1 vs 1 is one of the gamemodes of

Goal(s)[ | ]

1 vs 1's main goal is to beat another player in a 1 vs 1 battle. You can do this in any way you like.

Rule(s)[ | ]

When starting, you can choose from every tier 10 animal (except Bald Eagle). When both player have chosen their animals, there is a 3 second countdown timer, and then the fight begins. After 90 seconds, a green toxic algae that will kill the animals starts closing in, forcing them to fight. In 1 vs 1, there are no biome affiliations except for oxygen. One player wins and one loses at the result. That who has won the match gets +1 to streak and continues the game, waiting for the new opponent.

Other Information[ | ]

Tips[ | ]

  • to have a decent kill streak, you must be very skilled and experienced with your animal and be prepared for any situation
  • because of the different types of animal playstyles, some animals will be more or less easy to fight against, and it is important to learn to counter all playstyles, for example: adopt a hit and run playstyle against tanks or get up close against ranged foes.
  • think and act quick
  • it depends on the context and your animal but some animal's damage output and power in general depends solely in their boost activated abilities, (for example walrus or anaconda) for these ones, try to generally attack them before they can get all boosts
  • getting a few hits before a face to face can generally give you the upper hand
  • when an enemy health is lower than yours but yours is too, most of the time instead of pursuing them, you should get away and heal quickly as pursuing them will generally allow them to heal more than you
  • make sure to know all of your animal's abilities and have a rough estimation of it's stats, this will allow you to know better what you can and can't do
  • you can use this mode to experiment with new animals, test or practice with them
  • some animals are better suited for 1v1 than others, require less skill to play and are sometimes frustrating to fight, notable examples being alligator snapping turtle,torpedo ray, leatherback, and whale, but any animal has flaws and weaknesses.
  • food spawn is randomly generated, this means there are areas with higher or lower concentrations, if you arrive first, position yourself near an area with more food, this will allow you fill your boost faster, if you arrive last, choose your animal and enter the match when the opponent is somewhere far from food sources or distracted, take in account that the participant arriving in second will always spawn near the center on the opposite side of the opponent's initial spawn
  • By the way someone posted an article called 1v1 tips and tricks about choosing animals (click here).

Good animals[ | ]

Some good animals are Crocodile, Whale Shark, Orca, Hippo, Giant Squid, and Humpback Whale. However, the best animal by far is the Alligator Snapping Turtle. Counters for the Alligator Snapping Turtle include Elephant Seal and Crocodile, as well as a skilled Sleeper Shark or Anaconda. Howbeit, all depends on the skill of fighting players.

Map[ | ]


old map of 1v1. Frame from Youtube channel Sadnessified

1v1 map is the smallest of all the maps. Stonefishes can go through thin map walls and hide there (but it wouldn't save them from toxic algae).

History of map:

  • In old versions: there was a perfectly round-shaped habitable zone with more than a half of water and less than a half of air. Background was coloured as ocean water.
  • In v3: fighting zone became quadratic.
  • In Snow and Below Beta: map has some variations: reef, arctic, etc. In is not always square-shaped. There are much more structures and objects in 1v1 than previously.