Airboosting is when an animal boost out of the water and go flying in the air in a high speed. It is considered as one of the fastest methods of travelling, but it is hard to control its accuracy.

Airboost is a boost mechanic that allows the player to fly on huge distances.

Which animals cannot airboost[ | ]

  • Category 1: flying animals. Little Auk, Seagull, Duck, Bat, Pelican, Eagle.
  • Category 2: animals with no dash boost. Worm, Whale shark, Halibut, Cachalot, Whale, Goblin shark, Sleeper shark, Sunfish, Napoleon Wrasse, Hippo, Walrus.

How to airboost[ | ]

Firstly, find any water surface. At the secon step you need to check if you have boosts and get out of the water a little. Then boost. If all worked, you must fly with enormous speed.

Airboost using[ | ]

  • You can escape from predators by airboosting away (but they can do it too).
  • If you are near surface, you can dive quickly by airboosting right down. It may require some skill.
  • If you are at flight right now, but you suspect that predator from which you are escaping is going to airboost too, you can boost again downwards.

Airboost dangers[ | ]

  • Usually you don't know where you are landing. There is a small probability that you would fall right into someone's jaws, especially if you have a small amount of HP.
  • Airboost can throw you onto island. There you can run out of oxygen (if you are a water-breathing animal).
  • While flying, you can accidentally crash into another player who is also airboosting or moving as flying animal. Your speed will be reduced to 0 and you will fall down.