure or Salinity, Oxygen doesn’t count here since it’s not affected by biomes but by Water and Air) will slowly deplete and the animal will eventually take damage and die. The status bar deplete is determined by the habitat class that didn’t achieve the requirements (i.e. A swamp animal’s Salinity Bar will deplete if it enters a biome without the flair ‘Fresh’). The 'Reef' Suitable Habitat is the only one that doesn't effect an Animal's status bars; instead, Animals with this flair has immunity against Slowing Corals.

Gallery[ | ]

Materials Needed: 1. An animal with a draining Salinity Bar 2. An animal with a draining Temperature Bar 3. An animal with a draining Pressure Bar 4. An animal died of Pressure 5. An animal died of Salinity 6. An animal died of Temperature 7. Reef animal (Clownfish or Lionfish) passing through a Slowing Coral