Alligator Snapping Turtle
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Walking speedSpeed
7.0 (total: 700)
7.0 (total: 140)
Armour pen.Armour Penetration
30% (75% while boosting)
Damage reflect.Damage Reflection
Biome statistics
Oxygen time
60 seconds
Temperature time
10 seconds
Pressure time
5 seconds
Salinity time
20 seconds

The Alligator snapping turtle is a tier 10 animal. It is based on its real life counterpart, Macrochelys temminckii.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Alligator snapping turtles do not evolve into any other animals, as they are one of the latest (tier 10) animals.
  • Alligator snapping turtles drop meat upon death.
  • As an alligator snapping turtle, friendly fire is turned off for all tier 1 animals: meaning you cannot damage them nor be damaged by them.

Abilities[ | ]

Passive Abilities[ | ]

  • You slowly sink to the seabed.

You can disguise as a silhouette (meat) if you are facing the ground

Active Abilities[ | ]

"Bleed+stun" ability is activated by charging and releasing the boost. Ability throws the turtle forwards and causeing bleeding and short-term stun for animal which turtle hits.

Suitable Biomes[ | ]

  • The suitable biome for the alligator snapping turtle is the Swamp and deep swamp.
    • If an alligator snapping turtle enters the arctic, it will lose oxygen and salinity.
    • If an alligator snapping turtle enters the arctic surface, it will lose temperature and not regenerate salinity.
    • If an alligator snapping turtle enters the deeeep, it will lose oxygen and salinity.
    • If an alligator snapping turtle enters the swamp, it will lose oxygen; however, it can swim and its oxygen time is long enough for this to not matter.

Diet[ | ]

Name Image Can be eaten by XP Common Spawn Locations Other information
Every animal in the game 250 Everywhere Designed to spawn in bodies of water
Arctic, Deeeep
Reef Food
Reef Food
Dam Food
Animals Tier 1 to Tier 7, Bald Eagle, Tiger Shark, Leatherback Turtle and Sea Turtle 43 Spawns automatically in the roots of Beaver Dams Cannot be spawned manually with the mapmaker
Volcano Food
All animals except lamprey ? Shot out of volcanoes automatically Aside from granting XP, it also replenishes your temperature bar by 1 second upon being eaten, only for animals that cannot live in the cold
Tier 9 to Tier 10 Animals ? Spawns in the surface of the water Rarer and less used by mapmakers due to them being farmable and gives a lot of xp compared to other foods
Flappy Ducks
Tier 6 to Tier 10 Animals ? Spawns in the sky in huge numbers, at a horizontal line
Bird Poop
Bird Poop
All animals except for lampreys and pelicans ? Spawns underneath seagulls every ten seconds. Can't be spawned manually with a mapmaker
Stonefish Barbs
All animals except for the Stonefish who spawned it 0 Spawns in numbers of three whenever a Stonefish dash boosts. Upon being eaten, the barbs deal 75 damage each, and poisons the animal who ate them for 4 seconds (unstackable). They despawn upon being eaten or after four seconds.


Every animal in the game 1000 Spawns wherever a Tier 2 to Tier 10 Animal die, along with bones Major food and XP source for all animals.
Anglerfish Bait Anglerfish All Animals except for the Anglerfish who spawned it 0 Spawns infront of an Anglerfish when it is stationary (as its passive ability). No fixed look, resembles the last food the Anglerfish eats. It does nothing too, but the Anglerfish will deal twice as much damage (100x2, therefore 200) to the animal that ate it

Hiding Places[ | ]

Hiding Places are props that allow animals to hide. Each animal has different hiding places that are suitable for them. At most cases, the bigger the animal, the fewer the Hiding Places they can interact with. Below are the Hiding Places that can be used for the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

Name Summary Image
Giant Shipwreck The biggest prop of all. Animals can hide in its windows or cracks, no matter what Tier it is. Placed by mapmakers in small amounts (1 to 3) due to how useful it is. Big Boat

Skins[ | ]

Skins are cosmetics used to change an animal's looks, or sometimes, an animal’s biome or size statistics slightly. The table below shows the list of approved skins that can be used for the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

Realistic Skins[ | ]

Realistic skins can be used at every time of the year. They are mostly based on real-life species or adjectives such as 'Battle-Scarred' or 'Dark'.

Name Creator ID Price Date Created Stats Changing Description Image
Suwannee Snapping Turtle xX-Thrasher-Xx 62 200Coin 21st March, 2019 False N/A
Armored Snapper Improvable 66 200Coin 8th September, 2019 N/A
Pied Alligator Snapping Turtle motomotomotomoto 4771 350Coin 22nd March, 2021 N/A
Madagascan Big-Headed Turtle Myhailot 4558 170Coin 16th March, 2021 Erymnochelys madagascariensis is native to the waters of slow-moving rivers and lakes in western Madagascar. These turtles are critically endangered.
Big-headed Amazon River Turtle Tacoco 4553 150Coin 16th March, 2021 Peltocephalus dumerilianus. The big-headed Amazon River turtle also known as the big- headed sideneck. This large turtle is found in Brazil (Amazonas, Pará), Colombia, French Guiana, Venezuela, Ecuador, and possibly in Peru.
Malaysian Giant Turtle Myhailot 2116 175Coin 1st November, 2022 Orlitia borneensis is the largest freshwater turtle in Southeast Asia, reaching 80 cm and weight of up to 50 kg. It inhabits large lakes, swamps, and slow-flowing rivers and feeds primarily on fish.
Apalachicola Snapping Turtle Myhailot 20896 150Coin 17th February, 2023 Recently separated species of Alligator Snapping Turtle, Macrochelys apalachicolae is not very well documented. It can be found in the Apalachicola River, United States and also within other panhandle rivers within the states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.