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List of Animals: Animals are the characters players use on the game. You move up in tiers, and level up when you gain enough XP. They form a food chain. Obviously, in a duel, a bigger animal will eat a smaller one, but a gang of smaller animals can overpower a bigger one e.g. 23,345,512.7125 squids can kill a beaver. Edit

Name Graphic Description Base XP Max XP Dash Bars
Can only survive in the deep, changes pink when it isn't in deep sea. Evolves into King Crab. 0 4k 1
Same as other starter animals, It can go through the ground, evolves into lamprey. 0 4k 0
Fish Fish Eats Green Pellets , Orange Pellets , Meat and Seagull Poop and hide in Seaweed. Swim faster when close to other fish! Stackable 5 time, up to 50% faster. 0 4k 1
Can latch onto other animals above the squid. 4k 11k 2
King Crab
Can only survive in the deep, gives back part of damage received. 4k 11k 1
Crab Crab You can now eat Purple Pellets , hide in Seaweed , Arbusto. You can walk on islands!  4k 11k 1
Jellyfish Jellyfish You move unlike another animals and can hide in Seaweed .Anyone touch you will get poisoned! 11k 21k 1
Squid Squid Don't take damage for 3 seconds (Including Poison) and stay still to become invisible and become invincible. 21k 39k 1
Seagull Seagull Evolves from Squid. Now you can fly! Also can eat Purple Pellets and Red Pellets. 39k 63k 2
Cant be hurt by seagulls, or eat berries, can grab animals inside belly while boosting 63k 93k 2
Ray Ray Put your head against any land (Including Islands) to hide, you can now eat Flappy Ducks. 63k 93k 2
Angler fish
Evolves from Ray. Can hide while staying still. When hiding, you spawn one meat as bait and the next hit does double damage. 93k 129k 2
Beaver Beaver Beaver hides in beaver dams, also, don't forget to go up to breathe! 93k 129k 2
Has a 50% armour boost except for the head. Can't be poisoned. Evolves from beaver 129k 171k 2
Takes the form of what it last killed. It's boost creates a cloud that blinds enemies. Evolves from beaver 129k 171k 2
Penguin Penguin Penguins need cold water to live, so you must stay in the Arctic. 129k 171k 2
Evolves from Octopus, can only live in the deep, heals squid and below (except jellyfish). 171k 219k 2
TShark Tshark You can now eat People (the little girls in the water)! Evolves from Turtle. 171k 219k 3
Dolphin Dolphin When jumping out of the water, you will get a speed bost stackable three times. You need to breathe! 171k 219k 2
Leopard Seal
You are as fast as penguin, but deadlier. 171k 219k 2
Narwhal stabs anything it hits. Hitting another animal will make it bleed. Evolves into a Cachalot. 171k 219k 2
Giant Squid
Evolves from a Humboldt Squid and can grab animals while boosting. the largest animal. 219k unlimited 3
Evolves from a Narwhal and has a blast that slows down escaping animals that replaces boost. 219k unlimited 3
Polar Bear
Can shoot snow which stuns players. Can also go through ice. 219k unlimited 3
Whale Shark
Can control A.I. Remora which attack the nearest animal. 219k unlimited 4
Shark Shark Boosting gives you a huge speed boost. While boosting, you can't eat dots. The shark is able to fear blood. 219k unlimited 3
Jumping on water gain a speed boost, can stab anything it hits. Hitting another animal will make it bleed. 219k unlimited 2
Orca Killerwhale If you hit someone while boosting, you'll grab him! Click again to release the animal. Very annoying 219k unlimited 3
[[Whale|Whale]] Whale Use your click to activate your skill (pull animals ray and below into you). Click again to release, and don't forget to breathe. 219k umlimited 3

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